Star Trek: First Contact

Stupidity: The fact that Picard did not share his precious Anti-Borg tactics with federation long before, costs Federation a lot of ships and lives. Such precious knowledge, they should've added long before to the Federation databases. Every single captain of the Federation should already be well trained with these new "Picard Maneuvers." I mean what if Picard had a heart attack a year before the Borg battle? Then earth would be lost just because Picard is too lazy to share vital information. He only shares that important information when battles begin?

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Suggested correction: Picard could hear the Borg. As Data stated, the coordinates Picard entered were not a vital system, but on this cube allowed for a chain reaction to occur. Because Picard could hear the Borg he was able to determine this weakness and take advantage of it. Picard had already given all the information he had to the Federation. This was used to begin producing warships such as the Defiant Class.

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