Batman and Robin

Revealing mistake: When Batman places the heaters around the telescope to thaw the ice, the frozen floor moves like plastic when he places the second heater. (01:45:00)


Revealing mistake: When Mr. Freeze knocks out the two guards after being released from the fridge, one of the guards falls against the fridge causing it to wobble. A big heavy fridge like that should not wobble. (00:55:30)


Revealing mistake: When Robin is being pulled underwater by Ivy's plants he surfaces for air and gets pulled under again. It's obvious the film was just rewound. Then when he finaly gets free we see the shot that was rewound was the same shot used when he escapes. Really bad editing. (01:34:50 - 01:36:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Robin steps foot into Poison Ivy's lair she is laid out on her flower bed. If you look at the sleeves of her costume, the ends of the sleeves are fringed in a simple leaf like design. Robin spurns Poison Ivy's affections, and an enfuriated Ivy pushes him into the lily pad pool. She is then confronted by Batman, and a soon to arrive Batgirl. Now - look at the huge, obvious, black rubber "thorn" bracelets that suddenly appear on each of her wrists. (01:37:25)

Revealing mistake: When Freeze is freezing the town, the cop car that crashed into the store has flexible icicles on the driver side door. Also when the city is being defrosted, when the cop comes out of the car, the icicles are very wobbly. (01:38:15 - 01:48:15)

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Continuity mistake: At the observatory, when Bruce gives Dr. Isley's (Poison Ivy) proposal back. She grabs it with the printed part toward her, but in the next shot, she's holding the paper with the painted part facing away from her. (00:37:10)

Continuity mistake: When Poison Ivy is talking to herself when she is leaving the observatory, you can notice that the policemen she pushed away have vanished in the background.

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Other mistake: While fighting Mr. Freeze (and Bane) at the Gotham Observatory, Batman, Robin & Batgirl all have batsuits on, with silver bat (or robin) symbols on their chest. But while they are giving Alfred the cure to Stage 1 of McGregor's Syndrome, for some reason they have changed clothes before giving him the cure. Because now (other than the fact that they have all taken off their masks) Robin has on his original robin suit (with the red robin symbol across his chest) and Batgirl has on a gray t-shirt. (01:55:25 - 01:56:15)

Other mistake: When Mr. Freeze threatens to freeze all of Gotham City, he has a big snowglobe in his hand. He freezes the snowglobe, then shatters it in is hand. When he crushes it open with his hand, the inside of the snowglobe is empty. There is no water, frozen or unfrozen, that comes out of the snowglobe when it breaks. (01:23:50)

Factual error: Why is there a stellar observatory in the middle of a very large city, most of the stars would be drowned out by the city lights to the point of the observatory being useless. Also, the dome is very high up on top of a "building". Such buildings need to flex a little bit in the wind to keep them from breaking, this would make it impossible for the telescope to focus on anything for a timed exposure of film to make those neat pictures of galaxies and such. (00:35:20)

Revealing mistake: After Arnie freezes Robin, then freezes the doorway, then wipes his hand on the ice to wave goodbye to our hero, you can see that the clear spot is there before he wipes it with his hand. (00:13:50)

Continuity mistake: The first confrontation with Mr. Freeze and his henchman involves them skating around a large ice covered area. The henchman are not using ice skates, but rollerblades. In the same scene we see ice skating blades pop out of Batman and Robin's boots, but when we actually see them skating, they are on rollerblades as well. (00:06:45)

Continuity mistake: In Dr. Woodrue's lab, two thugs carry Antonio Diego over to an experiment table and chain him to it. The thug on Diego's left has a cowboy hat on. However, just as that thug is pulling Diego's mask over Diego's head a few shots later, the thug's cowboy hat is gone. This same thug also disappears from the aerial shots of the lab as Dr. Woodrue is exclaiming over his genius of turning Diego into Bane, a super soldier, with Venom. Later, when Bane breaks free of his restraints, the thug just shows up out of nowhere to try to hold Bane down. (00:16:00)

Plot hole: When Freeze freezes the furnace after his plummet from the sky, why doesn't the pool of water that Batman puts Robin in freeze as well?

Other mistake: Apparently, guessing Alfred's password also turns computer monitors into projectors. Before Barbara guesses the password, none of the light/information on the monitor reflects off her, but afterwards, she might as well be a projector screen.

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Freeze bends down to kiss his wife right before his accident, there is a tube of some sort behind her (in the distance), then as he kisses her the tube is gone. (00:20:15)

Other mistake: When Antonio Diego is being pumped up with Venom in Dr. Woodrue's lab, the tubes attached to the prisoner's head keep disappearing. It's in the shot where the camera pans from the foot of the exam table to Diego's (Bane's) right side. (00:16:50)

Continuity mistake: In the car on the way to the observatory, Pamela Eisley puts on a perfectly straight-haired and slightly red/pink colored wig. But when she is at the observatory, her wig is brown, has numerous fly-aways and has long bits on the sides. (00:32:50 - 00:34:40)

Revealing mistake: When Batman puts a frozen Robin in the water, you can easily tell it's a dummy/model of some sort. Obviously it's not Chris O'Donnell, but it hardly looks even remotely real. (00:14:00)

Continuity mistake: As Batman, Robin and Batgirl are heading to the Gotham Observatory to confront Mr. Freeze in their new Bat-Vehicles, a Frostbite piloting Mr. Freeze's Freezemobile meets them, crashing into two cars blocking the Freezemobile's way. The two cars the Freezemobile crashed into are gone in a later aerial shot of the Freezemobile having its freeze ray reflected back at it by Batman's shield.

Revealing mistake: In the opening heist at the Gotham Museum of Art, just after we see the large diamond soaring through the air and Batman incapacitating a goon, Robin skates over to a statue to remove its spear to use it as a vaulting pole. When he whacks the spear to remove it from its position, the icicles on the statue wobble, just like fake rubber icicles. (00:08:20)

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Freeze crashes the costume ball, and shortly after he yells "Get the gun", Batman totally missed his first kick against the skating goon. It's painfully obvious even without slow motion. (00:44:10)

Other mistake: The two scientists that are frozen in the observatory stay frozen for more than eleven minutes, but when Batman heats them they are in perfect state.

Other mistake: This one is hard to describe. At the start of the movie, when Freeze and his gang are robbing the museum, Freeze looses his gun and it flies up to land on some sort of higher surface. However, it looks REALLY fake when it lands, perching right on the edge, which would be impossible for such a large weapon to do if thrown at that speed and from that angle. (00:05:25)

Deliberate mistake: When Barbara Wilson/Batgirl first arrives she is standing on a ledge beside the front door when Robin answers the door. She then exclaims, "Oh. Uncle Alfred." However she could not possibly have seen him, not just because of her angle, but also the fact it is after that statement that he first comes into view. (00:34:10)


Visible crew/equipment: Just after Robin and Batgirl have dropped down to a ledge beneath the Gotham Observatory in the final fight scene, Bane appears behind them and grabs them by their necks. You can see the light reflected from the camera crews' lights on the icy wall on the right side. (01:43:05)

Continuity mistake: In the first shot that shows a high view of Mr. Freeze standing on the stairs, his ice gun is pointed up. But, when it shows him again, the gun is resting in his hands. The next shot shows him bringing the gun into his hands again. (00:03:50)

Revealing mistake: When the police attempt to arrest Mr. Freeze, he makes his escape with his freezing equipment on a cart. As he pushes the cart, the frozen icicles on it move as though they are made of plastic. (01:17:55)


Plot hole: Water is produced when you melt ice, right? So where is all the water when Batman, Robin and Batgirl thaw out Gotham City? No way everything got hot enough to vapourise the water without also destroying the city.

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Pamela Isley and Bane first arrive in Gotham City and are driving to the Gotham Observatory in their (stolen) red car, Dr. Isley is putting on a wig. When she grabs the wig out of the box and puts it on her head, you can see that she has black gloves on, but the gloves are missing when she is looking in the mirror and says to Bane "Gotham Observatory, Bane. And step on it." (00:34:05)

Other mistake: Watch carefully during Freeze's opening heist: two of his goons accidentally check each other and nearly fall down. This can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen in the overhead shot (one skates next to Freeze, another skates around an ice spike) just as the camera passes a column. And where's that spotlight that follows Freeze coming from?

Other mistake: When Batman and Robin are falling after Freeze after they have jumped out of the rocket, Batman lands on Freeze and the diamond slips out of his grasp. However, you can plainly see that Arnold Schwarzenegger simply throws the diamond behind him. (00:11:55)

Revealing mistake: In the beginning when the commissioner is talking to Batman in the batmobile, as the camera shakes, so does the image on the screen indicating a blue or green screened image. (00:03:15)

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Continuity mistake: Batman & Co arrive at Victor Fries' lair, and drive underneath it out of sight of the observatory on top, yet in the next scene, Victor is able to track Batman & Co's travel with the magnifying glass, which is impossible as they are already underneath he lair.

Continuity mistake: When Pamela Isley is reborn as Poison Ivy, she is covered in vines. One vine runs across her chest. After she kisses (and kills) Dr. Woodrue, the vine across her chest is gone. (00:23:45)

Audio problem: When Mr. Freeze talks about his plan to freeze the city, he yells out "It'll be winter forever here in Gotham," but if you watch, his mouth doesn't match his voice at all through the entire sentence.

Revealing mistake: When Poison Ivy and Bane take over the street gang's lair, they try to take down Bane by wrapping chains around his arms. As he throws them over his head, one of the thugs still attached to their chain causes Bane to move backwards slightly. Kind of unlikely considering how strong Bane is. (00:57:40)


Continuity mistake: In one of the scenes when Freeze is going to take the diamonds from Ivy's neck, you can clearly see that he has no make-up in his neck (and it isnĀ“t an effect of the lights, he has really no make-up). (00:45:00)

Revealing mistake: When Gotham City is frozen by Mr. Freeze, there is a shot of a telephone box. The icicles on the telephone box wobble as though they are made of plastic. (01:42:15)


Plot hole: When Robin and Batgirl are defrosting the mirrors on the telescope, don't you think that at least some of the beams would reflect back at them?

Deliberate mistake: When Mr. Freeze freezes Robin, the diamond in Robin's hand is not frozen along with him so that Mr. Freeze can steal it.

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Continuity mistake: When Poison Ivy first enters the Turkish Bath she is wearing a green top, tights and boots but as she is redecorating just after ejecting the gang members she now has brown tights and high heels. (00:59:10)

Plot hole: After Freeze blasts Robin with his cold ray he just picks the diamond out of his hand with no problem. Why didn't the diamond freeze along with Robin?

Plot hole: Batman shows Freeze the video of Ivy confessing to killing his wife. However, at the time Ivy confessed, Batman was being strangled by vines and would not have been able to record the video.

Continuity mistake: When Bat Girl and Poison Ivy are fighting by the lily pad pond nowhere can you see Robin who is still supposedly fighting the vines underneath it.

Revealing mistake: When Batman is snagged by Poison Ivy's vines and pulled up to the ceiling, you can see that the sides of his cape are attached to his thighs by black strings, to keep his cape from falling completely down over his head during the shot.

Revealing mistake: In one scene where our heroes are defrosting Gotham city using the sunlight, we see Commissioner Gordon stepping from his car which has been covered in flexible icicles.

Factual error: If everyone had been frozen for that length of time, their blood would crystallise, which would kill them. I imagine some of the buildings and anything made of glass might crack as well, but I don't really know about that.

Continuity mistake: When Bruce and Julie go to the party in the observatory and are swamped by people, in the overhead shot at the start of the scene we can see that Gossip Gerty is trying to get to Bruce and Julie and that there is a man between Gerty and Julie. However, in the next shot (a tighter shot of the couple and onlookers), Gerty is suddenly right next to Julie, in the place where the man had been, with no time for him to move.

Factual error: There are many instances in this movie where ice is doing things that ice doesn't do in the real world. Examples include Mr. Freeze freezing the pipes to make a hole in the wall, ice making things crumble all of a sudden, or something shattering easily just because a vehicle drives through something that is covered in ice.


Continuity mistake: In the last fight against Bane, Bane has got Robin and Batgirl by their throats against an icy wall. In a close-up of Batgirl, Batgirl's right hand is near Bane's spiked wrist guard. However, in the very next shot, her right hand is more near Bane's elbow.

Revealing mistake: When Batman is doing his little sliding stunt on the dinosaur exhibit when he and Freeze meet at the beginning, it's obvious that he has roller skates on. (00:05:10)

Deliberate mistake: At the beginning when Batman and Robin are facing Freeze, Robin arrives and crashes through the wall with his motorcycle and leaves a shape in the wall that a motorcycle could possibly make. But, the next shot after Batman looks where Robin is still flying and about to land on his motorcycle, there is a huge bat shape in the broken wall. Obviously done for campy effect, but still a mistake regardless.

Other mistake: During the end credits when the listing for the vehicles go by, it shows "BATMOBILE, FREEZEMOBILE REDBIRD, BATHAMMER, BATSKIFF, and BATCYCLE BY TFX." There should be a comma between Freezemobile and Redbird. (02:02:05)

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Deliberate mistake: During the opening battle scene, Mr. Freeze's gun gets stuck on top of a statue. Mr. Freeze then throws a chubby security guard up straight up into the air to knock his gun down. But it's completely wrong and defies the laws of physics. The security guard bumps the gun from the front, causing it to fall FORWARD and STRAIGHT DOWN, when in reality, the angle from which the guard smacked it in the front should have knocked the gun backwards even more. This reveals that the gun was just pulled down by a wire or was pushed forward from behind, as it completely defies the laws of physics and action/reaction.

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