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Corrected entry: After the boat overturns on the lake, and Maria is on the terrace in debate with the Captain, she ends with "I'm not finished" He responds with "Oh yes you are, Captain" then pauses and says "fraulein" [correcting his quite obviously misspoken dialogue with an embarrassed expression on his face; and then the camera captures Julie Andrews' surprised expression when he mistakenly calls her 'Captain'].

tedloveslisa Premium member

Correction: It's not a mistake in the film, it's Captain von Trapp being flustered and misspeaking. It's written this way in the play too.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Maria and the children sing "do re mi" sitting in the carriage, Liesl is supposed to sing "ti ti" but she mouths the "la" before her turn.

Correction: She's not mouthing "la". She's simply opening her mouth in preparation to sing her part, which she sings in time.

Corrected entry: When the children introduce themselves to Maria when the Captain isn't present, Gretl tells Maria that she is 5 years old. However, when the Mother Abbess informs Maria about the governess post, she says that the children's mother has been dead for 7 years.

Correction: The Reverend Mother says several years, not seven years.

Corrected entry: The Von Trapp mansion - -the outside, the lake out back and many (perhaps all) the interior scenes (including that amazing gold-encrusted room that Maria walks into) is a real castle just outside Salzburg. It's called the Schloss Leopoldskron (Prince Leopold's Castle). A truly cool place; I lived there for a month when I was 8. (If you swing aside a particular shelf in the mammoth library, you find a secret spiraling stairway).

Correction: All SOM interiors were shot at Fox in Los Angeles. Some sets were based on Austraian locations.

Corrected entry: Many years ago, Maria von Trapp was asked if the movie was pretty close to real life, and she replied, "Yes, except for one thing." She amusingly explained that when the family was crossing through the mountains, they were definately NOT singing, unlike the film.

Correction: Either she was joking, or this is an error. The movie differs drastically from the truth. The family escaped by train to Italy, not on foot to Switzerland. Also, Captain von Trapp was an Italian citizen and therefore not subject to German conscription, Georg and Maria were married ten years before the Anschluss and had two children together before they fled Austria, the family sang to pay their bills from an Austrian bank collapse, and the children's names were changed.


Corrected entry: In the scene when the captain demonstrates the whistle signals for each of the children, Maria calls out to the captain with a whistle blow, asking what his signal would be. The captain stops walking and makes almost a full body turn to look back at Maria. But in the next shot he is shown to have turned only his head to look over his shoulder and says, "You may call me, Captain", and walks out straight ahead.

Correction: In this scene the captain does not make almost a full body turn to look at Maria, he makes only a fourth of a turn and looks to his right, and when the scene cuts to the next shot he is still standing in the same spot looking to his right, he is not looking over his shoulder. Also, when he walks out of the room he does not walk straight out of the room, but he turns back the quarter turn and then walks out.

Corrected entry: On the 40th anniversary edition DVD, there is a behind the scenes interview with the actors who played the Von Trapp children.One of them comments that they thought during the scene in the Abbey with the Nazis rattling the gates, that the children who were with Julie Andrews were making too much noise. Charmian Carr says (joking) that they were with the star of the movie (Julie Andrews) so they were allowed to make noise, but in the movie Charmian is with Christopher Plummer's group, not Julies.

Jennifer 1

Correction: This does not mean though that one or more of the children weren't switched around and placed differently, before the director finally settled on the grouping that is seen in the movie.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the captain "calls off" the engagement to the baroness at night on the terrace/balcony, he meets Maria down by the lake. The captain says to Maria, "I thought I just might find you here." He asks her to sit. From the camera's point of view, she is sitting on the right-side of the bench, the captain sits on the left-side. As they talk, she stands up, and "immediately" in the next shot the captain is sitting on the right-side end of the bench.

Correction: No - he is still sitting on the left side, it is just that the camera was coming from a different direction in each shot.

Corrected entry: In the final scene of the The Sound of Music, Maria, Captain Von Trapp, and the children are walking on a mountain. If you look at the grass by where they are walking, the grass looks like heavy wind is blowing on it. This wind probably isn't natural because the mountain does not look that high. I believe it is cause by the helicopter they used to shoot the scene on a real mountain.

Correction: "Probably" does not qualify as a movie mistake, and heavy wind occurs at all elevations. If a wind machine or helicopter blades/helicopter shadow were visible in the shot THEN it would be a movie mistake.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: The Reverend Mother welcomes a new postulant, who is wearing a bright turquoise belted dress. Soon after, when Maria returns to the Von Trapp children through the garden, she is quite obviously wearing the same dress. Do the women at the abbey share their "worldly clothes"?

01:52:20 - 02:00:55

Correction: They can, yes. Often the clothes brought in with postulants are put into a community wardrobe for public use.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Maria and the children are frolicking in the field, they are wearing the drapes. Then in any shot after that, they are wearing totally different clothing.

Correction: That's because the scenes are not meant to be continuous. They are basically clips taking place over a weeks' time or more.

Corrected entry: Maria and the Captain return from their honeymoon as soon as they hear word about Hitler's annexation of Austria in early March 1938. As they stand outside their home and the Captain rips down the Nazi flag that has been displayed there, it is obviously very late spring or summer - the weather is very warm and the leaves are fully out on the trees. This would not be the case in Austria in March.

Correction: The spring of the Anschluss was unseasonably warm and dry. Salzburg was as warm as a typical summer by mid-March, and there had been no rain or snow for weeks.

Corrected entry: The von Trapps are shown walking over the border to Switzerland after a short drive out of the centre of town...except Salzburg is about 200km east of Switzerland. If one walked across the border at Salzburg, you'd be entering Germany, which is where (I believe) the people they were trying to get away from lived. Take a look at a map.

Correction: Even though the von Trapps were 200km from the Swiss border, in the last 5 mins, they received a car from the sisters at the convent and the sisters disabled the cars of their pursuers.

Corrected entry: Liesl was 22 at the time of filming "I am sixteen going on seventeen."


Correction: Many actresses portray characters who are younger than they are. It's not really trivia worthy just because her age is mentioned in a song.


Corrected entry: Once the children and Maria have been in the boat turning incident, the children are dripping wet with water once they return to their father. He then tells the children to go inside and change, though when the children have returned their hair is nothing but damp from the water. It appears to have dried rapidly within the minute they went to get changed.

Correction: A couple minutes with a towel is all they would need to change their from dripping wet to merely damp.

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: Maria is given material one night to make clothing for herself, because she claims the only dress she has is the one she is wearing. But the next day and in the rest of the movie, she wears dresses that are not the same color/style as the materials that she was given on her first night.

Correction: Actually, the material is used. For example, Maria is given a tan-ish, multicolor striped material which you see appearing as the upper half of the dress she wears not long after. It is deceptive and does not immediately look the same because the stripes are sewn diagonally (unlike originally shown), but it is, indeed, the fabric she was given.

Corrected entry: Why does Maria have a guitar if she can't even play it? During the 'Do-Re-Mi' sequence on the hills, you can see that her left hand doesn't move once to change the chord she's playing.

Correction: If you look at her other hand she is actually finger picking and so doesn't need to move her left hand.

Corrected entry: When Maria is praying at her bed, Leisel creeps in through the window behind her. She is supposed to have climbed up the house but you can see Leisel walking across to the window outside before climbing into the room.

Correction: Why can't there have been a balcony (or at least a ledge) outside of the window?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Maria is singing her way up to the front door of the Von Trapp home, the house has several large windows in front by the door. However, once inside in the grand hall, there are no windows by the door in the front of the house.

Correction: There is a small closet type room that the front door opens into. I don't believe you can see it in the movie, but in "The Sound of Music: The Making of America's Favorite Movie" the picture of "So Long, Farewell" shows that room.

Corrected entry: In the scene just before they sing "My favourite things", Maria is praying with the window open, then closed again, then open again.

Correction: There are three windows in Maria's room, and in the shots mentioned, one is closed, but another is open. They are different windows.

Corrected entry: When Max is driving with the Baroness (and later the Captain as well), his Mercedes is right-hand drive. He might have been a cosmopolitan fellow who bought his Mercedes from England, but that seems unlikely since Germany was a bit closer. They seem to have tried to hide this by having the Countess drive the men around.

Correction: Max is never driving alone with the baroness in the movie, and the baroness never drives them around (there isn't even a Countess in the movie), and when Max, the baroness, and Georg are riding, Georg is driving them, and the only other person to drive the car in the movie is Max, when he drives the children home (right before Captain and Maria return from their honeymoon).

Corrected entry: When Leisel and Rolf are singing in the gazebo, you see the doors are open, then closed, then opened again.

Correction: There is a "front" door that is closed when they enter the gazebo, but there is also a back door that is open. There is no error.

Corrected entry: In some scenes Julie Andrews plays her guitar as if she's right-handed, and in others she plays as if she's left-handed.

Correction: But Maria only plays the guitar in the movie once.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" scene in the gazebo, Liesl and Rolf do a series of spins away from and towards one another. In one shot they are spinning clockwise, while in the immediately subsequent shot, they are spinning counter-clockwise.

Correction: I can see where they are turning clockwise, and then you can see where they change direction and start spinning clockwise. I don't know, it might just be me.

Corrected entry: After Maria has left to go back to the abbey the children ask Captain Von Trapp who their next governess will be - he says they won't have one but will have a new mother (the baroness). A little while later in the film when Maria has returned to be a governess, the captain asks her if she is back to stay, and she says "only until arrangements can be made for a new governess". Surely if the Captain is marrying the Baroness no arrangements would need to be made?

Craig Bryant

Correction: Maria doesn't know that, and the Captain simply doesn't correct her misconception.


Corrected entry: Could some person please tell me why the the Reverend Mother is wearing a wedding ring?

Correction: Nuns are considered married to Christ.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: When Julie Andrews is zipping around Salzburg singing "I have confidence", she leans on a crate of oranges marked "Produce of Israel". Israel didn't exist as a nation state until 1948...

Correction: In the movie you don't actually see the "Produce of Israel". It is only seen on pictures taken by journalists on the set.

Corrected entry: In the early scenes of the film, the eldest daughter is in the gazebo singing 'I am 16 going on 17', But before the Do-Re-Me Song, she states that she doesn't know how to sing.

Correction: It is also said at one point in the movie that before Mrs. von Trapp died that the house was fun, but that the Captain put a stop to the music and such. Perhaps she means that no one "showed" her how, but most people without training sing with the radio and such.

Corrected entry: In the song "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" one of the sisters in the abbey sings "And underneath her wimple she has curlers in her hair." Maria's hair is so short that there is no way she could wrap it around curlers. Besides, throughout the film, she wears a straight crop that definitely would not require curlers.

Correction: They are referring to incidents that have already happened or are likely to happen with Maria.

Corrected entry: Gretel, the youngest girl, is five years old. Captain Von Trapp's wife died seven years earlier. How could Gretel have been born if her mother wasn't alive?

Correction: She says "several", not seven.

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Maria: I don't understand.
Captain von Trapp: Well, we called off our engagement, you see, and...
Maria: Oh, I'm sorry.
Captain von Trapp: Yes. You are?
Maria: Mm-hmm. You did?
Captain von Trapp: Yes. Well, you can't marry someone when you're in love with someone else... Can you?



Liesl creeps through the window and explains herself to Maria, standing by the middle of the bed. When the angle changes she is by the side of the bed. Then the angle changes and she is back by the middle side.



The front of the von Trapp house and the back of the house are actually two different houses. Also, the gazebo (which belongs to the house used for the back shots) is actually across a river from the house. (You can take the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg.)