Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 (2018)

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14 years later, the Incredibles sequel brings back the amazing super-heroic family in an action-packed adventure that picks up right where the first film ended. "Supers" are still banned, and it seems up to Elastigirl to help restore their right to fight crime openly and regain the public's trust with the help of a pair of media-savvy wealthy siblings. Things quickly get complicated when a hypnotic high-tech villain called Screenslaver uses mind control to endanger the public and enslave super-beings to destructive ends, including the heroes. Can the good guys save the day before trust in heroes is lost forever?! What role will Jack-Jack's newly manifesting multiple powers play? Who's behind this dastardly plan to end superheroes and why? Watch the movie and see familiar faces and some new characters battle their way through to the answers using an array of abilities and working together! Once more, there's action but there's also a lot of heart in this fast-paced movie and Brad Bird's holding off on developing the movie seems to be a good call as the story is well written, the action intense, the CGI artwork stunning, and the whole thing lovingly crafted to be a memorable homage to the superhero genre. Welcome back, Incredibles! You were missed, but your return is spectacular.

Erik M.

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