Blade Runner 2049

Deliberate mistake: When Deckard wakes up in Wallace Corporation, there is a wide shot of the platform he is on. All four corners of the platform are empty in the wide shot. Deckard then looks at Wallace's visual aids as they float away, and then realises Wallace is standing in the corner directly facing where he is sitting, speaking to him. This corner was empty in the wide shot, with no sign of Wallace. Wallace could not have entered in between shots because Deckard would have seen him approaching or at the very least, heard his footsteps. This was likely done intentionally as to not give Wallace's reveal away too early. (02:08:55)

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Continuity mistake: When Luv returns to the sinking car to retrieve Deckard, and K enters and grabs Luv by the neck, Deckard's hair is wet, but visibly smooth, however, in the next shot, his hair is suddenly ruffled. (02:24:10)

Casual Person

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Rick Deckard: Sometimes to love someone, you got to be a stranger.

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Answer: Think of any manufacturing process. Samples of new products are frequently created and then immediately destroyed. Also, the new replicant would require processing, training, etc. It was simpler for him to just dispose of the test.

Answer: He was being violently petulant at the moment, angry that he couldn't create and control the birth that he just learned occurred with older-model replicants and seeing his new creation as "flawed" by design. Pretty villainous, he cares nothing for the replicants.

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