Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Corrected entry: When John finally gets his motorbike started and drives frantically through the mall car park with the T-1000 in pursuit, he presents a clear target on at least four occasions. Why doesn't the T-1000 just draw his gun and shoot him? Don't tell me he's worried about hitting a bystander - he kills lots of innocent people, and he uses his gun many, many times during the film - it isn't something he doesn't know how to do. He can't be worried about making a spectacle of himself and blowing his cover, either - driving a truck into a sewer will do that, every time, quite apart from the fact that as far as anyone is concerned he is an armed cop shooting a fleeing suspect who may have been part of the furious gunfight that just took place. He could have emptied the gun into John's back, mission complete.

Correction: Watching him chase John through the parking lot, you can see he doesn't have the gun he possessed earlier in his holster anymore. He did drop it when the T800 was firing the shotgun at him in the mall corridor.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When the truck jumps off the bridge, watch very carefully underneath it and you will see a wooden ramp to help the truck jump.


Correction: There is no ramp.

Corrected entry: In the desert when the Terminator uncovers the cache of weapons, they are stored underground in rifle racks without any protection at all. Weapons are normally stored covered in grease, wrapped in cloth or paper and in wooden boxes. Buried unprotected (even in the desert), a weapons cache would turn into rusty junk in a couple of months.


Joe Moldovan

Correction: For rust you need moisture. In the desert is almost no moisture. A lightly greased rifle can surely withstand rust for a long period of time without being wrapped or packed. Not forever, but more some years than some months.

Corrected entry: In the final act, when the T1000 falls into the molten steel, he sinks and thrashes around rather like a human in water. However, molten steel has a density of around 8 g/cc - about 10 times that of a human, which means T-1000 must weigh about 1600 lb / 700 kg, and is therefore too heavy to do many things we've seen: ride a Kawasaki KZ1000P (up a flight of stairs) without collapsing the frame and blowing out the tires; be dragged by hooks in the lid of a car trunk without peeling the lid like a can opener or ripping off the trunk lid; jump onto the back of a car without collapsing its suspension; operate a helicopter in level flight from either pilot's seat. If he's light enough to do those things he'd basically sit on the surface of the molten steel and fry. Either way there's a mistake somewhere...


Oscar Bravo

Correction: You're confusing weight with density. If a denser metal (such as mercury) was put into molten steel, it would sink, no matter how much it weighed. Mass (a better term to describe weight) equals density * volume. However, we don't know how much (the volume) of the futuristic, unknown metal was used to create the T-1000, or what its density is so we don't know how much the T-1000 weighs, but we know he's denser than steel.


Corrected entry: John uses a machine to hack into Sarah's bank account. If Sarah was arrested and placed in a psychiatric unit, her bank account would've been suspended, meaning John couldn't withdraw the 300 bucks even if he did hack into It.

01:17:10 - 01:17:50


Correction: It isn't her account. He says the card is stolen, and that he learnt how to do it from Sarah.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminator shoots at the police with a revolving barrelled gun from a floor of the Cyberdyne building if you look closely you would see that the ammunition strip containing the bullets does not move. This is unusual considering spent shells were raining down from the gun. At least the strip should flip about a bit.

Correction: One possible reason why no movement would be visible could be the framerate at which the scene was recorded. Each time a frame was taken, the bullets also had moved down. A similar effect happens with helicopters that are being filmed, the rotors appear frozen while in reality, they obviously rotate around.

Corrected entry: The T-1000 cruises on his motorcycle inside the ruined Cyberdyne building, and holds a weapon in his right hand. On motorcycles, the gas throttle is located on the right handle, rendering the driver incapable holding anything in his/her right hand while driving.



Correction: Some motorcycles have cruise control, and even if not equipped, throttle locks for the throttle (a rudimentary manual cruise control) have been available since the early 1980s.


Corrected entry: When John tells the Terminator to stop the bike, he pulls off the road into a side-street, then off the side-street and behind a building before stopping. After he says that he's programmed to obey John's commands, every order John gives him from then on is carried out immediately. So why would he take so long to obey the command to stop the bike. Granted, not stopping in traffic would be an issue of John's safety, however, once they've pulled off the main street, that's no longer a factor and he should have stopped immediately.


Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Correction: The Terminator is charged with protecting John's safety. Stopping on the street is more dangerous than in a parking lot. Remember that when John tells him to put the gun down, he gently sets it down instead of dropping it.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Sarah and John Connor are switching the only gas mask while the police is trying to storm the research institute. Gas is everywhere, so while switching the mask it would fill up with gas before they put it back on their faces, making the entire exercise pointless.

Correction: Air inside the mask can get out, but air outside the mask cannot get in. Their lung capacity is greater than the volume of air the mask can hold. So all they need to do is use the deep breath they were holding while they weren't wearing the mask and exhale it once the mask is on. That will push all of the "bad air" out of the mask.

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Corrected entry: John Connor in the future should have sent back a terminator that didn't resemble the first one. Since he did, it tipped off the police and nearly made an enemy of Sarah Connor, when it should have been unrecognizable and earned her trust faster.

Correction: It's probably not very easy to capture a Terminator, especially with (apparently) absolutely zero damage to it. John got what he could and sent it back. Even if he did know that it was the same model that Skynet sent back to kill Sarah (which he may not have), it's still better than nothing, and there's no evidence to suggest that he could have gotten his hands on a different Terminator.


Corrected entry: When the T-1000's truck crashes in the aqueduct, it explodes, and the T-800 gets his gun ready. We see the flaming tire rolling out, the T-800 aims at it, thinking it's the T-1000, but a few seconds later realizes that it's just a tire, and puts the gun away. He has remarkable optics and should be able to see that a tire is in no way the enemy.


Correction: The T-800 knows the T-1000 can mimic anything it has touched. Until he is sure the T-1000 has not mimicked a rolling tyre to get past his defences, it is a legitimate target.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, Kyle Reese says that in the future nobody knows anything about Sarah Connor except for her name and the one picture he carries. But between the end of T1 and the end of T2, Sarah probably gets some news coverage for attacking computer factories, she becomes famous with the shrinks, is videotaped by them directly and by their security cameras, is friends with a militia, meets the Dysons, and helps with the much-witnessed destruction of Cyberdyne Systems. In the future, either everyone who knew her died, or the future is changed.

Correction: There are two explanations. (1) The future presented in T1 does not need to be changed regardless of events in T2. T2 created a separate time continuum and therefore a different future. Time travel creates paradoxes. (2) Anything including the news reels, shrinks, videotapes, etc. were destroyed in the nuclear attack.

Corrected entry: When the T-1000 has entered the Cyberdyne building on his motorcycle, he can be seen driving up some steps. Later, right before he soars out of the window on his bike, he looks out of the window and sees the truck driving away on the same level. Unless that truck was flying, it shouldn't be on the same floor as the bike.

Correction: Why not? Entry into the stairway could very well be below street level. So when he drives the bike out of the window, he is up a few levels in the building but level to street level.


Corrected entry: There is no place or process in a steel mill where you have a big open pool of liquid steel.


Correction: I worked in a foundry for many years and when a heat (a load of steel) is finished, the roof is swung off the furnace - which is a giant open vat of molten steel - and the heat is poured into a ladle. A ladle is a large, open vat of molten steel that is poured from a bottom hole using a linkage, handle, etc., that lifts a stopper from the inside of the ladle and lets it pour from the bottom pouring hole. The point is that there are a few processes where there is a large open vat of molten metal. The foundry I worked in had a furnace capable of melting 60 tons per heat - a lot of molten metal!

Corrected entry: When John and the Terminator arrive at Dyson's house following the shooting, John calls Danny, Dyson's son, by his name and tells him to show him his room. But Danny's name has not been spoken anywhere John could have heard it.



Correction: Sarah has taught John many things that most kids wouldn't know at that age. The T-800 says that he has information on Dyson's family since he was a major factor in the creation of Skynet. We don't see how and when they obtain his address, but they obviously do so off screen, so we can assume they learned Danny's name at that time as well.


Corrected entry: When Sarah Connor is shooting up Dyson's home with her M16, her head is bobbing wildly up and down as she is firing the weapon on full automatic. There is NO recoil to an M16. I know, for I was in the service and fired an M16 many times.



Correction: The M16 has a light recoil but it's recoil nonetheless. There are dozens of videos showing someone of Sarah's approximate size firing an M16 on full auto reacting more to the recoil than Sarah does.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: How come in one of the final scenes the T-1000 at first needs Sarah to call for Johnny when just a few minutes later it could easily transform into Sarah's shape and call for Johnny himself? It's already sampled her from when he scratched her in the lift earlier. This can not be corrected saying T-1000 needs to consciously sample a subject because we saw in the hospital that the guard just stepped on it and the T-100 transformed.


Correction: That's why the T-1000 chose to hide on the floor: to obtain a sample of the guard. So, for this enty, no it couldn't have called for John itself yet, as the scratch didn't take a sample. If nothing else there's an argument to be made that its malfunctions have impaired its abilities too.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Given Arnold Schwarzenegger's $15-million salary and his total of 700 words of dialog, he was paid $21,429 per word. "Hasta la vista, baby" cost $85,716.


Correction: Copied verbatim from IMDB.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: According to a biographical documentary, Arnold Schwarzenegger only agreed to do the sequel if his role is more family-friendly, hence the "No killing" rule written for his character.


Correction: Copied verbatim from IMDB.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The world famous phrase "Hasta la Vista, Baby" is translated to "Sayonara, Baby" in the Spanish version of the film.


Correction: Copied verbatim from IMDB.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: As the pilot of the SWAT helicopter opens the door and jumps out, he looks as though he is preparing for a stunt jump - possible for a mat which was below. If I was in that situation, I would not care so much as preparing myself for such an event, as to be flapping my arms in terror.


Correction: That would be your opinion/point of view. Me personally, I would prepare myself landing on the ground. Just like the pilot.


Corrected entry: When T-1000 crashes the truck into the wall as he veers up a slope, if you watch it carefully it is blatantly obvious that there is noone inside the truck itself.Furthermore, if all it took was an explosion to cripple him (seen towards the end of the film), why did this particular one not cripple him?


Correction: An explosion within his body is completely different to an explosion externally. i.e. Firecracker on an open hand versus an firecracker in a closed fist. As for the empty truck, another entry has already been submitted.


Corrected entry: Just after Arnie says "Hasta La Vista, baby" he shoots the frozen Robert Patrick in the steelworks, right after he shatters the camera cuts to him being shattered again as though this first cut didnt exist. Surely someone would have noticed this big of a jump cut, or perhaps was this done to emphasis the shattering?


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. It is a standard movie convention to replay an action shot from another angle.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Terminator appears for the first time he arrives in a sphere that burns everything in its way, the tires from the trailer are affected by this but the trailer doesn't fall down like it should.


Correction: Since the trailer has dual rear axles, and only the rear-most pair of tires were chopped, there's no reason an empty trailer would drop the slightest bit, and we can see thru the opening that there's no cargo near to new hole.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-1000 has copied Janelle and is talking on the phone in her kitchen, there are two plastic water bottles on top of the refrigerator. A moment later after the T-1000 changes back into its policeman form, one of the water bottles has disappeared and the other has moved.


Correction: The later camera angle is so low, the refrigerator is blocking the view of the other bottles. It can't be known if they are no longer there.


Corrected entry: In "The Terminator," Reese explains to the police that the time disruptor has been destroyed, meaning he can't get back to his future: "No one goes back. No one else gets through. It's just him and me." T2 ignores this, and it is never explained.

Correction: Just because something is not explained in a film, that doesn't make it a mistake. Skynet sent two Terminators back - one to 1984 to target Sarah Connor, one to 1994 to target John Connor as a failsafe measure in case the first one failed. Reese was sent back to 1984, where that situation is exactly what he says it is; it's just him against the Terminator and nobody else is coming to help. The reprogrammed T-800 was sent back to 1994 to face the T-1000, then Connor's forces destroyed the timejump apparatus. Nothing there contradicts Reese's statement.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Why didn't the liquid metal Terminator get sent back in time wearing cloths that were also made of liquid metal? The Terminator is already made of a material that can both travel back in time (is organic) and can morph into other things (is metal). Obviously it wasn't because Skynet had no records of what styles would look unusual at any given time period because even a machine would know that being completely naked is more unusual (thus more noticeable) than being oddly dressed.

Correction: What's the point? He's going to kill and replace someone anyway, probably extremely quickly. Morphing some clothes would just waste time and energy. Plus being naked is more likely to draw someone of authority to you (police, paramedic, whatever) which is a more useful person to kill and replace than some random guy.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Dyson is heading for the vault with the first terminator's chip and arm, he walks through a door and holds it open for the cameraman following him. It kind of looks like he's holding it open for the audience...


Correction: Some people instinctively hold doors open as they walk through in case people are behind them. Not a mistake.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: The tanker truck continues to drive on even after having a grenade explode in its grille. No vehicle, no matter how large, can withstand a fully-armed RPG grenade. The truck's engine would have been damaged beyond repair.

Correction: First: It wasn't a Rocket Powered Grenade (RPG), it was an M79 grenade launcher, which fires a fragmentation grenade. Would damage a truck but not necessarily disable it.

Corrected entry: DVD version. In the elevator scene, after Arnie shoots the T-1000 in the head, you can see the Doctor behind standing against the window. Three seconds later, after the shot inside the elevator where Sarah Connor asks what the fuck is going on, you see the T-1000 again in the next shot, but the Doctor has made a quick exit.


Correction: If I had just watched the T-1000 walk through a wall of bars and Arnie take 10-15 bullets without flinching, I would make a "quick exit" too. Probably one approaching the speed of sound. And can you see the floor in that scene? He might have fainted and be out of the camera's view.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In T2: Special Edition, John and Sarah open up the Terminator's head and switch his chip to write mode so he can learn to be more human, because "Skynet presets the switch to read-only when [a Terminator] is sent out alone." However in the original film, the Terminator is shown learning phrases like "Nice night for a walk" and "Fuck you, asshole" from the street punks in the park.

Correction: Picking up a few local phrases is a necessary part of creating a cover, which may be required while tracking a subject; if Terminators were incapable of learning anything at all, it would restrict their ability to infiltrate. The switch that John and Sarah flip is one that prevents the Terminator from learning on an unrestricted basis, which could lead to their neural net developing to the point where it could begin to question Skynet's orders.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: You would think that a shockwave that could destroy buildings, buses, trees, humans, etc., would also destroy playground equipment.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: The nuke and shockwave are both occurring in Sarah's dream meaning they don't have to follow the laws of physics.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When escaping the hospital, the man that Sarah almost killed (I forget his name doesn't have a cigarette in his mouth until the T-1000 walks through the bars, and a cigarette falls out of his mouth.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: Dr. Silberman never had a cigarette. He pulls the protective cover off the needle on a syringe of sedative with his teeth. Then when the T-1000 walks through the bars, it drops out while he is gaping.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where John is stealing money from the ATM, he tells his friend that "My Mom is a psycho, blew up a computer lab." At that point in the film Sarah hasn't blown up the lab yet, so she could not be locked up for it.

Correction: John must be referring to a time that Sarah tried to stop the creation of Skynet by blowing up the Cyberdyne labs and got caught, which led to her being committed - not the group attack on the lab that happens later, after Sarah's rescue.


Corrected entry: Sarah says that the first terminator attacked her in 1984. This makes no sense. There are two ways to think about it. 1: John looks about thirteen years old, but thirteen years after the attack is 1997. Judgement Day. There wouldn't be enough time to have the third movie. 2: John's police record says he is ten, but that would mean the year is 1994. He is definitely not 13 in the third movie.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: The only real mistake here, is that the actor playing John looks older than 10. The 2nd movie takes place in 1994, when John is suppose to be 10. The 3rd movie takes place in 2004, when he is suppose to be 20. The 3rd movie can happen in 2004, because the events of the 2nd movie delayed judgment day from 1997 to 2004.


Corrected entry: The first movie takes place in 1984 and this one takes place in 1991 making John seven at the most. However, his police file says he is ten.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: The movie was *released* in 1991, but it actually takes place in 1994. The Terminator states that Cyberdyne becomes the largest supplier of military computer systems and Skynet goes online in August 1997. He also says he was given orders by John "35 years from now," which would coincide with the 2029 date.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: This movie takes place in L.A. You must be at least 21 to have a motorcycle licence in California. I'm pretty sure John isn't 21.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: A kid that steals money from ATMs is not likely to care whether he has a license or not.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: During the final chase scenes with the liquid nitrogen semi, the orange lights on top of the truck's cab change back and forth from 3 lights lit to all 5 lights lit between a few shots.

Correction: Easily explained as a short in the wiring after all the bumping and grinding the truck has done. My car has a parking and tail light that work intermittently exactly like that.

Corrected entry: In the scene in steel mill where Arnold Schwarzenegger is lowered into the molten steel, he melts but the chain does not.

Correction: The chain is obviously made out of a metal that has a higher melting point than steel. Steel, on average, will melt at about 2500°F - 2800°F. But there are a number of metals that don't begin melting until MUCH higher temps are reached. Titanium's melting point is over 3000°F, and even more impressive is Tungsten's melting point at over 5500°F.

Corrected entry: When hiding in the gas station, the T-800 mentions to Sara and John that it has "detailed files on the human anatomy". However, when they are escaping the hospital, and John is crying, he asks "what's wrong with your eyes?" Though he may not understand the emotional motives for crying, he should know about it in a biological sense, and thus know that it is happening.

Correction: Tears serve non-emotion purpose as well. They provide lubrication and rinse out debris. Seeing tears and unaware of the emotional motives, T-800 assumes something must be in John's eyes and asks a reasonable question.


Corrected entry: In the sequence where the T-1000 is on the back of the police car with the hook hands, he smashes the rear window. The amount of glass left on the window changes seven times.

Correction: It was badly damaged so more glass could've fallen out through time.

Corrected entry: The computer that the T-1000 reads in the police car at the beginning states that John is 10 years old and was born in February of 1985. Also Sarah Conner is said to be 29 in this film, she was about 19 when she had John, also reinforcing the fact that John is supposed to be 10 years old. It is obvious both by the appearance of the actor and the behaviour of the character that he would be about 14 or 15 years old rather than the prescribed 10.

Correction: How is it obvious? He might very well "look" older, but his mother was arrested for blowing up a building, and sent to an institution for her story about the future. He has gone from his mom dating all these guys and training him for the future war, which she told him all about, to living with a foster family. His behavior is likely the result of the fact that he was pyscologically damaged, and that nobody ever really gave a care about him after his mom was taken away, as he is rebelling.


Corrected entry: After Sarah shoots Dyson and he's lying on the ground by the magazines, look at his left shoulder. In the first shot he has blood all over his shoulder but in the next shot it is smaller and in one concentrated spot.

Correction: Duplicate entry.


Corrected entry: As Sarah drags Douglas into the room after she has hit him in the nose, his foot snags his flashlight and it follows him through the door. In the next shot, it is back in the hallway again.

Correction: No, there is a piece of the broom handle lying on the floor before and after he gets dragged into the room. At no time does the flashlight reappear.


Corrected entry: As the police arrive at the Cyberdyne offices, there are several shot of different police officers racking and aiming their shotguns. When the first officer does it, however, he doesn't rack it but you hear the sound.

Correction: The sound you hear is the one of the other officers racking their gun.

Corrected entry: When the tow truck finally crashes and the battery lead ignites the fuel, this would not happen as surely the truck is diesel powered, and diesel does not ignite in that way.


Correction: "Surely the truck is diesel" does not mean it absolutely is, it MIGHT be petrol powered. The benefit of the doubt applies.

Corrected entry: In the tanker truck/pick-up truck chase, after the tanker rams the pick-up and destroys the wooden shelter in the bed, you can see the Terminator turn the steering wheel right but the truck turns left instead. You have too look very very closely to see this. You might even need to use the zoom feature if your remote is equipped with it.

Correction: The rules of this site are quite clear - if you need to use slow motion or freeze frame (or zoom, in this case) to spot a mistake, then it is not valid.

Corrected entry: After the Terminator tells Dyson what his work will eventually do, Dyson speaks several lines of dialogue. If you pay close attention to Sarah during this scene, you will see her mouthing his lines.


Correction: She is repeating what she has heard a million times, in the last film. She is pointing out Dyson's guilt in a very telling and sarcastic manner.

Corrected entry: Before the Terminator is lowered into the steel, he says "goodbye." You can see his breath revealing the actual temperature on the set.

Correction: He is a cyborg, not a human, and he is being lowered into a vat of molten steel. That's not his breath - it is part of his plastic, steel, titanium, carbon fibre, silicon (etc) body burning up as he goes.

Corrected entry: While rescuing Sarah, the Terminator tells her "come with me if you want to live" - this is the same thing Reese tells her in the first film.

Correction: This is far too obvious to be trivia. The whole point of him saying that is that she reacts with shock that a terminator would say the same thing Reese did.

Corrected entry: When T-800 encounters John for the first time, he gets the gun out of the box, points it in John's direction, says "Get down" and only then do we see T-1000 enter the hallway. Even if this was scripted so as to be more dramatic, it still doesn't make much sense. Why would T-800 anticipate T-1000's presence?

Correction: Not understanding why a character does something is not the same as being a mistake. Even if that was the case there are a couple of points to consider. Firstly the shot is not in full motion so its hard to compare whether the T-800 had or hadn't seen the T-1000. Secondly the shot seems to show he is pointing the gun at about the time the T-1000 is turning the corner so its not hard to believe being as sophisticated as he is that he spotted him immediately.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: As John and the Terminator speed away from the burning tow truck, you can easily see a tire track from a previous take.

Correction: This type of 'mistake' has been posted and corrected on numerous films. The scene is taking place on a busy thoroughfare. Why does the skidmark have to be from a previous take? Why not a vehicle which used the road previously?

Corrected entry: The T-1000 rides his Harley out of the burning Cyberdyne building and jumps on the chopper as it flies past. But the helicopter is flying far too low. Chopper pilots are trained to stay above the "dead man's curve" which governs the minimum height for any given speed. Below this height, the pilot can't "auto-rotate" and in case of engine failure the chopper drops like a rock. There are also too many poles, power lines etc. around the labatory to fly safely and the pilot is far too erratic in his maneuvering. No trained police pilot would pull the stunts seen in the film for safety reasons, whether he had a tactical reason to fly that low or not.

Joe Moldovan

Correction: There's no such thing as absolutes in human behavior. All the training in the world doesn't change a person's nature. We don't know if this pilot is prone to being overzealous, so we can't say he would or wouldn't do any such thing.


Corrected entry: When Sarah and John drive the pickup into the steel mill, they end up crashing into a wall at 25 to 35 miles per hour. Neither is wearing seat belts. Yet they are not launched through the windshield and do not get injured at all.


Correction: John is driving and braced for the crash. Sarah is already injured. They hit a forklift, not a wall. They don't go through the windshield as they ducked when they saw the fork coming at them. Lastly, lots of people walk away from wrecks that happen at far faster speeds. Not impossible, and not a mistake.


Corrected entry: Just before Arnold jumps his bike into the underground tunnels, we see that the end he leaps off is a sharp corner. In the next shot of him jumping, that sharp corner is now flat.

Correction: Not so. Both angles were filmed at the very same location- no difference exists. Watch the scenes again to spot the blunt end in both shots.


Corrected entry: When John tells the Terminator to stand on one foot, you can see that he is actually resting the raised leg on a black stool.

Correction: No stool of any kind is ever visible. The closest thing I can find is a side-view showing a car tires (black) that is next to the T-800's leg. It's finger tips are visible under it's thigh. See my screen-shot. No error here.

Corrected entry: After the semi crashes into the pylon in the aqueduct, it explodes and there is a shot of the T-800 driving away with John. You see a plywood board fly off the pylon.

Correction: Two of the boards glued to the support pylon were blown off by the bigger-than-expected blast. See screen-shots.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, when the T-1000 controlled police helicopter bears down on the SWAT truck, look closely at the T-1000 while he is driving and you can see a third hand steering while he is firing his gun.

Correction: This has been corrected several times, and is listed both on the "corrections" page and under "trivia". The T-1000 is a shapechanger, he can grow extra appendages when he needs to.


Corrected entry: After Terminator has arrived from the future and is walking towards the bar, the camera is reflected in the small window in the door before he opens it.

Correction: I have looked through this scene and shot in particular and I cannot see any reflection of a camera.

Corrected entry: During the freeway chase scene in the helicopter, when T-1000 follows the SWAT car under the first overpass, as the T-1000 reloads his gun you can see a third arm under his own right arm flying the helicopter. When he flies over the second overpass and fires his gun, you can again see his left arm firing and another left arm beneath his own flying the helicopter.

Correction: This mistake has been submitted and corrected many times, along with being listed in the trivia section. Since the T-1000 is liquid metal he could easily generate a third arm from out of nowhere.


Corrected entry: When the T-1000 pulls the guy in the truck out, look closely and you can see the guy deliberately jumping out (he raises his arms and you can see him bend down.).

Correction: He is trying his best to cooperate so he won't be hurt (or worse), and is half thrown and half jumps out of his van.

Corrected entry: T-800's metal finger shouldn't be so big when he touches Connor's tears (it's almost as big as his gloves). We can see it's much thinner when he cuts off his skin at Cyberdyne's house.

Correction: The T-800 reveals his metal arm to Dyson but we then see he puts a glove on that hand and his jacket covering the rest of the arm for the remainder of the film. So whether he left the skin off his arm is impossible to tell. Being that his hand fills the glove we can presume he did put the skin back on his arm.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: The chip is shown several times during the movie and the T-800's one is mentioned at the end of it. But where's the T-1000's one? He's shot (even in the head), crashed, burnt, frozen, takes the dimension of a paper sheet to look like the floor and even explodes but he still works perfectly showing no system failure. And he also shows no need of power or battery whatsoever.

Correction: No one ever states that T-1000 has a chip, or even that he needs one. He is a much more advanced model, remember? For a machine made from liquid metal, that can take any shape it wants, it is not a long stretch to assume that its memory is part of its molecular structure or similar. And just because we never see him powering up, it does not mean that he never does.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Arnold, Sarah and John escape the mental hospital, and the T-1000 is walking back down the street, he runs into a cop on a bike. When we see him talking, steam is coming out of his mouth like it is cold outside. But he is not human, so this is not possible.

Correction: Obviously the T-1000 is a highly advanced cyborg. Even, the T-800 series could be built with "living" tissue over a metal endoskeleton. Surely the more advance T-1000 could have been built with a "breath synthesizer/replicator."


Corrected entry: At the beginning, the T-1000 is naked, and so he puts on real clothing. However, whenever he changes shape, the clothes also morph as though they were part of him, which they aren't.

Correction: The T-1000 doesn't put on the clothes, he samples them. For instance when he becomes the security guard, the guy steps where the T-1000 is on the ground and he takes that sampling to become a replica of the guy- there are two of them, and two sets of clothes. The data for the clothing is in the T-1000, so he can make it change and appear/disappear as he wishes.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-1000 is frozen by liquid nitrogen, he shatters after being shot from a pistol by the T-800. You will notice that once in little pieces of metal his clothes are still intact, only frozen (Note: The belt). If the T-1000 was entirely metal which he is, the clothing should have shattered also.


Correction: In my physics class they did the trick where they froze a ballon in liquid N and shattered it. Because the whole thing was not dipped in it did not freeze evenly and when they shattered it parts were left that flopped around like normal rubber while others crushed and broke. The same thing happened to the T-1000, not all of him came into contact with the liquid N.

Corrected entry: Doesn't the Terminator know what human tears are? After all, he does have "detailed files" on human anatomy.

Correction: He knows WHAT they are - what he asks is "WHY do you cry?" Human emotional responses would be dismissed as irrelevant by the machines so he wouldn't be likely to carry information on those.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminator is changing the starter motor on the truck, he asks John Connor for a torque wrench. Wouldn't the robot know the exact torque his arm is applying to the socket wrench?

Correction: No, there is no reason that they would build a "torque sensor" into his arm. Also, his knowledge of 20th Century auto repair would have been written by humans which would say to use a torque wrench so he would want to use a torque wrench whether he needed to or not.


Corrected entry: When the T-1000 is in the helicopter and loads his machine gun he uses two hands, where is the hand that was steering the chopper? later we see the third arm coming from just behind his armpit/ribs (slo mo helps).

Carlo Cappalonga

Correction: The T-1000 is able to generate another hand to he can reload and steer the chopper at the same time. This is already listed in trivia for that reason.

Kirill Ostapenko

Corrected entry: Sarah Connors armpits are clean shaven. Would mental patients with a history of stabbing people have access to razorblades?

Correction: I don't know what the rules are in mental facilities, but there are plenty of safety razors out there which would be difficult to cut yourself or someone else with, even if you tried. She may have been allowed use of one of those under supervision. Or she could have used an electric razor, or hair removal cream.


Corrected entry: When Arnie is thrown by the T-1000 through the store window during the fight in the mall, a bystander takes some pictures of him. The bystander is standing on Arnie's left, so the pictures should be of his left profile. When we see the pictures later on, however, they show a head-on view.



Correction: The pictures we see later are not the ones the bystander took, but stills taken from the CCTV cameras. In the onlooker's photos, Arnie would have been lying down but in the photos shown to Sarah he is standing - there is even an out-of-focus woman standing behind him.

Chimera Premium member

Corrected entry: When the T-800 first sees John Connor on his bike with his friend, he zooms in to check the identity, and the close-up shows us Johns face with his hair nicely done and hanging down - however, wouldn't his fair be thrown backwards, accounting for the speed they were going on the bike?

Correction: That was a photo that the Terminator had, so he could identify the target.

Corrected entry: The T1000(and the pilot he replaced)are shown flying the helicopter from the left hand seat. Helicopters unlike aeroplanes are flown from the right hand seat.

Correction: The pilot was in the right hand seat. The T-1000 smashed the glass and poured in the seat next to him - the left, meaning the pilot must have been sitting in the right seat.

Corrected entry: When the T-1000 and the T-800 first come face to face, the T-800 pushes John Connor through a door to get him away from the gunfire. The two cyborgs then proceed to empty their guns into each other, finally resulting in the T-1000 being knocked from its feet. Now, why did the T-1000 waste its time (and ammunition that could have been used to pick off Connor) firing a 9mm at the T-800 (when weapons of this sort do no serious damage to its endoskeleton), when it could have strode up and did much more damage with its hands/blades? Surely a Terminator would know the strengths and weaknesses of a fellow SkyNet soldier?

Correction: This falls under the heading of "why didn't this happen?" For one thing, it's far more likely that the T-1000 was actually trying to shoot John - John was only protected because Terminator used his own body as a shield.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: We learned in the first film that dogs react to Terminators. Hence, shouldn't Enrique's dogs and the dogs at the rest stop have been going nuts when he was there?


Correction: In the first scene shown there, as soon as Enrique and the rest come out of hiding, you CAN hear at least one dog barking continuously in the background. In most of the other scenes there in the desert, the Terminator is either out of sight (underground in the weapons bunker, underneath the truck), or the scenes take place after obviously quite some time has passed. Perhaps by then the dogs have had time enough to get used to his presence.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: At the steel mill, the T-800 sneaks up behind the T-1000 while he is threatening Sarah Connor, and he hits him with a pole. The T-1000 spins around, and hits the T-800 across the face. We can see the pole fly out of his hands. However, in the next shot, the pole is still impaled in the T-1000.

Correction: He most certainly does NOT "spin around and hit him across the face". He spins to the left and kicks out with his left leg, sending Terminator flying backwards. Because the pole is stuck in the right side of the T-1000, such an action would cause it to swing upwards and to the left when seen from an angle that is showing Terminator - which is exactly what we see, the pole swinging upwards and out of the frame.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: After the battle in the hospital hallway, almost all of the unconscious orderlies and guards have disappeared when the camera angle changes from the perspective of the elevator facing the T-1000 running down the hallway.


Correction: No, actually, they haven't. The guard who was thrown through the window was tossed through the window of a door on the cross hallway, which isn't visible from the elevator. The female guard was likewise thrown down that same hallway. That leaves the black guard and the one with the mustache, both of whom are still lying near the wall around Silberman's feet; in fact, after the Terminator has split the T-1000's head open with the shotgun, you can see the black guard stirring and trying to get up.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: The T-1000 is a super advanced killing machine. When he comes upon the scene where the T-800 has just found Sarah, he stands behind the cage door for several seconds unnoticed by the people on the other side. He has a gun, and a perfect opportunity to kill John Connor from a distance of less than 25 yards, an easy shot for a human. Instead, he chooses to walk through the bars, and reveal himself as the killer.

Correction: There may be several reasons why he didn't shoot. The bars of the door may have restricted the bullet. He may not have been able to get a clean shot, and so would have alerted Sarah and the T-800 to his presence anyway. Also, if he started shooting from the other side of the door, he may have deducted that John may have run, and knew that going through the door would have taken precious seconds. If he starts shooting from the same side as John, then seconds are cut off the chase.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dyson is trying to open the locker with the key in it, the silent alarm has already been activated, however there is a quick shot of a computer monitor that doesn't say "alert" on it. You can also see the screen right next to him the first time he tries to open the locker without "alert" written across the screen. When he goes to look at it and the monitor, all of a sudden it says "alert".


Correction: The first shot of that monitor shows a screen that appears to be transitioning from one state to another - look at the graphics on it. It is possible that the silent alarm has just then been tripped and it is shifting from whatever process it was in to a locked-down state.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Towards the beginning of the movie when Dr. Silberman introduces the team of shrinks to Sarah, she asks him how his knee is. He tells the team that she stabbed him in the knee a few weeks ago. Later in the movie, she says that her behavior has been good for six months, therefore deserving a transfer to minimum security wing, where she can see her son. How can that be if she stabbed the doctor only a few weeks before?


Correction: No, Silberman had said that if she showed IMPROVEMENT after six months that she would deserve such a transfer. He also said that her attitude has been "much improved...lately", implying that her behavior before that has not been so good. And finally, he DOES deny her the transfer to minimum security that she wants, showing that she has NOT been the good girl she is trying to act the part of.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Sarah, Arnie and John escape from the hospital, Sarah orders the policeman to leave his car, and shoots the windscreen. When Arnie throws him out the way, the mark's disappeared.


Correction: Look again. The spiderweb crack is there, near the top center of the windshield. The submitter may have mistaken it for glare from a light, but it isn't.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene where John is on his bike and is being chased by T-1000 in the semi, if you listen very closely, that bike has over 15 gears.


Correction: What you have mistaken for gear-shifting sounds is often John throttling up or down as he weaves around the trash and debris littering his path, makes sharp turns, or flies up ramps. The gear changes you can hear are completely in character with the behavior of the bike at the time - speeding up and slowing down. The few times John is running flat-out with nothing ahead of him, there are no gear changes heard.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Arnold, Sarah, and John are escaping in the mental hospital elevator and T-1000 spikes are coming through the ceiling, Arnold tells the others to "Get down", and John sits down. A moment later, John is standing.

Correction: He didn't tell them to sit down. John may have simply crouched, and then stood back up.

Corrected entry: How come in one of the final scenes the T-1000 at first needs Sarah to call for Johnny when just a few minutes later he can easily transform into Sarah's shape and call for Johnny himself? He's already sampled her from when he scratched her in the lift earlier.


Correction: The T-1000 needs to consciously sample a subject - otherwise its memory systems would be filled to capacity with everything that it comes into contact with, which would not be efficient. When it scratches Sarah in the lift, it's attempting to kill them, not take samples. Sampling presumably takes a short but finite time, and, in the end sequence, John may be getting further away. It would save time (and probably sound more authentic) to get Sarah to call for John herself during the sampling process. It's only when that doesn't work that the T-1000 makes the decision to switch to Sarah's form.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In one scene, the police shows Sarah a picture of Arnie taken from a surveillance camera at a police station in 1984. But in that picture, Arnie has the same haircut as in the rest of the film. In the first Terminator film, Arnie has longer hair and a different haircut.


Correction: In the first film during the police station sequence, Arnold did have shorter hair. He cut it himself after reparing his eye and arm.

Corrected entry: When Arnie rescues Sarah who is under gunfire from the office, look closely after they start to walk off from the hole in the wall, you can can see someone walk past the hole in the wall.

gandolfs dad

Correction: The only person seen jumping past the hole in the wall is John Connor, who was actually a character in the movie; not a crew member.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie when the T-1000 is in the tanker truck chasing John, Arnie, and Sarah, Arnie fires his grenade launcher and all the bullet does is dent the grill work on the tanker truck.


Correction: The grenade launcher Arnie is firing is an m79. The rounds for them only arm themselves after 19 metres or so of flight.

Corrected entry: Sarah Connor is in the maximum security wing of a mental hospital, and she picks the lock of her cell with a paperclip. What sort of maximum security is this? The Escape At Your leisure kind? Why on earth is there a keyhole on the inside of the door?

Correction: To allow orderlies and workers to exit with the keys they carry.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: If John Connor is only 10, why is he allowed to own and ride a motorcycle without the police saying or doing anything?

Correction: One, John looks much older than his ten years, so any cop that saw him might believe he was old enough to ride the bike legally. Two, who says the police never say or do anything? We know that John has already had several brushes with the law; the bike is just another example.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Miles Dyson gets shot in the shoulder by Sarah Connor in his house. In the Special Edition DVD, he picks up an axe (with his good arm) and swings it pretty hard to destroy the CPU he had been working on. This would be nearly impossible since he was in so much pain from his other shoulder being shot.

Correction: Maybe. Except he was running on adrenaline by then, and would also have really wanted to go after the symbol that has caused him so much frustration over the past years. Also, he would understandably have quite a bit of rage towards it after the Terminator revealed what would happen in the future. Pain is only temporary.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In Terminator 1, when the Cyborgs land in our time, they land on falt ground with the area around them virtually unaffected. But in T2, a large fireball of sorts forms around them, making the ground curved underneath them.

Correction: It depends EXACTLY where they materialise. They always come in a spherical fireball thing, but, for example, in the first movie Micheal Biehn is transported to a location about 20 feet in the air (a botched job perhaps?) so can't burn a hole in the ground, whereas part of Arnie's sphere in the second movie does touch the ground, so leaves an impression.


Corrected entry: When Sarah takes the broken broomstick and hits the psycho-ward guard in the face, you see a large amount of blood come out of his mouth and spray back. When she starts dragging him into the empty cell, there is no blood on the floor.

Correction: The blood only shows up as a reflective streak on the floor, because of the angle of the light, and the colour isn't obvious, but there is definitely blood on the floor as she starts to drag him away. The floor seems pretty clean when she comes out again, but the blood could have been wiped away as she dragged the body over it.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When the orderlies are trying to restrain Sarah in the hallway Arnold comes along to rescue her. How does no one see a big man dress in black leather (in a white hallway) with a shotgun before he actually attacks them?

Correction: It's certainly not outside the realms of possibility that they are so concentrated on subduing Sarah (think of what she's just done. this is a highly dangerous person) that they simply don't notice him until he's right near them.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sara beats the guard up with the end of the broom handle she hits him in the face very hard causing a lot of blood on the guard's face. Then she hits him in the back of the knees landing with his bleeding face flat on the floor. When Sara comes back from dumping the body in the closet and picks up the guard's things the floor is completely clean, no blood anywhere.

Correction: Duplicated mistake

Corrected entry: Why didn't the machines send the T-1000 back in time to 1984 to help the first Terminator? Even if the rebels had sent the reprogrammed T-800 back to 1984 as well that would have confused the hell out of Reese and Sarah, which would surely only have helped.

Correction: For that matter, why the machines didn't send the T-1000 to kill Sarah Connor when she was a kid - and, thus, an easier target? Or why didn't they send the T-1000 to kill John Connor when he was 9, instead of 10 years old? That was an arbitrary choice of the script, and any year would give space to questioning. So, why bother? The real reason was: the movie was made in 1991 and so Cameron decide to set the story in 1991.

cinecena Premium member

Corrected entry: The T800 uses the old trick of hot wiring a car by ripping off the steering column cover in the car in the desert. But in doing so, he is grimacing. Is it hurting the big, strong cyborg?

Correction: The terminators are designed to look as human as possible. A normal person would get suspicious if he saw someone performing heavy lifting or tasks involving strength if the person doing them was not showing some signs of fatigue or frustration.

Corrected entry: I don't know why Sarah bothered filling the syringe (to threaten a warden) with all those chemicals, injecting air into the bloodstream is just as deadly, and would probably lead to a faster death because it blocks the heart and obscures the brain, rather than blood poisoning which takes about twice as long.

Correction: The only way the air would kill is if she had hit a vein or artery. She plunged the needle in way to deep to hit either. Plus, the chemicals would cause more fear, which was her goal at the time. Additionally, it takes more than one small syringe of air to kill someone. The amount of air needed to kill a person is far more than most people realize.


Corrected entry: When they are going into the Cyberdyne building, T800 leaves the guns BY THE DOORS. Yet, when the police are blasting away at them, he suddenly, magically has them.

Correction: They left the guns, explosives, and everything else outside the front door so they would be able to lull the guard at the desk into a sense of security and could get rid of him before he tripped the silent alarm. Once they tied him up and left him in the bathroom, they would have gone back outside to get the weapons and explosives.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Arnie and John Connor are underneath the pickup truck, doing some repairs, just before the terminator asks "Why do you cry?", Arnie is tightening something with a wrench and lets out a very audible grunt. My impression was that a killer robot like him wouldn't have problems with strain.


Correction: Arnie is an infiltration unit designed to appear human. Since a human would strain Arnie would simulate having to strain to tighten the bolt so as not to blow his cover.

Corrected entry: Arnold wrenches his own arm off to get out of the gears and save the Conners. Yet he later melts himself so his parts can't be used as a design to build Skynet, the villain behind all this. Remember that it was designed the first time around by the arm and chip of the T-800 from the first movie. WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS ARM? They throw the original arm and chip in after Arnold, but they never go back to get the arm in the gears. I think the answer to this is that they wanted to leave an explanation for T3, if they want to.


Correction: Most likely the arm was smashed beyond recognition making anybody who discovered it pass it off as just some metal scrap. Regardless, most work was done on the chip - the arm wasn't all that advanced.

Corrected entry: How exactly did the T-1000 get through the time portal? After all, he is not living tissue, nor is he surrounded by it like the T-800's. You can't argue that the time equipment has been updated since both Terminators in this movie still come back naked and unarmed.


Correction: Unlike the T-800s, the T-1000 is a highly advanced prototype made of "poly-alloy". That "poly-alloy" could perhaps contain some type of living tissue that allowed him to pass through the time portal. He could have also been surrounded by tissue during his transportation (which we never actually saw, by the way) and simply removed it after coming through.

Corrected entry: Listen to Sarah Conner's bare feet as she runs through the insane asylum. Her feet squeak on the floor with the sound of regular shoes.

Correction: Bare feet on a freshly waxed floor can sound like shoes.

Corrected entry: In Sara Connor's dream the nuke goes off and the buildings are exploding, the buildings structures remain but when you are that close to a nuclear blast, metals instantly vaporise.

Correction: In Sarah's dreams with the nuke, as she is not a nuclear scientist, she would not know exactly how different objects would behave so close to a nuclear blast, and as it is a dream, it does not have to obey the natural laws (physics etc.).

Corrected entry: If the machines were developed by the technology from studying the first Terminator's chip and arm at Cyberdine systems where did the the research come from to create the first Terminator arm and chip?

Correction: This question answers itself. The research to create the very first arm and chip (and the rest of the robot) comes from studying the real thing from the first sent-back terminator. Note that the very first arm and chip is the ones produced by cyberdine, not the ones sent back in time.

Corrected entry: When Arnie drives the police truck back into the cyberdyne building front lobby to rescue Sarah and John from the lift (after the swat team have shot gas into the lobby), the front desk in the middle of the lobby has miraculously disappeared, which allows the truck room to spin around and get everyone out. Had it been there then the truck would have smashed into it.

Correction: It is there, and the truck does smash into it. It's quite a long way back from the front doors, but you can see when the truck spins side on that it knocks it down the corridor. The truck's facing the short corridor down towards the toilet where the guard was put.

Corrected entry: In the scene where John and Arnie are talking on the phone to the T-1000, who has killed and is imitating John's foster mother, Todd gets a drink from a carton and complains about the dog barking, the T-1000 stabs him through the carton, mouth and out of the back of his head pinning him upright against the kitchen wall killing him instantly, yet for over 30 seconds he is still gripping the carton with his left hand.


Correction: When people die, the muscles in their hands contract, making it possible for them to hold something for a while longer after they've died.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film at Cyberdyne Systems, the recruit tells Dyson that he has to sign for a test on the arm and the chip. He then walks through an area where people are wearing protective overalls. How come he doesn't need one or did they just contaminate the whole production area?

Correction: Some clean rooms don't require everyone to wear a cleansuit, because the suits are there to keep hair and skin flakes from the researchers from falling onto the project they're working on. Someone walking through the area like Dyson and his assistant (or a custodian getting a trash can) don't pose enough of a threat to most cleanroom work like that to require suits.

Corrected entry: At the start of the first film, the robots and the HK's all use lasers to waste the humans, but in the flash backs in the sequel, they are using bullet-firing automatic weapons. Why would the most advanced technology ever created switch to inferior weaponry?

Correction: They are actually using pulse rifles that fire short laser blasts. They just appear in some scenes like they are firing bullets because of the flames that shoot out of the guns barrels.

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