Ant-Man and the Wasp

Revealing mistake: When Scott is fighting Ghost, as Pym is planning to dive, Ghost throws Scott through a wall and you can see the braking cable around his/the stuntman's waist and across the floor. (01:16:48)

Scott Lang: Anyone seen a Southern gentleman carrying a building?

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Trivia: Paul Rudd actually learned the sleight-of-hand magic tricks he performs in the film - it's not special effects as one might assume.

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Question: A man said that after the two years of house arrest, Scott would have three years of probation. What does that probation involve?


Answer: Probation varies depending on the case, but it involves adhering to whatever conditions that is set by the court. In Scott's case it could include but not be limited to regularly reporting to a probation officer, not traveling out-of-state, avoiding certain areas, people, or activities, attending counseling or joining a support group and so on.

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