The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training

The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977)

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New this month Factual error: After leaving California heading for Texas, the team is shown traveling on the road throughout the day, then we see them on the freeway driving into the sunset, then it's night as the team gets a hotel. If traveling east towards Texas as darkness is soon approaching, the sun would be behind them, not in front. They would be traveling west (not east).

New this month Continuity mistake: When at the hotel, as the television news reporter in the background is interviewing Ahmad, we hear Ahmad say "We worked hard all season" followed immediately by the lady who runs the hotel shouting really loud. However, when the team watches the news on TV and see themselves, Ahmad says "we worked hard all season" followed by another sentence or two but this time we don't hear the lady shouting.

New this month Plot hole: The game in Houston is only 4 innings. If it almost got called after 2 innings, it's obviously pressed for time. Although called safe for the win, if Kelly was called out at home plate at the end of the 4th, the game would have ended in a tie. No extra innings would be allowed for sure this time due to time factor, so how would a winning team be determined to play in Japan?

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New this month Suggested correction: This isn't a plot hole, it's a question. Asking "what would have happened if..." isn't a valid plot hole. The writers had no need to explain "what if" scenarios since they never would have occurred. However, to answer your question with plausible answers; 1) The Bears HAD to win in order to go to Japan and thus a tie would mean the Toros played Japan (like a champion retaining his title after a draw in a title fight). Or 2) They played a 2nd game at a later time.


Tanner Boyle: Jews, Spics, Niggers and a Wop that throws airballs.

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