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Baby Driver (2017)

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Plot hole: When Doc outlines the plan to rob the Perimeter Trust bank in Dunwoody, he says it's "right next to the Buford Highway" which allows for a quick getaway. In reality, Buford Highway is multiple miles away from Dunwoody, with the section of the road the truck chase quickly transitions to being nearly 7 miles away. Similarly, this segment then quickly transitions to the John Lewis Freedom Parkway just east of Interstate 75/85, which is another 4 miles away.

Doc: That's my baby.
Bats: Fuck your baby.

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Trivia: If you watch the film with headphones or surround sound speakers, every time Baby is only wearing one headphone, the song he is listening to plays on that side only.


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Answer: Baby had spent years being coerced into a life of crime, something which he was never happy with, and by that point had gotten tired of continuously running from his problems. He surrendered because he knew he had done a lot of terrible things and realised it was time to pay the price for it, as well as that he did not want Deborah to go through the same life of crime that he has gone through.

Casual Person

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