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Continuity mistake: In the beginning the abbess takes the key beyond the door to retrieve the relic, but Fr Burke, S. Irene, and Frenchie retrieve it before they go through the door.

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Suggested correction: The bleeding abbess gave the key to the young nun, saying "Take it." right before she was pulled into the darkness. And when the nun jumped out of the window with the rope around her neck, the key is in her right hand.

Bunch Son

The relic is the blood which outside the "god ends here" door. But the nun goes into the door to get the relic. That's the mistake.

Continuity mistake: When Sister Irene's habit is ripped at the back, you can see a bra strap on her left shoulder which disappears when she is seen at the front and when the camera is closer to her back (when she has the pentagram carved into her).

Andy Benham Premium member

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Sister Oana: Whatever you do, don't stop praying.

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Trivia: You can see the word Valak spelled out on the licence plate of the truck that drives off with the luggage.

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Question: At the beginning, what was the old nun trying to do with the cross key in the dark room with the door that says "God ends here"?

Bunch Son

Answer: The nun was trying to find the relic. The deceased nuns had no actual idea where it was. That's the whole reason Irene was summoned by the Vatican because she had visions about "Mary pointing the way" also the "ghost nuns" more than likely have something to do with her clairvoyance as well.

Answer: Are you talking about before she opens the door? She's just making the sign of the cross, but using the same hand she's holding the key in.


I'm asking about what she was going to do in the dark room, what her plan was, what the cross key was for.

Bunch Son

It was to open the chamber that kept the vial of the blood of Christ so they could try to send Valak back to Hell.


The gateway to the relic was near the state of Mary, and it wasn't located inside the chamber seeing that Burke and Irene found the relic before crossing the passage leading to the chamber with the sign "God ends here." If there's someone who must have known where the relic was, it has to be the abbess. Then, why didn't she take it if she was going to?

Bunch Son

From everything I understood, the cross key opened the chamber that had the blood of Christ. The room with the sign "God ends here" was not the chamber I was speaking about. I was only addressing the question about what the key was for.


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