Star Wars

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Corrected entry: When Han begins to run after the storm troopers saying, "get back to the ship!" to Luke and Leia, in next shot, Luke actually loads a live cartridge into his blaster, revealing that the "blasters" are actually blank-firing guns. To prove this, you can hear a click-click noise before he says, "come on."

Correction: He does not load anything into his blaster. Han shouts "get back to the ship." Luke lowers his hand, taking the blaster out of frame and you hear a metallic sound. This is likely a Foley sound added after filming to indicate that the blaster had been passed from Luke's left hand to his right.

Corrected entry: After Luke, Han and the others make it into the communications center on the Death Star, R2-D2 says he found the princess. Luke immediately says she's the one in the message, and have to rescue her. When Luke saw the holographic message on Tatooine, C-3PO only said she was a passenger of importance. Never does he say she's the princess.


Correction: True, but a lot of time has passed since - plenty of opportunity for C-3PO to give Luke more information.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the rebel pilots are attacking the Death Star, red leader was able to get a shot off at the thermal exhaust port. He reports the proton torpedo didn't go in. Rather, it impacted on the surface, evidenced by a massive explosion. but when Luke gets off his shot, there is no visible damage to the exhaust port.


Correction: There is an extreme closeup when Luke's torpedo enters the port. If Red Leader missed by a significant margin, we wouldn't see the damage.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Ben makes the noise to distract the two stormtroopers just before he walks off you can see him look to his right. But what was there to look at apart from other crew and equipment?

gandolfs dad

Correction: He was making sure that nobody was watching him.

Corrected entry: I'm not a specialist in audio equipment, but when the Jawas are transporting R2-D2, one of them has what I think is a microphone in his pocket.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Jawas are Junkers, meaning that he could be carrying just random junk.

Corrected entry: If the Death Star disposes of garbage by crushing it in those giant compactors why is the red-eyed tentacled monster that attacks Luke still alive in there? How does it avoid being smashed up into pulp along with the trash?

Correction: The dianoga (which is sort of like an octopus with an eye on a stalk) leaves the compactor prior to the walls closing. You can hear a door opening prior to the creature releasing Luke.

Corrected entry: In the bar on Tattooine (where Luke and Obi-Wan meet Han Solo), you see lots of aliens at the bar. Look carefully in the background of these shots, and you'll see a NASA astronaut in full space walk gear (helmet etc) walking across the back of the shot, complete with American flag on his arm. It's quite obvious once you know where to look.

Correction: There's no supporting evidence for this entry. I've watched the Cantina scene many times and no US astronaut is ever visible in the background. There are no stills from this scene on Google, Bing, or Ask that show the supposed astronaut.

Corrected entry: As demonstrated, the Death Star can destroy a planet instantly and yet it has to wait for the moon housing the Rebel base to move away from Yavin before it can be why not just destroy Yavin, then its moon?


Correction: Not all planets are the same. Yavin is a gas giant, orders of magnitude larger than a regular planet - as a real-life comparison, the gas giant Jupiter has a volume equal to more than a thousand Earths. While the Death Star has the power to destroy Alderaan, or the moon housing the Rebel Base, it simply doesn't have the power to blow up a gas giant.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When C3-P0 falls over after the Sand people attack Luke, his left arm is missing. They then pick up a right arm.

Correction: It is a left arm. The hand on the arm is clearly a left hand. The thumb is facing us. The angle of the arm is viewed from slightly underneath making it appear to be a right armed joint. It is an optical illusion. The hand clarifies which arm it is.

Corrected entry: When Ben gives Luke a helmet for his light sabre practice, Luke is struck by a laser bolt by the ball, to which Ben replies "Stretch out with your feelings". At this point you can see Harrison Ford turn away and start laughing before the scene ends.

Correction: At this point, Han has no belief in the Force, and Luke's exercises seem ridiculous to him. It's not out of character for him to have to turn away and laugh. Rude, but not out of character.


Corrected entry: When Luke is the climbing the ladder to his X-Wing fighter before the Battle of Yavin, an InCom Engineer asks him if he needs another Artoo unit. This engineer is Shane Rimmer, best known for the voice of Scott Tracy in the Gerry Anderson series "Thunderbirds".

Correction: This isn't really trivia pertaining to Star Wars. The role is in his filmography. It's not really even that interesting.


Corrected entry: The soldiers inside the blockade runner hear the ship docking with the star destroyer before the two ships even come in contact.

Ed Y

Correction: What they're hearing is the effect of the tractor beam that the Star Destroyer's using to pull the blockade runner into its docking bay. Parts of the ship are flexing under the strain.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In addition to the stormtrooper famously banging his head on the door, if you look behind the stormtroopers you can also see a crewmember quickly moving out of shot just as the door moves up.

Jack Vaughan

Correction: There is someone moving in the background, but after slowing and even pausing the video I can't tell who it is. It almost looks like a 3PO style droid walking past. Remember, the Death Star is a busy place.


Corrected entry: As Han jumps through the blast door, he fires his gun one last time as seen by a puff of white smoke but there is no laser blast from it.

Correction: Han uses an old blaster. It simply misfired. Not a mistake.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the Garindan, aka "Long Snout," directs the Stormtroopers toward the launch bay for the Millennium Falcon, he whacks himself in the nose as he points. Not only does this reveal the bogus rubbery nose, but it's also likely that a creature that spent his entire life with that nose would have learned by now not to hit himself there.

Correction: This is a ridiculous stretch just to create a mistake. We have no idea what the skeletal structure (if any) of the creature's "nose" may be. It could be like human ears, which also seem rubbery when you touch them. And humans' whole life experiences haven't prevented them from accidentally hitting themselves in the face, biting their own tongues or tripping over their own feet all the time.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Widescreen version: When R2-D2 and C-3PO are hiding from the stormtroopers in Mos Eisley, as they close the door, there's a control panel to the right of the door. In the next shot, the panel is gone. Some shots later, the panel is back.

Correction: The screenshot that was online for this highlighted what looked like a different wall as being the one without the panel - if anyone's got a screenshot definitely showing the same wall, please get in touch.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the rebels are in the briefing room for the attack on the Death Star, the guy explaining the attack says that they will need Proton Torpedos because the exhaust port is ray shielded. When Luke finally gets the torpedos in, there are not any ray shields.

01:40:35 - 01:57:00

Correction: Just because they're not visible, it doesn't mean that they're not there. You'll note, if you pay attention, that shields in the Star Wars universe are invisible unless they're actually being fired upon, in which case their presence can be detected by the reaction of the laser blasts. Proton torpedoes just go straight through with being affected.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Luke, Han and Chewbacca enter the detention block, the officer at the control panel stops working and turns toward them. He repeats that in the following shot.


Dr Wilson

Correction: In the first shot, he only turns his head. In the second shot, he turns the rest of his body.

Corrected entry: When Leia is hiding on the ship, 3 troopers come up, when she shoots one there are 4 of them and when she is stunned the dead trooper is gone.

Correction: Look very closely and you will see the 4th Stormtrooper.

Corrected entry: When the empire is invading Princess Leia's starship C-3PO says, "The princess is in danger!" But later in the movie when R2-D2 shows his projection video he doesn't know who she is.

Correction: C-3PO isn't stupid. Yes, he knows exactly who it is, but he doesn't know, having only just met him, that Luke can be trusted with that information.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Luke, Ben, and the droids first enter the cantina and Wuher the bartender yells, "Hey. We don't serve their kind here." his voice does not match his lips. (His voice was dubbed by an American due to his thick cockney accent.).

Matty W

Correction: I don't see how somebodys voice can match their lips, this is not a mistakes as everything is in perfect sync.

Corrected entry: Denis Lawson's name is misspelled "Dennis" in the ending credits. The filmmakers later made the same mistake in "The Empire Strikes Back."

Correction: According to IMDb and Wikipedia Mr. Lawson has used both spelling of his name during his career, using Dennis in his early career which included the "Star Wars" movies. No mistake.


Corrected entry: When Han fires his blaster at the hatch of the trash compactor in an attempt to open it, the blast creates burn marks on the left side of the hatch. If you watch it in slow motion, the burn marks are there before the laserbolt hits the hatch. Then, when the laserbolt ricochets around the room, and in the rest of the scene, the burn marks disappear, reappear and change shape and position.

Correction: Per site guidelines mistakes that require stop or slow motion to view are not considered valid mistakes.


Corrected entry: Watch in slow-motion when Alderaan explodes: it looks as if it's an explosion superimposed over a planet image. There's also a strange thing moving on the upper left corner. It looks like a reflection of the explosion on something.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Per site guidelines mistakes that require stop or slow motion to view are not considered valid mistakes.


Corrected entry: If you look carefully during the prison escape you can see a few pieces of brass shell casings falling from the "blaster" rifles. Depending on how well your tape heads work in your VCR, you may be able to hit the pause/slow button and see the breach open on Han's gun as well, but if it hasn't been cleaned the sides of the guns are too blurred to see the bolt coming back.

Correction: Per site guidelines mistakes that require stop or slow motion to view are not considered valid mistakes.


Corrected entry: When the rebels are preparing to attack the Death Star, Luke is told that the exhaust port he must hit is only two meters wide. Meters? Isn't it a little odd that the world of "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" uses "our" metric system? Especially considering that its units were (originally) based on the circumference of the Earth?

Correction: You have a problem with that and you don't think it's a little odd that they're all speaking English? As with any film of this type, things have been translated into terms that the audience will be able to understand. Standard cinematic practice; not a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Princess Leia knows the Millennium Falcon was being tracked as it headed to the rebel base, but she still decides to deliver the stolen plans in person. Why didn't she just transmit them across space like when she first got them at the start of the film?

Correction: Since the Empire controls the HoloNet, the Rebels are unable to transmit information quickly over such large distances as Tatooine to Yavin, which is why Leia's ship had to be sent to intercept the Death Star specifications in the first place.

Sierra1 Premium member

Corrected entry: After darth vader kills Obi Wan Luke shouts "nooo!" and the stormtroopers start shooting them. During the shooting the trooper on the 2nd left is shot down, then in the next shot it is the same trooper and he's dying again.

Correction: He isn't dying again; it's one continuous action from two different perspectives. He's shot in the chest in a medium shot then begins to fall. He continues to fall in the next shot (a long shot of the same set of troopers), eventually falling down the shaft.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Luke (disguised as a stormtrooper) goes in the room (where Ben goes away), right when Luke closes the door, (for the first time) if you see Frame-by-frame, the door shakes left and right as it comes down. (it could be spotted through normal time, too.).

Douglas Leathem

Correction: This isn't a mistake. One could argue that the door just needs some lubricant, but even without an explanation I don't see how this could be considered an error on the part of the film makers.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In th beginning when R2 projects the hologram of Leia, When she says "You're my only hope", she is standing up. In the next shot she says it again, but is bent over.

Correction: When we initially see the recording, we're seeing a malfunctioning repeat of one piece of the message where the audio and video don't match. Later, we see the message as it was recorded, without the malfunction.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: The actors' hair gets combed in the trash compactor.

Correction: Too vague. Which actor? At what point during the scene?

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: The original title for Episode VI "Return of the Jedi" was "Revenge of the Jedi." Mr. George Lucas changed it because he found that this adjective was contradictory to the Jedi way. (Older film posters can be found bearing this title.)

Correction: This is not trivia for this film.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Luke announces to Princess Leia that he has come to rescue her and tells her that he is here with 'Ben Kenobi', Leia also says 'Ben'. But since Kenobi had been widely known as Obi-Wan and the name Ben was a semi-alias he had adopted for his exile on Tatooine, how comes that she would call him 'Ben'? (In the novelization of the original story she bursts out of the cell calling for Obi-Wan, not Ben.).

Correction: Her mission was to find and contact Obi-Wan Kenobi. She knew what planet he was living on, it stands to reason she would also have known the name he was living under.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Luke and Ben first see R2D2 and C3po, Ben says he doesn't remember owning or know the droids, but we know he knows them from episodes 1 - 3.

Correction: Obi-Wan never says he doesn't know the droids. Just that he never owned them. R2-D2 claimed to have been owned by Obi-Wan, Luke passed the comment along to him, and Obi-Wan denied it. It's not a mistake. Even if Obi-Wan were lying, it'd still just be a character decision.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Special Edition mistake. For the SE release George Lucas added a deleted scene with Jaba the Hut and some bounty hunters looking for Han Solo and Chewbacca at the Millennium Falcon. Since Boba Fet had become such a popular character, he added him in too. The problem is the in the Star Wars Holiday Special (which aired November of 1978) Chewbacca meets Boba Fet for the first time with Luke Skywalker. Now it is true that George Lucas said that if he had the time and a sledge hammer he would smash ever copy of the Holiday Special, BUT it is still a part of the Star Wars Universe, and therefore still canonical.

Correction: Since only the movies are canon and The Holiday special aired on TV, any discrepancies are invalid.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: When Darth Vader and Obi-Wan are duelling, in the shot before Vader says, "Your powers are weak, old man", if you play it in slow motion, you can see that the sides of Obi-Wan's lightsabre stop lighting up for a moment. Only the top is lit.

Correction: The requirement to use slow motion invalidates this posting.

Corrected entry: You'll have to use frame by frame on this one, and jog it back and forth to see it. When Luke and Han are first arguing about whether or not the Force exists, Luke turns off his light saber. In the frame just before he turns off his light saber, his hands are in very different positions from the frame after he turns it off. Also, an item on the table to his right disappears, and the little sphere that's been firing at him rotates ever so slightly.


Correction: The requirement to use freeze frame and 'jogging back and forth' invalidates this mistake.

Corrected entry: When C-3PO says he speaks a cousin language to "Bacche", the uncle says "close enough". There is an expression, "Close only counts in Bocce". Bocce is Italian lawn bowling where you try to get a ball as close as possible to another.

Correction: That's not at all how the conversation goes. Lars asks if 3PO speaks Bocce, to which 3PO replies "It's like a second language to me". Lars then asks him to shut up and turns to the Jawa to finish the deal. At no point does anyone use the words "close enough".


Corrected entry: Original theatrical version: After Han, Luke and Leia get out the giant trash compactor, at the bit where they are overlooking the Falcon from the bay, Han says "There she is" and a second after, Chewbacca runs by him and becomes transparent.

Correction: He does not become transparent. It's a glare from lights off to the side of the shot. If you watch a little further, the shot changes to the droids, then the ship, then back to the main group. When Leia says "You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought," you can see the same glare pattern on the back wall, next to Chewie.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: When Luke has rescued Leia on the Death Star and stormtroopers have prevented them from going back out the way they came, Han says that there is no other way out when there is an exit on the other end of the corridor.


Correction: He means there is no "safe" way out now that their planned exit is blocked, as he realizes more stormtroopers are likely not far from catching up with them. It's a "Death Star" the size of a small moon. He obviously isn't implying that on the whole station, that was the "only" exit point.


Corrected entry: When Luke and the 'droids are in Obi-Wan's, C-3PO says he's going to shut down. In one shot he is slightly bent, but in another noticeably straighter backed.


Correction: Already listed. See mistake 64262.


Corrected entry: Considering how expensive the Death Star was you would think that they would be able to afford decent chairs, during the first scene at the big table the back of Tarkin's chair wobbles like hell, especially when he first walks in and sits down.


Correction: Not understanding something or giving your opinion of what you think should be done does not make it a mistake. There are several reasons that the chairs could wobble, including the fact that an object as large as the Death Star might be prone to being hit by space debris (meteors, etc.) and the chairs need to move a little in response.


Corrected entry: In the lightsaber duel scene, Vader's lightsaber changes from shot to shot from red to pink.

Correction: Red to pink is mostly in the mind. The graphics people used the same overlay each time for Vader's light saber.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: The number and configuration of cockpit windows on the Imperial TIE fighters changes depending on whether the shot of the fighter is interior or exterior.

Correction: Duplicate entry.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the sequence in which R2-D2 projects the hologram of Leia to Luke, 3PO is holding a rag. In the next shot he isn't holding it, then, when he says "I'm sorry, sir, but he appears to have picked up a slight flutter," he's holding it again, and in the final shot, the rag is gone.

Correction: Duplicate entry.


Corrected entry: Just before Leia and Luke swing across the chasm in the Death Star (and at other times), the "blasters" they are shooting are seen to eject shell casings. This is because the guns used in the movie are just dressed-up blank-firing prop guns.

Correction: Duplicate mistake.


Corrected entry: In the battle between Darth Vader and Ben, just before the scene switches to Han and Chewbacca, you can see that in the last three hits, Ben's lightsaber has no colour, and it looks like it starting to die out.

Correction: Duplicate mistake.


Corrected entry: When Obi Wan is struck down we see Vader strike through his neck then Obi Wan's body disappears. But his cloak is still totally intact. Surely the saber would have cut through it?

gandolfs dad

Correction: When the robe falls on the floor, it's all crumpled up. Perhaps there WAS damage, but we just didn't see it from this one angle.

Corrected entry: Han Solo uses the word "parsec" as if it would be a temporal unit, like "second", but "parsec" describes distances.

Correction: Kessel is surrounded by a maze of black holes and other astronomical hazards. The challenge for smugglers is to fly fast enough and precisely enough to bypass as many of these obstacles as possible without being destroyed, thus saving time. Han's bragging that he found an extremely short route and that the Falcon was fast enough to get through unscathed.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Uncle Owen is speaking to C-3PO about whether or not he can talk to the machinery on the farm (I think they were called evaporators) there is an interesting nod to the first films. C-3PO replies that his first job was working with machines quite similar to Owens. Indeed it was, in fact they were probably identical given Owen was his first employer also. Nice little touch with about twenty years of foresight from George Lucas.

Correction: C-3PO tells Owen his first job was programming "binary load-lifters, very similar to vaporators in most respects". This is not a reference to any of the prequels. He has never worked with vaporators (as far as he knows). C-3PO is trying to get Owen to buy him, and he's embellishing.

Corrected entry: In A New Hope, hologram Leia says that Obi-Wan fought with her father (Bail Organa) 30 years ago, when in reality it was 20 years earlier.

Correction: All that's said in the hologram message is "Years ago". No precise timeframe is ever stated.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Vader swings to kill Obi-Wan during the duel, obviously Obi-Wan has disappeared. However, shouldn't the robe that he left behind have sustained some damage from Vader's lightsaber going directly through it?


Correction: When the robe falls on the floor, it's all crumpled up. Perhaps there WAS damage, but we just didn't see it from this one angle.


Corrected entry: After Han Solo and everybody else gets out of the Death Star a few TIE fighters go after them. During the battle between the ships if you look really closely when one of the TIE fighters swoops down you can see a green box around the ship.

Correction: If you properly adjust your television's brightness and contrast settings to those recommended on the DVD's optimizer, you won't have that problem. Not a movie error, but a user error.


Corrected entry: Right at the end of the film, after Leia has given Luke and Han their medals, they all turn to face the audience. A man appears behind Leia for one shot then disappears.

Correction: Actually, no. He earlier handed the medals to the white-haired man who passed them to Leia. He is visible when stated only because the camera is level to Leia's face and we see him behind her, but the prior and later shots are from much lower angles, so his face is hidden behind her, yet his legs are still visible. No error here.

Corrected entry: When Luke's uncle is next to the jawa transport telling Luke he can't go to Toshi's station with his mates, look in the background and you can see a line going through the background board and you can see a line on the floor where the board stands.

gandolfs dad

Correction: There is no 'background board'. This scene was shot outdoors in a real desert. The vertical line is the tall antenna of one of the rearmost robots, and the horizontal line is a rut in the dry desert floor. In my screen-shot, note the antenna ends below the transporter's overhang, and doesn't pass behind it as a 'background' would. No mistake here.

Corrected entry: When Luke walks over to the Jawa sandcrawler, the distance between the black hemisphere droid and the two astromech droids (R2-D2 and the droid with a bad motivator) changes between shots twice.


Correction: Again, these are no mistakes but optical illusions caused by changes in camera angles and changes in the placements of cameras (in distance) not the placement of the droids or other characters.


Corrected entry: When C-3PO lowers himself into the oil tub, Luke says, "It just isn't fair.", but his lips don't move.


Correction: His lips absolutely move without question. If you run the scene on slow motion or frame by frame you can see that Luke's mouth opens and closes, especially clear right before he turns and walks towards C3PO.


Corrected entry: When Luke and his uncle are buying the droids from the Jawas, the uncle is relatively clean shaven. Later at dinner, he is suddenly sporting a very noticeable beard and mustache.

Correction: Totally incorrect. He may appear more clean shaven in the harsh light of the sun, but if you take careful note in close-ups, for example, when he tells C3PO that he needs a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators he is sporting the same beard and mustache that he has at dinner.


Corrected entry: After Owen buys C-3PO from the Jawas, Luke says, "All Right. Come on," and R2-D2 turns his head/dome. In the next shot, he repeats this movement.


Correction: This is not true, it is a continuation of the same movement from a different camera angle.


Corrected entry: When Owen talks to Beru in the morning, she says, "I think so.", but her lips hardly move.


Correction: Actually, when one says the words "I think so" it is unnecessary for the lips to "hardly move" at all.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene when Luke and Leia are going to swing across the chasm, Luke looks down at his belt for the grappling hook, and pulls the line out. Over the next 3-4 scenes, Luke starts pulling the line out at different times. This is in both the standard and special edition releases.

Correction: Luke is not starting to pull out the grappling line each time, he is pulling out several loops of line.

Corrected entry: Why does C-3PO, upon 'returning' to Tatooine, not recognize the place of his creation, or the Lars family moisture farm, where he HAD briefly visited in the first movie.

Correction: At the end of Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, Senator Bail Organa orders Captain Antilles to, "Have the protocol droid's memory erased.", referring to C-3PO. That's why many years later in Episode IV, A New Hope, C-3PO has no recollection of his surroundings or anyone he knew at that time.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Luke and C-3PO are searching for R2-D2 in the morning, as Luke says, "Lookit, there's a droid on the scanner. Dead ahead. It might be our little R2 unit. Hit the accelerator.", Threepio is gesturing as if he's answering him, but nothing is heard.


Correction: C-3PO could have just been pointing and nodding, requiring no speech at all.

Mark English

Corrected entry: In the first few scenes where we see C3PO and R2D2 on the rebel blockade runner in the beginning of the movie, C3PO says "There'll be no escape for the Princess this time." implying he is familiar with the princess. However, on Tatooine when R2D2 is playing back Princess Leia's hologram for Luke and Luke asks who she is, C3PO replies, "I'm afraid I'm not quite sure, sir. I think she was a passenger on our last voyage. A person of some importance, sir - I believe."

Correction: Even C-3PO, in his always talking ways, knew not to mention the Princess and her connection to the rebellion to strangers. He did not know Luke very well yet and he was trying to keep the identity of the Princess a secret from him. Later as he learns to trust Luke and meets Obi-Wan "again" for the first time, he reveals his relationship with the Princess.

Mark English

Corrected entry: Jek Porkinsin Red 6 is the first pilot killed during the Battle of Yavin, however when Luke gets chased by a Tie fighter, a voice over the radio says "Red 6 do you see Red 5?" To add further insult to injury a voice answers.

Correction: This has already been corrected. The person who asks if Red 6 is there probably doesn't realize Porkins has been shot down, and someone else probably responded without thinking.

Corrected entry: While they are escaping from the detention block, Leia says something like "Into the garbage chute, flyboy," but Han is still wearing the stormtrooper uniform, so there's no way that she could have known he was a pilot.

Dr Wilson

Correction: She could have also been using "Flyboy" sarcastically in the sense that Han was attempting to rescue her without a good plan (on the fly, so to speak).

Corrected entry: When the Death star blows up, it surprisingly has no debris, even though two proton torpedoes went down the exhaust port, there still should have been at least a little debris, the blast wouldn't have completely atomised the whole Death star.

Correction: We don't know the physics of the explosion created by a photon torpedo detonating in the main reactor of a Death Star. Perhaps it's an anti-matter/matter conversion, and it creates a fireball of pure energy which vaporises any solid matter instantly. Bottom line, neither proton torpedoes nor Death Stars exist, so the fictional explosion looks like what the film director wants it to look like.

Corrected entry: In the cantina with Luke getting hassled by thugs, Obi Wan swipes his lightsabre horizontally but the bad guy's arm is cut off at an angle that could only have happened with a vertical chop.

Correction: This has been corrected before. He kills the human with the horizontal cut and then cuts off the Walrus-looking guy's arm with an upward cut, making an L-shaped motion with his lightsaber.

Corrected entry: If the Death Star did take 18-20 years to build, then it would impossible for them to finish the second Death Star, as there wasn't 18-20 years in between episodes V and VI.

Correction: Well, as is pretty obvious by watching the film, the second Death Star isn't even close to being finished. Standard building practice is to complete the basic structure, then fit out the interior, which generally takes longer than the structure does. As can be seen, the basic structure's not complete, so the interior's going to be mostly a shell, other than the superlaser (installed as a priority) and the support structures that it needs. The second Death Star isn't even one quarter complete at the time of the Rebel attack. It's going to be quicker to build the second one, as construction techniques developed during the building of the original can be applied from the start, so it should be expected that it would take less time, even though the second Death Star's rather larger than the first one. Assuming that they started shortly after the destruction of the original (which isn't explicitly stated - they might have started earlier), it's entirely plausible that the Empire could have built the second Death Star up to the point seen in the film.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of Episode III, we see that the Death Star is in the early stages of construction. If Luke is around 18-20 years old, are we to believe that it took almost 20 years for the Empire to finish the Death Star?

Correction: Yes, we are to believe exactly that. It's a construction project on a scale unprecedented even with their technology levels. It can take us years to construct large buildings, so it's hardly unreasonable to think that, even with their advanced technology, it could take the Empire twenty years to build a space station that's 75 miles across and involved at least one previously untried technology (the planet-destroying superlaser) and the use of several others on a previously unheard of scale.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the recent Star Wars DVD Release & S.E., soon AFTER Han Solo kills Greedo in the Cantina, he has his CGI talk with Jabba in the Hangar. Greedo can be seen near the entrance to the Millenium Falcon at the end of the scene. Look for Chewbacca, and Greedo walks by.

Correction: It isn't Greedo; it's just another of Jabba's henchmen that happens to be the same species as Greedo. We see more of them in Return of the Jedi.


Corrected entry: When the Millennium Falcon escapes from the Death Star, Darth Vader only let it go so it would give away the location of the Rebel base. So why would Ties attack it? They're taking pretty big chunks out of the ship (It seems doubtful that Grand Moff Tarkin would want to risk blowing up the Falcon, given the extremes he has already gone to to find the base), and even if they were already out there, wouldn't someone try to contact them to allow the ship to pass?

Correction: The Imperials had to stage a mock attack in order to make the escape look more real. It would rouse all kinds of suspicion if the Falcon had just taken off from the landing bay and flown away without a single shot fired to stop them. A narrow escape would seem a lot more like "the real deal". Granted, Leia sees through the ploy anyway, but it had to be done this way from the Imperials' point of wiew.


Corrected entry: When Han Solo tells Luke "C'mon buddy, we're not out of this yet," as Han runs to the Millennium Falcon's gunturret after the Death Star escape, Luke gets up from the holographic chess table. When he pushes on the table to get up, the table moves.

Correction: This is not a mistake. Look at the rest of the ship, it is falling apart and it takes all of Han and Chewie's time just to keep it running. They are not going to waste time on a table. Besides, it is a TABLE, there is nothing to indicate that it even HAS to be bolted down.

Corrected entry: When Luke and Obi Wan are going to the Falcon after selling Luke's speeder, they walk past a few aliens and robots. If you look at the head of a white robot at the right of the screen you can see wires which are controlling it.

Correction: Actually, these aren't wires, they're just the aerials of that particular robot.

Corrected entry: When the four heroes are in the garbage compactor and Luke gets sucked under by the water creature there is only a foot to a foot and a half of water in there. Luke should have at least been able to stick his arm up for Han to grab. Even if he didn't Han should have been able to find Luke a lot quicker than he did.

Correction: The creature obviously has some sort of tunnel which it drags Luke down which is why they can't find him - he is no longer in the trash compacter. This is shown by how he says it let him go and disappeared. Just because he doesn't mention being pulled down a tunnel and having to swim back doesn't mean it didn't happen. Plus the creature must have somewhere to go or it would get crushed and killed when the walls close in.

Corrected entry: Special Edition DVD. When Luke gets pulled over by stormtroopers in Mos Eisley, ILM has added a small hovering droid behind one of the stormtroopers who is interrogating Luke. However, there is no way that droid could cast a shadow on a part of the wall facing the street, considering that the sun is shining behind the stormtrooper and right into Obi-Wan's face.


Correction: This planet has two suns, remember?

Corrected entry: In the scene of Mos Eisley, where we see a Jawa fall of the creature, look at the right corner of the screen and you will be able to see a silver car standing there. It's a Volkswagen.

Correction: There is no silver car in that shot or anything even resembling one. Besides the whole scene was a new one added to the special edition so most of it is cgi and none of it was done on location. So there isn’t even a remote chance that a car could sneak into the shot.


Corrected entry: In the control room in the Death Star, there's a rack with 4 guns but later, there are only 3.

Dr Wilson

Correction: There are 3 because Han takes one of them. When he first enters the control room he is carrying a standard imperial blaster rifle but when Han and Luke is taking Chewie down to the detention block Han is carrying a much larger weapon that looks like the ones on the rack.


Corrected entry: In Mos Eisley's streets, when a group of stormtroopers passes in front of the door where C3P0 and R2D2 are hidden, a flying droid passes through the shoulder of one of them.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Although it hovers right next to the stormtrooper's shoulder it never passes through it.


Corrected entry: Since Star Wars has nothing to do with Earth, and no earth animals are ever seen or mentioned, where does the name Millennium Falcon come from?

Correction: Actually many Earth animals are seen in "The Ewok Adventures" and ducks are seen in "The Phantom Menace." It's possible falcons exist somewhere in the "Star Wars" universe.

Corrected entry: When Luke is hassled in the Mos Eisley cantina, Obi-Wan comes to his aid and cuts off the alien thug's arm. Obi-Wan swings his lightsabre horizontally, but in the next shot of the injured alien, the cut is perfectly vertical.

Correction: Ben kills TWO thugs with a cross like motion. He kills one with a horizontal cut and takes off the other's arm with the up-sweep.

Corrected entry: When the Rebel star fighters are approaching the Death Star, there are a handful of X-Wing fighters and three Y-Wing fighters. During roll call, three members of Gold (Y-Wing) Squadron report in. In the ensuing battle three Y-Wings are shown exploding and three Y-Wing pilots are shown dying. When the Death Star explodes, shown escaping the explosion are the Millennium falcon, two X-Wings (Luke and Wedge), and one Y-Wing. Interestingly, Lucas upheld his "new math" when he remade the approach run digitally for the Special Edition.

Correction: The destruction of the Death Star would be a HUGE victory to the Rebel Alliance. They are almost certainly not going to send only a handful or two of fighters. In War films, we do not get a personal view of every single soldier - just the ones that are vital to the plot. That is the case here. Just because not every single Fighter has been shown, does not mean that there aren't other waves of Fighters approaching, if they haven't already approached.ADDITIONAL: Once the attack has begun, inside the Death Star we hear an Imperial officer say to Darth Vader "We count 30 ships, Lord Vader", so there are clearly more than what we initially see.

Corrected entry: R2-D2 has several small, blue colored sectors on his dome shaped head. But in shots of him riding an X-wing against a star-filled background the sectors are black. In those scenes the robot was filmed against a blue screen, and the blue areas had to be changed for SFX purposes.

Correction: Blue looks black under different lighting conditions. The starlight that would (presumably) be available in space causes a much different visual impact than the better lighting available inside space stations, hangars, and outdoors in the sun. Don't believe me? Go outside and look at a dark blue car at night.

Corrected entry: Alec Guinness wasn't the only actor considered for the role of Obi-Wan. George Lucas thought to give the role to Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune.

Correction: As a matter of fact, Alec Guinness did not even audition for the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi. George Lucas chose him, as a bankable name, and because he thought is was just so natural for Guinness. Read George Lucas' biography by Dana White on page 78 to see for yourself.

Corrected entry: When C3-PO is getting into the oil bath inside the garage and is talking to Luke, as Anthony Daniels had restricted vision from wearing C3-PO's helmet, you can see Luke walk across the room, and C3-PO doesn't see this and continues talking in the opposite direction to where Luke is.

Correction: C-3P0 has a habit of not looking at people when talking to them. This is by no means the only time, and is just one of his many peculiarities.

Corrected entry: This is only on the new DVD. When the 4 Tie Fighters are attacking the Millennium Falcon, there are shots of the Tie Fighters with a faded red box that surrounds them.

Correction: That's a generic DVD artefact problem caused by the video compression - it's only more pronounced in this scene because the background is a fairly solid black. It'll be most obvious on LCD screens.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: When Luke and C-3PO are searching for R2-D2, in the first shot of the landspeeder gliding through the desert, Threepeo is gesturing as if he was talking, but he doesn't say anything.

Correction: 3PO and luke are having a casual conversation as they search for Arto. They are too far away from camera to be heard and the dialog has nothing to do with the story line.

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: When the stormtroopers enter the docking port where the Millenium Falcon is, they start firing. Despite the fact that there are 5 or 6 of them, not only can't they hit Han but there is no damage whatsoever to the Millenium Falcon. But Han, who only has a single gun, manages to destroy half the port.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: The stormtroopers are trying to take out Han, since they know they won't be able to disable an entire ship with a small rifle, but Han is sheltered by the legs of the Falcon. Also, Han isn't shooting alone; Chewie is in the ship firing the small gun that comes out of the bottom of the Falcon (which "manages to destroy half the port").


Corrected entry: The blueprints of the Death-Star that are retrieved from R2-D2 and shown to the group of rebel pilots are wildly inaccurate as far as representing what the Death-Star actually looks like. The big circular 'laser generating' ring that is shown to be located directly upon the equatorial 'trench' in the blueprints, is in the very next scene of the 'actual' Death-Star to be shown residing in the northern hemisphere of the Death-Star, about midway between the trench and the 'north pole'.

Correction: This has already been corrected once, but those are the plans for the deathstar. Plans can be changed.

Corrected entry: On the Death Star, Han Solo screams and starts chasing some Storm Troopers. If you watch closely when he rounds the corner and runs into the large group of Troopers, he jumps and drops his gun. In the next shot he's running away with the gun in his hand.

Correction: I've watched this scene several times frame-by-frame. Han does lower his gun hand (and the gun) out of frame, but there is no sign that he ever let go of the gun.

Corrected entry: When all the X-wing pilots are shown on the ground getting into their X-wings and strapping in, all the canopy windows are very dark-tinted, as are the visors on their helmets. However, once in flight, the windows are totally clear, and the visors are a very light orange tint.

Correction: Even today, we have materials that change colour from clear to a dark tint as they move in and out of sunlight. It's hardly impossible that in the Star Wars universe they have a similar but more controlled version of the same thing. Since the fighters would soon be taking off into bright sunlight, it makes perfect sense for their canopies and visors to be dark-tinted at that point.

Corrected entry: When Artoo and Threepio are in the escape pod early in the film, a shot shows them 'talking' while looking out a round port-hole at the receding imperial star destroyer that they just escaped from. The angle implies that the port hole is on the section of the pod that is facing the destroyer. In the very next shot, the outside section of the pod facing the destroyer is seen, yet there is no window or port hole that the two 'droids could have been looking out of. In fact, the bottom of the pod is completely filled up with rocket engine gimbals.

Correction: Artoo and Threepio are looking at a viewscreen.

Corrected entry: Not a mistake, just an obvious 'fix' to the film: When Threepio is searching the Death-Star's database for the location to the controls to the tractor beam, one of his lines is a 'looped'(dubbed) bit of dialogue intended to cover some expository explanations. The line is: "The tractor beam is hooked into the main reactor in seven places. Deactivating any one of those locations will permit the ship to leave." The 'quality' of the sound is markedly different from all of his other lines in the same scene, and his entire bit of dialogue is covered showing reaction shots and insert shots. Probably took the place of a long, needless scene.

Correction: Still NOT a mistake.

Corrected entry: Immediately after escaping the 'Death Star', Han and Luke climb into the Millennium Falcon's gun-turrets to mount a defense against the four attacking TIE-fighters. Han climbs up the ladder to the upper turret, while Luke climbs down to the lower one. However, whenever one of them scores a 'hit' by destroying one of the TIE-fighters, the editing makes them appear to be at the opposite ends of the tunnel: One of the TIE-fighters that Han destroys sweeps across the bottom of the ship before he shoots it, and the big dish antenna on the top of the Millennium Falcon can be seen as the TIE-fighter that Luke destroys flies by.

Correction: The connecting ladders to the turrets do form a "tunnel" between the two, and with the gravity generators altering the pull of gravity between the turrets, so the gunner can move around easier to shoot enemies, it would be like looking back over your shoulder.

Corrected entry: If the Death Star was the size of a small moon, it would have its own gravitational pull. This renders the Core Generator in the center useless for the Empire.

Correction: Hardly. The Death Star may be the size of a small moon, but you have to bear in mind that it's mostly hollow. Mass-wise, it's not going to remotely compare to a moon made of solid rock; the gravitational pull is going to be negligable, hence the need for the Core Generator.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: A lightsabre blade has no shadow, but in the scene where Obi-Wan and Vader duel, if you watch closely, you can sometimes see the shadows of their lightsabres on the wall.

Correction: See a similar corrected mistake for Return of the Jedi. Sometimes lightsabers do cast shadows.

Corrected entry: During the Battle of Yavin at the end, Jek Porkins is X-wing Red 6. Red 6 gets destroyed. Later, during the battle, over the communicators someone asks "Red 6, can you see Red 5?" Red 5 is of course Luke, but Red 6 is gone.

Correction: Perhaps the one who asked it didn't know Red 6 had been destroyed.

Corrected entry: When the stormtroopers breaks into the Blockade Runner, the explosion leaves a lot of debris on the floor, but when Lord Vader arrives a little bit later, there is much less debris.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The debris would have been moved by all the personnel (rebel soldiers and stormtroopers) moving about. Also, there are a lot of dead bodies, these would cover up a lot of debris.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: When Luke and Obi-wan walk into the bar in Mos Eisley, there is an alien without a brain. As the scenes jump around showing different creatures you see a small creature squealing to the bartender for a drink. For a few seconds, you can look into his left eye and see out of his right eye.

Correction: This could be chalked up as odd alien physiology.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Han says, "Jabba, you're a wonderful human being," watch his lips when he says that. They don't match the words because the original line was something like "Jabba, I promise I'll pay you back".

Correction: It might be a slight sound sync issue, but if you watch the original scene, the line that Han says is the same that he says in the Special Edition.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: After Gold Leader is killed, Gold Five says, "Gold Five to Red Leader", and Red Leader's response is, "I copy, Gold Leader."

Correction: After gold leader is killed, Gold Five becomes gold leader, as he's next in the chain of command.


Corrected entry: According to the diagram that was shown during the instructions for the attack on the Death Star, and according to the image displayed by the X-wings' targeting computers, it is clear that the exhaust port they're aiming for is straight ahead of them. Yet when we see Luke's two proton torpedos go in, they skim along the surface of the plane from below where the opening is, then turn 90 degrees and go in (sort of like a marble falling into a hole).

Matty Blast

Correction: In the briefing before the attack, the mockup video actually shows the torpedos entering a port on the surface and dropping down to the reactor. It is an exhaust port and it would make sense that they exhaust port would exhaust straight out (i.e., flat to the surface). Also, the targeting computers would just indicate at what time (based upon telemetry) the pilots should shoot to have the torpedos sucked into the hole. They wouldn't actually "show" the opening. That is why Obi-wan told Luke to use the force - evidently the targeting computers weren't working that well since the first guy just impacted on the surface.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: When Han, Luke, and Chewie are in the detention area and the commander motions for the guards to wait by the group, the guards have Rebel guns. According to the Star Wars dictionary, Imperials have all black guns with squared ends, and Rebels have half black, with a silver cylinder narrowing down to a point.

Correction: Considering that early in the rebellion, the Rebels stole most of their equipment from the Empire, I think it's safe to say both are valid Imperial guns. Plus only the movies are canon.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Luke says, "Owen. This R2 unit has a bad motivator." The droid he's talking about is R5-D4 (source =

Matty Blast

Correction: In The Star Wars insider magazine it said that R2 units are used so much that Luke would call any droid like that an R2 unit, much like "hoover" to refer to a vacuum cleaner of any brand.


Corrected entry: In the Cantina, Obi-Wan chops off the thug's arm. The lightsaber is a laser, so the arm shown on the floor shouldn't be oozing blood; it would've been cauterized. The size of blood vessels has been put forward as an argument against cauterization, but we've seen other limbs get cut off (such as Anakin's arm in episode II) without any blood flow. Darth Maul got cut in half with no spillage.

Correction: This Cantina scene is not an error. According to Lucus, not all wounds cauterize immediately, it depends on the wound and who it's inflicted upon. Humans cauterize quickly due to their chemical makeup and the effect the laser has on them, but with alien species it's difficult to know how they would react. In fact, as we see Darth Maul fall after being struck down by Obi-Wan, there is a spray of blood.

Corrected entry: There's no stars in the sky during many shots of the Death Star's hangar.

Dr Wilson

Correction: This is a matter of perspective since it is very bright in the hanger, it is quite logical that one could not see the stars from back inside the hanger.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: When the Jawas are showing their droids to Owen, R2D2 moves and got shut off by a Jawa aiming something at him. The next time it shows him, he is moving around again.

Correction: R2D2 still has a restraining bolt at this point, it can be assumed that whatever that device was activated this and temporarily 'restrained' R2D2, rather than switching him off entirely.

Corrected entry: When C3PO and R2D2 escape from the Blockade Runner, the engines of the escape pods are facing the ship, but they can see the ship from a window too.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Might be a very sharp viewscreen as opposed to a window.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene on Tatooine where the Jawas' sandcrawler crests a hill and starts rolling down it, clouds are visible in the sky. Supposedly, Tatooine is so dry that moisture needs to be extracted from the air by vaporators so the people can drink it. If this is so, then how are clouds forming?

Correction: Tatooine is so dry that it never *rains*, but that doesn't mean there are never clouds. The vaporators are used to draw moisture out of the air, suggesting that there must be some moisture *in* the air, which leads one to conclude that there may occasionally be clouds in the sky.

Corrected entry: This mistake is for all the original trilogy. The Millenium Falcon has its cockpit on the side and not in front of the ship, so you should be able to see the side of the ship from within, but you can only ever see space.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The front bulkheads of the Falcon angle away from the cockpit enough to be out of the forward field of view. It wouldn't be a very good design if the body of the ship obstructed its own pilot's visibility.


Corrected entry: Luke's landspeeder changes sizes at least once. As he and Threepio are searching for R2, you can see that its about the size of, say, an El Camino or similar car from the '70s. But when the Tusken raiders are ransacking it, its barely as long as they are tall.

Correction: The speeder looks bigger when they are searching because of the camera angle and light, it is an optical illusion. They used the same model for all of the speeder shots, so it would be the same size for every shot.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: When it shows you the shot of the unconscious Luke and the Tusken raiders searching through his speeder, look closely on the belt on the side nearest the speeder. He has his lightsaber, which he isn't supposed to have yet.

gandolfs dad

Correction: That is not a lightsaber; it is a remote for the restraining bolt used on the droids.

Corrected entry: When the kind of humanoid fly tells to the stormtroopers where is Luke, Obi-Wan and the droids, he knocks his face with his hand, like someone wearing a mask, and it bends.

Dr Wilson

Correction: That is a mask. Check his profile on

Corrected entry: The desert planet Tatooine has two suns, which we can see in the sunset scene with Luke. How come that all characters in the film only have one shadow, when it should be two shadows? This mistake is in 'Return of the Jedi,' 'The Phantom Menace,' and 'Attack of the Clones' as well.

Correction: The stars are so close together, it looks like one shadow.

Corrected entry: If you watch closely when Ben gets killed, his cloak (which is, of course, empty), starts to fall before Vader's lightsaber enters it. It's too quick for the eye to see, but it's noticeable on frame-by-frame.

Correction: Jedis learn to pass on into the force without being killed. It has nothing to do with Vader's lightsaber. Yoda passed on the same way when he felt his time was up. That is why Obi Wan stopped fighting and held his lightsaber up. He faded away into the force when he decided his time had come and Vader did not kill him.

Corrected entry: After they escape from the Death Star, Luke and Han go to the firing room to attack the TIEs. Look at the ladder: it is vertical. When Luke enters, he moves as if it was horizontal.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The gun turrets have independent gravity wells.

Corrected entry: In the last battle, while Luke is in the trenches and Vader is behind him, Vader says 'I have you now.' Luke's X-wing is seen in the center of Vader's target and Vader fires off a shot at it. The Millenium Falcon shoots as well and Vader looks up as he hears his ship being hit. What happened to Vader's lasers bolts? Luke's fighter should of been blown up by the time the Falcon arrived.

Correction: Perhaps this is what 'deflector' shields do: deflect enemy shots away from the ship for a while, until the shields wear off. This happens to many X-wings, not just Luke's ship.

Corrected entry: This happens a few times - when the TIE fighters are pursuing the X-Wings in the Death Star trench, there are insert shots of a computerized targeting system. We see a computer model of an X-Wing moving around on the screen, then rapidly flashing as it centers and is presumably locked on to. Then the pilot fires, and we cut to a shot out through the cockpit window. We see lasers fire widely to the side of the X-Wing, then continue to fire as they slowly track toward and eventually hit the ship - almost like using tracers to "walk" your fire onto a target. So what does the targeting system do exactly?


Correction: Of course, X-wings do not stay still to be shot at, so it might be assumed that when the computer locked onto the fighter, it could then take over the firing mechanism or steering device and then automatically finish the process of chasing down and killing the fighter without the pilot's assistance. All the pilot needed to do was get close enough.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In the scene where it shows the death star and Aldaraan in the background the main weapon is pointing away from the planet. But when they are questioning Leia we never see the space station move so how could they have destroyed the planet facing away from it?

gandolfs dad

Correction: This is completely wrong. If you look closely at the external shot of the Death Star as it approaches Alderaan, you can see that it is rotating east to west to line up for the shot. This is also supported by some brief glimpses of the display screen later on during her questioning that show Alderaan moving to the center of the screen, again, because the Death Star is indeed rotating to align itself for the shot.

Corrected entry: If Luke was a little short to be a stormtrooper how come the suit was a perfect fit?

gandolfs dad

Correction: Considering the number of storm troopers in the empire, they would not customize each set of armor. I imagine the black areas between the white armor segments are flexible and can stretch/shrink making the armor, one-size-fits-all.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When C3PO and R2-D2 jettison from the embattled Consular ship in a pod, one of Darth Vadar's men comments to another 'there goes another one.' A few minutes later an officer, who reports to Vader that his troops could not find the plans on board the ship, mentions that a pod with no life forms aboard had escaped. Wouldn't the officer want to mention ALL the pods to his commanding officer?


Correction: The gunners shot down all of the others pods that tried to flee, because they contained lifeforms. Later, they concluded that the empty pod contained the plans.


Corrected entry: R2's beeps and whistles can only be interpreted by another droid (3PO), or Luke's on board X-Wing computer (as seen in TESB). With the Death Star approaching the Rebels begin to mount their attack from the Fourth Moon of Yavin. As Luke jumps into the cockpit of his X-Wing a member of the ground crew says "Hey this R2 unit of yours is a little beat-up, do you want a new one?". To which Luke replies "Not on your life, that little droid and I have been through a lot together. You okay R2". The little droid then beeps at Luke and Luke says "Good". For all we know R2 could well have been saying "No not really, I've been shot at and chased by Imperial Troops all day. I'm a little scared of this whole being in space making suicide runs on the Death Star caper, and if it's all the same to you I'll stay here". To which his new master says "Good", and promptly blasts off into space.

Correction: How do you know that Luke can't understand a little bit of R2's language? I don't speak Spanish fluently, but I can understand if a Spanish-speaking person responds "si" to my question.

Corrected entry: In the cantina, when Han Solo is talking to Luke and Obi-wan, he says he "made the 'Kessel' run in less than xxxx parsecs." He is referring to parsecs as a measurement of time. A parsec is a measure of distance, just like a light-year. (A parsec is approx. 2.6 light-years across).

Correction: One of the books says that the space around Kessel is made up of black holes. The safest thing is to go around, but Han is referring to his skill as a pilot and speed of the Falcon, because he was able to go through the middle with as little distance out of the way as possible. The Star Wars website provides another explanation: the Kessel run is an unofficial smuggler contest, where the participants must transfer goods between freighters moving in different directions. Thus, high speed and cunning logistics will not only cut time, but also travelled distance to complete the run. Alternatively, it's because Han is just blagging it.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Luke is called for dinner, while he is off stage his aunt pours him a glass of blue milk, Luke comes onto the set and a few seconds later, he fills his glass with blue milk.

Correction: His aunt actually fills Uncle Owen's glass which is directly behind Luke's making it seem his was being filled.

Corrected entry: When Obi-Wan and Vader are dueling, Obi-Wan calls his opponent Darth as if it were his first name. Darth is a Sith title, not Vader's first name, which is of course Anakin.

Correction: Yes, but it's a title like General, for example, and it's possible (I think it happens in Lethal Weapon) for the good guy to call the bad guy "Colonel", or "General". It probably happens in the Rock too.

Corrected entry: When Luke exits his X-Wing , just after the final battle with the Death Star, Leia rushes to greet him. However, after he's climbed out, she greets him with "Luke!", whereas he greets her with "Carrie!".

Correction: This has been denied many times by George Lucas - it would have been very easy to dub over it, especially with the re-releases. He just shouts "Hey!", and it sounds a bit like "Carrie!"

Corrected entry: At one point, Han yells from inside the Millenium Falcon for some help to two storm troopers guarding the entrance to the ship. You can hear 5 laser blasts indicating that Han has shot and killed the stormtroopers. But why is it that when Luke and Han wear the uniforms that the Stormtroopers were wearing, there are no signs of blast marks anywhere on the entire uniform?

Correction: The shots fired could have been from the Storm Troopers trying to defend themselves as they got jumped by three men and a Wookie.

Corrected entry: After our heroes escape from the Death Star and defeat the TIE fighters sent to pursue them, Leia tells Han, "They're tracking us. It's the only explanation for the ease of our escape." If she knows the empire is tracking the Falcon, why then does she fly straight to the secret rebel base, thereby leading the Death Star right to it? Why not go to some other location, transfer to a different ship (with no homing beacon), and then go to Yavin undetected?

Correction: [Despite Leia's rants, Han refused to believe her. Han is a very stubborn man and wouldn't allow a woman to tell him what to do].

Corrected entry: Right after the sand people attack, Obi-Wan encourages everybody to get a move on because the sand people would be coming back and in greater numbers. Immediately after this, there is a shot of the building that they all take shelter in; if you compare the size of the building with the size of the speeder that is parked outside, you can see the building must only be only about 5.5 feet high!

Correction: This is probably an accurate measurement. However most of the buildings on Tatooine are like this because a majority of the structure is under the ground, this helps with keeping them cool in the heat. If you look at all the other shots of buildings or just read the books you see that there are steps leading down into the actual house. So the part that is only 5.5 feet high is just the tip of roof.

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Luke: How did my father die?
Obi-Wan: A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi knights. He betrayed and murdered your father.



When the stormtroopers break into the control room, the stormtrooper on the right of the screen hits his head on the door frame. On the DVD release they've added a thump when he hits it.



On its initial release, the film was booked in just 37 theaters. It ended up breaking 36 house records.