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Corrected entry: When the semi truck hits the parked blue AMC Gremlin car, the force of the crash switches the lights off, but when the truck is then blown up, the lights are back on again. (01:28:50)

Correction: The lights are not on, they are just illuminated on the outside by the explosion. The truck's front bumper and radiator grille are also illuminated by the explosion.

Corrected entry: After Reese rams the Terminator with the pick-up truck, the truck starts to back up out of the motel. The Terminator gets up and runs after it. Just before the shot changes, you can see that the truck still hasn't left yet. But when we cut to the Terminator getting on his motorcycle, the truck has disappeared. Considering that Sarah and Reese are in a huge pick-up truck, it is highly unlikely that they could have traveled that far in a short period of time. (01:23:55)

Correction: Trucks are perfectly capable of going very fast - their speed should not be judged by their size. Also, in the shot of the Terminator picking up his rifle and running after the truck, the truck has left - the light that you see is the glow of its headlights.

Corrected entry: When the Terminator is killing Sarah Connor's roommate and boyfriend, the sound of the phone being knocked around, enough to be off the hook, is heard. Shortly after the killings, a call (from Sarah herself) comes in and the phone rings until the machine picks up. (00:31:40)

Correction: It is not the phone you hear being knocked off, it is the portable cassette tape player she is wearing that's hitting the floor when she falls down.

Corrected entry: Sarah gives the Terminator (thinking it's her mother) a 408 area code for the Tiki Motel. At the time of the film's setting, the 408 serviced Monterey Bay all the way up to San Jose, meaning Sarah and Kyle would have been hundreds of miles away from the Terminator.

Correction: This isn't a mistake. They hitchhike to the hotel in the morning. Kyle leaves the hotel to get supplies and its daylight outside. Sarah then calls (she thinks) her mom. Kyle returns and he and Sarah make the plastique, then are shown in the hotel at night. It took the Terminator at least 8 hours to get there.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: You can see a stage light resting in the background when Reese is crouching in the alley after arriving from the future. (00:07:05)

Correction: There isn't anything to suggest it's a piece of filming equipment. More likely, it is a light belonging to one of the buildings in the alley.

Corrected entry: After the Terminator is destroyed, Sarah Connor is loaded into the ambulance feet-first. In real ambulances, the patient's head is closest to the front, not the back. (01:40:00)

Correction: While it may be preferred, many EMS ambulance cot operation procedure manuals use the phrase "head or foot end first".


Corrected entry: Watch the third 'future flashback' sequence carefully, particularly any shots that show Kyle charging towards the Terminator firing that oversized plasma weapon. There are at least two instances where you can see plasma bolts going straight through Kyle's body and impacting behind him. (01:12:45)

Correction: The blasts were seen visibly partially missing him, not going through him. This can be noticed if you pause and play each frame.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: When the terminator is walking out of the burning truck, only its arms and back are burning. But once it hits the ground, all of it is on fire. (01:28:50)

Gavin Jackson

Correction: As the Terminator jumps out of the truck cab, we can see flames on his back and arms; it's difficult to see as he jumps to the ground, but there also appear to be flames on his legs. Regardless; he is jumping into a pool of burning fuel, so it is natural to assume some splashes up on his legs, and lights them up.


Corrected entry: When Sarah calls Ginger and gets the machine (as Ginger is being killed), he machine starts playing the message immediately after the first ring - before the phone bell even stops ringing. Since the machine is mechanical (before digital technology), it is unlikely that the machine could have reacted that fast. These types of machines would typically ring 2-3 times, then answer and take a message, then the next call would be picked up after just one ring - but not as fast as this one does. (00:26:30 - 00:32:40)


Correction: Digital, mechanical, it's all activated by an electrical signal from the phone receiving a call. Only the medium on which the message is recorded has really changed in any significant way over the years. There's a switch on the side of most old answering machines that let's you choose from 1-4 rings before it picks up.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In Tech Noir, The Terminator fires his Uzi at Reese who leaps behind the bar. In the next shot, The Terminator very briefly has the .45 Longslide he dropped earlier, the shot cuts back to Reese. It then returns to the Terminator who has the Uzi again. (00:35:55)

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Careful frame-by-frame review of the scene, cannot see the Longslide anywhere. In the 6-frame (1/4-second) shot you speak of, he is holding the Uzi - in real time, it does look a little like a handgun, but it is the Uzi.


Corrected entry: When the Terminator murders Ginger, it is supposed to be night time, but sunlight is reflecting off the apartment walls. (00:31:45)

Correction: It's not sunlight; it's the street lamps outside. Many apartment buildings have strong lights outside for security and are designed so the bedrooms don't get much light but other rooms do.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Arnold is going to drive the truck, his eyes point in different directions. However, when he gets up as a cyborg while the truck is burning up (and in rest of the film), he can move both eyes in the same direction. (01:27:25 - 01:31:05)

Correction: "Can" and "must" are two different things. He's a cyborg, why shouldn't he be capable of moving his eyes independently of one another?

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Early in the film, when Kyle first arrives in 1984, he steals a homeless man's pants and cops chase after him for it. It is very unlikely that police would chase after a man with that kind of intensity simply for taking a homeless man's pants. The cops would have bigger priorities than that.


Correction: The cops are chasing Reese before they encounter the homeless (and pantless) man. Maybe to question him about the immense lightning and wanton destruction that had gone on in the alley just moments prior?


Corrected entry: Sarah Connor's time card at the restaurant gives her last name as Sarah ConnEr, with an E.

Correction: And my work has my name spelled wrong too after 18 months. It happens.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, how does Sarah know which button (she skips the first two, by feel no less) will crush the terminator? She works at a restaurant, not the automated factory. Not to mention knowing that the controls for the machine are located behind her.

Correction: When Sarah and Kyle are running from the terminator minutes earlier, they climb through the press, and Sarah accidentally activates it. So when the terminator needs crushing, Sarah knows just what to press.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie after Kyle hot wires the car, when he follows Sarah out of the car park, he starts the car up again. There is no easy way to stop the engine after hot wiring. If he did stop the engine, he would have had to re-hot wire the car when he follows her.

Correction: Absolutely not correct. All Kyle had to do was split apart the wires he'd just joined and the car would stop, similarly if he hadn't twisted them together properly, they'd quite easily unravel themselves.


Corrected entry: Pay close attention to the scene at the TechNoir club. Right as Reese sees what is about to go down when the Terminator approaches Sara with his gun, Reese pulls his shotgun. At this exact moment, Reese turns and cocks his shotgun and a club patron (movie extra with a pink-ish shirt) walks right in front of Reese and looks at him nonchalantly as Reese cocks the gun, as if nothing is out of the ordinary, and continues on walking. This seems odd, most people would have been shocked or jumpy if they suddenly saw somebody pull out, then cock, a shotgun.

Correction: Not if that person was drunk and/or on drugs.

Corrected entry: In the first flashback scene, Reese is walking through the tunnels, it shows a mother and daughter watching TV made of a fire. But the housing is plastic and shows no signs of melting.

Correction: Well, since what you see on screen is a real TV casing with a real fire in, this is obviously possible. As for a more precise explanation, we do not know how long the fire has been burning. If they just lit it, the plastic would not yet have reached its melting point.


Corrected entry: When the Terminator is flipping through Sarah's address book he has two flies on his face. When the janitor asks him the question and he moves his head they're still there. When he moves back after responding, after jerking his head to look back at the book they're still there. In reality they would have flown away.

Correction: Not necessarily. I've seen flies stay put when I would have thought they'd have flown away.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: As the Terminator Breaks into the little room where he fixes his arm and eye, he sits down and cuts a piece of his arm off. After he does so, he moves his finger back and forth. You can see that it is made of rubber and that his arm is in his jacket. You can even hear it bend like rubber the same time it makes the mechanical sound.

Correction: Duplicate entry.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: As the Terminator breaks into the little room where he fixes his arm and eye, he sits down and cuts a piece of his arm off. After he does so, he moves his finger back and forth. You can see that it is made of rubber and that his arm is in his jacket. You can even hear it bend like rubber the same time it makes the mechanical sound.

Correction: Already listed.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Terminator comes through at the start of the film, it has longish hair, but when it is removing its eye, its hair is shorter and spiked. When would it have gone for a haircut?

Correction: The Terminator's hair was singed off when it jumped through the fire onto the hood of the car.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Traxler locks Sarah Connor in the office, there are 2 door. He locks both. Reese comes to look for Sarah, and breaks the glass on one door, he does NOT do the same on the other door, however he is able to simply open it, despite Traxler locking it previously.

Correction: Many doors are constructed so that the doorknob, once locked, may be turned from one side but not the other.

Corrected entry: When the Terminator is shot with pistols in the Police Station, his body reacts to the shots, but when Traxler and his buddy are shooting him in the back with M16's, he doesn't react.

Correction: He wouldn't necessarily react to a round from an M16 or 9mm, but a round from a 44 magnum or even .45 would knock him slightly.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Arnold Schwarzenegger originally was offered the part of Reese, something Cameron thought an extremely bad idea. He went to meet with Arnold "to pick a fight with him" to see if he could somehow get him out of the film, but discovered during the meeting that he thought Arnold would be an excellent Terminator. He was therefore delighted when Arnold's agent called him later and said that Arnold really REALLY wanted to play the part of Terminator instead.

Phil C.

Correction: Not entirely the case. Arnold was the one who suggested he play The Terminator after reading the script and relating more with it. It was he who suggested it, just as Cameron was about to tell Arnold he doesn't want him as Reese, which Cameron responded by saying "That's actually a good idea".

Corrected entry: When the Terminator starts shooting up the Police station, Traxler goes into the room where Sarah Connor is and locks both doors, yet when Kyle Reese comes in later, he is able to open the other door in the room without a key.

Correction: He breaks the glass and unlocks the door from inside.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: It is mentioned in the extra commentary that a production error caused the Endoskeleton to be made of STEEL - extremely heavy - causing Special effects shots to require multiple puppeteers. This is partly the reason why the Endoskeleton moves so slowly while the T800+organic skin moves so quickly.

Correction: Movie mistakes are about on-screen errors, not foul-ups in prop fabrication. While this did happen, hence the citation in the commentary, it cannot be said to count as a movie mistake. Even the disparity in movement speed between the flesh-covered cyborg and the exposed endoskeleton is adequately explained within the film as being due to damage sustained, so that cannot really be considered error-worthy either. I suggest that you resubmit as trivia.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During the motel love scene, it constantly shows clips of Sarah and Kyle holding hands, yet in all the other shots you can see that they aren't.

Correction: This is a composite of clips, also known as a montage, where only bits and pieces are shown to mark the passing of time. No continuity mistakes are made because they are shown at different times of their entire love-making session. Each clip represents more time that has passed, as they obviously made love for more than 30 seconds, and showing the whole event is something not done in movies.


Corrected entry: When Kyle and Sarah have changed cars and the Terminator is chasing them, before they exit the car park their headlights are off, then when they exit the car park they are on again, and then in the next shot the are off.

Correction: Already posted and corrected.

Corrected entry: The photograph taken by the boy at the end of the film doesn't match what Sarah Conner was doing. When the boy took the photograph, she was caught unawares and wasn't looking directly at the camera, yet the picture shows her staring toward where the camera would have been.

Correction: False. She begins to glance at him as he raises the camera towards her, but he does not actually take the picture until she is looking directly at him.


Corrected entry: At the end when Sarah Conner is talking into the microphone, recording something for her future son, the boy takes a photograph of her a split second after her last word, yet the microphone isn't pictured in the photograph.

Correction: He takes the picture as she is lowering the recording device away from her face. Since the photo is of her from the upper waist and up, the microphone should not, and does not, appear in the picture.


Corrected entry: When Kyle and Sarah have changed cars and the Terminator is chasing them, they exit the car park with their headlights on, but in the next shot and the rest of the chase they are off.

Correction: Since headlights have an "off" switch, and they remain OFF for the remainder of the scene, there is no continuity mistake made. Only if they were alternating between OFF and ON between the scenes would this be counted as a mistake. He quite simply turned them off.


Corrected entry: When the Terminator first sees Kyle in the Blue Cadillac, he fires some shots at the car, one making a neat hole in the bootlid. This wouldn't be possible with the shotgun he was using as he simply wasn't close enough to create a hole that small and neat, it would more likely pepper the rear of the car as the shot spread.

Correction: It depends on the ammunition in the shotgun, if it was a solid bore round it would only make one hole, not all shot gun rounds are spread shots.

Corrected entry: When the Terminator is chasing Sarah Conner in the semi truck, the Terminator rams a blue AMC Gremlin car. If you slow the shots down, you can see that the car is already badly damaged from the view the Terminator has before the truck hits it. Yet in the actual shot of the collision, the car is fine. Obviously there were some extra shots needed, but the car had already been hit for the shots that were supposed to precede its damage. (01:25:05)

Correction: If you need to slow the shot down, it doesn't count as a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Arnie is blasting everyone in the office of the police station, if you look at the shirt under his jacket, it changes from blue to black as he swings around

Correction: Not true. The office is very dark as the lights are out, especially at a couple of angles. His shirt is still blue, it just looks black.


Corrected entry: Reese's face is shaven/unshaven many times throughout the film. Compare his face where he falls asleep in the car to when Sarah is bandaging his wound. You'll see a BIG difference.

Correction: I see absolutely NO difference at all in the scenes you described, and I looked very closely. In both scenes he has roughly the same amount of noticeable growth all around his face.


Corrected entry: During the first night when the Terminator chases Sarah her shoes are yellow with green laces. The next morning her socks are yellow but the shoes are now white with green laces.

Correction: White shoes can appear yellow under street lighting.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the Terminator is being squished, you can see that its metal body is still shiny and clean, despite surviving 2 explosions and burning in the wreckage of a truck.

Correction: He's a machine from the future, made by other machines. Who knows what he could be made of, or what kind of coating his metal parts may have?


Corrected entry: After Traxler is shot by the Terminator, Vukovich finds him wounded, says "Ed," then jumps into the hallway and opens up on the Terminator, calling out "Hey." Lance Henriksen is just shaking the weapon in his hands; there is no muzzle flash and no spent shells eject. (00:59:55)


Correction: In fact, the gun Lance Henrikson fires does have a muzzle flash, and does eject spent cartridges. The lighting and angle of the shot just makes it difficult to see.

Corrected entry: When Sarah is hiding under the desk at the police station she has NO idea that its not Reese doing all the shooting with the police. As far as she knows he is crazy and out to get her like Dr. Soberman and the police just described. When he smashes the glass and calls out to her she runs into his arms. Talk about a trusting lady/foolish lady.


Correction: Reese has told Sarah that the Terminator is after her and that he's there to protect her. When the police station comes under attack, Sarah is probably pretty sure it's not Reese since he was in restraints the last she saw. Plus she knows the abuse the Terminator can take and dish out. When Reese escapes the handcuffs and finds Sarah, it is at this point that Sarah realizes that he is not crazy and that what he's told her it true.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: When Sarah is driving off into the storm at the end of the film, the scene is obviously shot on a blue-screen. Some of the storm appears to be real because you can see several clouds moving, but the rest of the clouds never move at all. Also, the mountains look incredibly fake. (01:43:25)

Correction: The scene was not shot on blue screen. The production did not use any CGI throughout the entire film, as the budget was severely limited. The image of the mountain was a matte painting.

Corrected entry: Arnold looks on the left page of the phone book to find Sarah Connor's name but when Sarah herself looks for her name she finds it on the right page.

Correction: 1/1/84 marked the end of AT&T (Ma Bell), and the start of the Baby Bells. Pacific Bell (now SBC) was the Baby Bell for LA. It's not uncommon for large cities to have more than one phonebook, one produced by PacBell (in this case) and another independently-produced book. One likely candidate is Verizon's Superpages (launched in '84), which is produced even in markets where Verizon Communications (the land line company) has no presence. Also, the phonebook in booths is usually (in my experience) produced by the administrator of the phone (not always the incumbent RBOC) or by someone contracted by them. Thus, given the possibility and plausibility of 2 phonebooks made by different companies, it's not unlikely that this "discrepancy" would take place.

Corrected entry: When Kyle is looking for Sarah in the phone book, it lists two Sarah Connors and a Sarah J. Connor. When the Terminator and Sarah look up the name, there is a Sarah Connor, a Sarah Anne Connor and a Sarah J. Connor.

Correction: I watched the scene where Kyle is looking through the phone book, and the names are correct: "Connor, Sarah", "Connor, Sarah Anne" and "Connor, Sarah J".

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminator, driving the police car, is chasing Sarah Connor and Reese in the Cadillac, just as Sarah yells "Reese." to warn him of the upcoming wall, Reese shoots the Terminator with a shotgun in the face. Just before striking the wall, the Terminator sticks his head out the side window to see the approaching wall and his face shows no damage at all. However, when next we see the Terminator, his left eye has been blown to bits and must be cut out (at the hotel).

Correction: Some damage is visible to his left cheek when he looks out - the rest of the damage was done when the car actually hit the wall.

Corrected entry: When the Terminator is approaching the tanker's cab, he is limping (why?) on his right leg. But when he loses his skin, he limps on his left leg.

Correction: I just looked at this bit of the movie and when Terminator approaches tanker's cab, it's limping left leg and later it still limps left leg.

Corrected entry: When the Terminator is chasing Kyle and Sarah through the alley after the club shooting, you get his view of the chase. If you pause the movie during this scene when the screen is red and there is information being displayed to the Terminator, you'll see that it in fact "Apple Computer" programming language.

Correction: It is not Apple Programming Language - it is part of the ROM Listing of an Apple II Computer - an old dog even at the time Terminator was released.

Corrected entry: In the second "future flash back" scene where Kyle battles the huge ground HK tank he tries to disable it by throwing a grenade at it. We see the grenade go under the HK's right wheel tread yet strangely in the next shot the left wheel tread explodes before the right one does.

Correction: Kyle's grenade falls under the right tread, which is also the side that explodes first (left side of the screen as we look at it.).

Corrected entry: When the Terminator "finishes off" Sara's girlfriend Ginger he stands over her and fires four or five rounds into her body. He shuts his eyes and flinches at every shot he fires. I would have thought the T would be a bit tough for this.

Correction: True, but seeing as the terminators are infiltrators who are designed to appear as human as possible, it wouldn't be too far fetched to assume that they would flinch at times when humans would, eg, when firing a weapon.

Corrected entry: Reese and the Terminator arrive in L.A. at 1:52 am on either Thursday May 12 (if the cop got the date right) or Friday May 13 (if the cop was still thinking it was Thursday night when he told Reese the date). When Sarah punches her time card at Big Boy, the date on the card is 5/19/84. It's pretty hard to believe Reese and the Terminator have just been hanging out for a week without doing anything yet.

Correction: The date '5/19/84' was the date that Sarah's pay period ended at work. It was not the date the film was set. Look next to the date on the slip to see this.

Corrected entry: When Sarah is at Technoir, the Terminator walks by, and she spills her Canada Dry. When the Terminator spots her the second time, a few seconds later, she's drinking a Pepsi.

Correction: Sarah isn't drinking anything. She sits down at a table that has several empty drink containers on it. She knocks the Canada Dry bottle to the floor, then picks it up and puts it back on the table next to the Pepsi container and the other drink containers.

Corrected entry: The Terminator runs his finger down the phone book to look up the Sarah Connors. Why would a cyber with enhanced vision need to do this?

Correction: The Terminators are designed to appear and, more importantly, act, as human as possible. It would look very suspicious if he were to just open the book and pick the names out without using some means of keeping his place on the page.

Corrected entry: Shortly after the cops discover that Sarah Connors are being killed, the press arrives at the police station. One of the reporters states that the women are being killed in the order they appear in the phone book. In the newsreport on the TV at the bar, the newscaster says the first victim was Sarah Ann Connor, and the second was Sarah Louise Connor. This is not consistent with the phone book, which lists, in order, Sarah Connor, Sarah Ann Connor and Sarah J Connor.

Correction: Wrong. The reporter says "2 hours ago, Sarah Ann Connor was pronounced dead at the scene... Sarah Louise Connor was killed earlier today..." So Sarah Louise Connor was killed first, which matches the order in the phonebook.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kyle is fighting the future battle and he jumps into the armored car, the "plasma weapon" on the back of the car is a US Army M2 .50 caliber machine gun. It's a great weapon that's been in use since 1940 and still does good work, but how would you modify it to shoot plasma bolts? And why not build an all-new plasma weapon? Military budgets must have really been cut back in the future.

Correction: We don't know how they would modify it, but the resistance also have plasma weapons, so presumably, it is possible to combine the two. They may not have had the equipment or materials to build an all new plasma weapon. They have to use what they've got. And, they don't have a military budget.

Corrected entry: When the Endoskeleton is blown up by a pipe bomb in the factory, if you play the scene in slow motion, you can see the chest plate going in one direction and the head going in another direction. Yet, in the next shot, the entire upper torso of the Endoskeleton is intact and chasing after Sarah. (01:35:31)

Correction: This is debatable. There is a piece that is similar in shape to the Terminator's head that bounces off a railing, but when the torso section falls to the ground moments later, the head still appears to be attached.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Sarah unnecessarily puts change into a payphone before dialling 911, typically a free call.

Correction: It's not unreasonable to believe that the stressed-out Sarah might have forgotten you don't need to insert change for this call. More a character mistake than a movie mistake.

Rooster of Doom

Corrected entry: In one shot when Sarah and Kyle try to escape the Terminator in a large vehicle, the front tires burnout upon acceleration. The car is a large early 1980's luxury sedan, and therefore obviously rear-wheel drive.

Correction: Wrong. The car is a Cadillac Eldorado - front wheel drive.

Corrected entry: In both Terminator movies when you look into the future you see piles of broken bricks and skulls. Only skulls. What happened to the rest of their bodies?

Correction: There are other bones, most of them underneath, and if you look carefully you can see them in many scenes. The skulls are just lying on top.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: Obviously James Cameron didn't have the budget to realize his full vision for this movie as he did in T2. The appearance of the time travelers is generally consistent with T2, except we don't see the actual bubble. With Reese, we see a hole in the lightning pattern, but no actual bubble. So we know Cameron was after an effect similar to T2. In T2, the time displacement dissolves surrounding matter, and causes a dimple in the ground. Same in T3. But when Arnold first appears in the first film, the ground remains completely flat. And it's pretty clear from the body position he materialized on the ground and didn't fall from the sky, as Reese did.

Correction: Reese says that after he was sent back, the machine was destroyed, so that no one else could come - 'just him and me'. Obviously another time-travel machine was built later, but it could have had subtle differences / improvements so that the method of arrival was altered slightly.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: The Terminator arrives through time at about 1am and only gets to a phone book to search for Sarah Connor at around midday. What has he been doing for the past 10 - 11 hours?

Correction: Reconnoitering the area, learning the layout of Los Angeles, and preparing for his assault, one can assume. Do you think that just because we don't see every move he makes, he must be twiddling his thumbs off in a corner somewhere?

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Kyle and his female consort take down the HK tank (2nd future war segment) there's something which confuses me: Kyle, being the intelligent soldier that he is, crouches and waits until the HK is looking the other way before throwing his grenade at it. The female soldier however remains standing in plain view of everyone and doesn't throw hers until the HK's head is looking directly at her (which of course results in her getting pulverised by laser fire). While she may not be as well trained a soldier as Kyle, common sense would dictate to anyone that attacking from a position where the enemy can both see you and hit you is just asking for it.

Correction: The novelization makes this clear. Ferro (the corporal who gets shot by the HK) slipped on the rubble as she armed her charge. She had to expose herself to the HK in order to get rid of the charge before it detonated in her hands.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: What's up with those pipe bombs Reese makes? They seem to make nothing more then a puff of smoke and a loud bang when he's throwing them on the highway, but they can blow a huge cyborg made of powerful metal into a dozen pieces? Not likely.

Correction: Be as it may, any non-shrapnel explosive works better when put into target, not on top or on the side of something.


Corrected entry: When Kyle escapes the department store he is not wearing a shirt, but in the next scene when he is following Sarah he is wearing a grey shirt and continues to wear it throughout the movie.

Correction: The scene where he's following Sarah actually takes place the next night. He had stolen a car by then, it's entirely possible he stole a shirt too.


Corrected entry: In all of the scenes leading up to when the Terminator crashes the police car into the wall, his hair is straight and parted on one side. After this crash in the remaining scenes, his hair is shorter and spiked. When did he have time to get a haircut, and why did he care about his physical appearance?

Correction: Part of his hair was burned off form the car Reese shot at in the Tech Noir alley. Look closely when he is about to punch through the windshield.

Corrected entry: After the car chase in which Kyle and Sarah are being chased by Arnold, Arnold's stolen cop car crashes into the parking lot wall. When the trailing police haul Sarah and Kyle away, Arnold is missing from the car he's just crashed. Kyle has clearly stated that the Terminator will absolutely not stop until Sarah is dead. Why would he flee the scene from a few cops - given his resilience - when he could have kept after Sarah and killed her right there? Was he "afraid" of doing it in front of the police? Was he concerned about getting away?

Correction: The terminator was injured in the crash as we see later when he repairs his arm and eye. He also has no way of knowing that the police don't have weapons that could damage him (he asks for a plasma rifle at the gun shop, implying he knows little of 1980s weapons).

Yet the Terminator apparently does possess a 1980s database, allowing him to instantly operate a variety of 1980s automobiles (including tractor-trailers), use telephone directories and telephones, and even select appropriate curse words of the day. He also, obviously, possesses a database of current 1980s road atlases (allowing him to track Sarah and Kyle by physical address). It would be inconceivable to equip the Terminator with all of this 1980s data and yet not equip him with full knowledge of available 1980s weaponry, given the purpose of his mission. Thus, the "plasma rifle" request at the gun shop was either a glitch in his programming or it was a plot-hole in the movie. Just as his fleeing the scene of the car wreck was a plot-hole. The Terminator had absolutely no fear of 1980s law enforcement, as is made apparent when he destroys police headquarters single-handedly.

Charles Austin Miller

New this month Correction: I disagree with why this is in the corrections as this assessment as earlier in the film, Sarah asks Kyle "Can you stop him?" And Reese replies "with these weapons, I'm sure." So, obviously, the weapons that are carried around couldn't have stopped the terminator. Plus the terminator wasn't worried about the weapons being used as we see later on it goes into the police station to kill Sarah Connor, so this proves it wouldn't have been worried about the weapons being used. Also, Kyle has said to Sarah, the terminator will stop at nothing to kill her, so why stop here?


I think the weaponry concern was less of an issue than him being injured. With a damaged arm and eye and facing reinforcements he opted to withdraw and repair himself before trying again. Not to mention that Reese doesn't say: "With these weapons, I'm sure." He specifically says, with a doubtful tone of voice: "With these weapons, I don't know."

Jon Sandys Premium member

Exactly. Not stopping for anything doesn't mean he isn't tactical.


Corrected entry: Paul Winfield's character is Ed Traxler. Lance Henriksen's character name is given only as Vukovich, but when he starts telling the story about the Afghan during Reese's interrogation, Traxler grunts "Ed, shut up." A coincidence that these two detectives who work together are both named Ed, or a mistake?


Correction: Out of the 6 billion people in the world. I'm sure there are two people with there names as Ed working together on any job. It does also sound like Traxler actually says: "Hey! Shut up."

Corrected entry: How can John Conner be born if he has to send the soldier back to protect Sarah, when the soldier then becomes John Connor's father. Its a paradox, an endless loop that can't get started. What came first the chicken or the egg?

Correction: It's entirely possible that someone else was the father in the original timeline, but Kyle became the father and modified the timeline.


Corrected entry: During the 1st few minutes of the film, the future shows a Flying HK travelling through the air, look closely at it and you can see it "clip" through a large piece of foreground.

Correction: This cannot be true for the simple reason that the HKs were done with small-scale models, not CGI.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: This applies to both films - If only things surrounded by organic tissue can make it through the time machine, why not put some nifty weapons in wads of cheese! That why you'll be prepared. Of course, this only makes me wonder if the computers did that with the T-1000 in the next film. How else did a liquid metal item make its way through the time portal?

Correction: He says "living" tissue, not organic. Of course, that still means if they were desperate enough they could presumably cut open some sort of animal and send it through with a gun inside it before it dies, but that's a bit grim.

Corrected entry: When Kyle first arrives in 1984 in the alley, the police immediately show up. Who called the police and why? To report a naked guy in a dark alley? And how did the cops get there so fast?

Correction: I always had the impression that the police just happen to pull up there while he's putting on the bum's pants.

Corrected entry: The terminator cuts open its arm to repair the finger cables. But when it is reduced to a skeleton, there are no cables.

Correction: There aren't cables - just sliding poles

Corrected entry: When Arnie is in the gun store he asks for a Plasma Rifle in the 40 watt range. Surely this must be an error in the Terminator's computer files. They know enough about the past to know roughly where and when Sarah Connor lives, that he can find a phone book in a public phone booth, how to drive a 1984 car, etc., but not that a plasma rifle wasn't invented until many years later?

Correction: The gun store owner didn't ask the T-800 to pick a weapon off the shelf, he asked if he would like another type of weapon. The T-800 complied with his request and requested the gun that he would like to have: a Plasma Rifle in the 40 watt range. The gun owner didn't specify the time period that the gun had to be from, so the T-800 was perfectly justified in requesting it.

Corrected entry: The Terminator has state of the art visual tracking. This is obvious for many reasons including when we get glimpses of how it sees things by heat analysis or infrared. Most notably it even has a little cross-hairs targeting system. Why then does he need to get a gun with a laser sight?

Correction: The Terminator doesn't fire through his eyes. The cross-hairs must be there for the purpose of adjusting his eyesight (maybe measuring the distance). Not aiming weapons.

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Kyle Reese: Listen! And understand. That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with! It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. EVER! Until you are dead!



When the Terminator breaks into the police station, he has an auto-shotgun in his left hand, and a machine gun in his right. Before he kills the power in the building, he comes to the end of a hall, points his shotgun through a doorway, and shoots. A machine gun sound is used for the blast, instead of a shotgun sound.



Arnold only has 16 lines.