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Corrected entry: As the kids are being chased through the woods, in a shot from behind two bad guys are closing in, then from the front one of them has disappeared.

Jon Sandys

Correction: Isn't the second guy visible at the very right edge of the screen in the second shot?


Corrected entry: In the casino, as Logan is trying to get to the room during Charles' seizure, everyone is frozen. A woman sitting at a slot machine turns to look as Logan passes her, then back to the machine - not frozen like everyone else.

Correction: She is on a swivelling stool that Logan twists.

Corrected entry: In the hotel attack scene, the bad guys were paralysed when Charles went into a seizure. Logan came in and drove his claws into several men's head. These men died and their brain function should have stopped and no longer affected by Charles. They should have fallen over, but they remained standing until Charles had his injection.

Correction: They've been paralyzed in place, and in all likelihood their muscles are being held in a tense state due to the psychic waves, making them still stand still despite being dead. Only Logan - who is more powerful than an average person - seems to have the ability to still maintain some function and control over his body... and even then, he's struggling.

Corrected entry: After his fight with x24 Logan is wearing a blue long sleeve shirt until they get to Eden, but when he wakes up he wears a white vest.


Correction: It's not a vest, it's a ribbed a-frame undershirt, colloquially called a "wifebeater" shirt. He was wearing this under the blue shirt which the kids removed in order to treat his wounds.


Corrected entry: Gabriela could not know that Logan was in the cemetery the exact time that he was.


Correction: She was following him. That's why they are there at the same time.


Corrected entry: Pierce could not know that Gabriela was looking for Logan.


Correction: It's logical deduction. Pierce works for Dr. Rice, who knows that Logan is Laura's father, since he made her. If Gabriella was seeking help, Logan would be a logical option.


Corrected entry: If Pierce has a professional team and they want to catch Laura, and also Pierce says nobody shoot her because she heals, they should use a net or tranquilizer darts instead of trying to fight her.


Correction: At this point Pierce and his men still consider her a scared little girl who they can easily subdue. They realise quickly she is fully capable of fighting back.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: After the first fight scene when Logan is pulling bullets out of his body and dropping them in the sink there is a shell casing with them, showing they're unfired.

Correction: There are no casings, just the bullets. The back part of the bullets are fairly intact, giving the appearance the casings are still on them but you can see none of them are long enough to be bullets with casings.


Corrected entry: When Logan, Laura and the professor are driving towards the horse trailer notice the red tractor trailer coming towards them. It is the rear end of the truck (there is no rig and you can actually see the mud flaps in front of the tires.) It looks as if the truck is driving down the highway backwards.



Correction: Both ends of the trailer are the same - these are self-driving vehicles, hence no need for a driver's cab at the front. They're basically just containers on wheels. We occasionally hear them making warning announcements in the background.

Jon Sandys



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Logan: Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.



When Pierce first begins to interrogate Caliban in the safe house in Mexico, a large portion of Caliban's albino makeup is smudged below his nose, revealing the actor's natural skin in his first close-up of the scene; after switching to a close-up of Pierce, then back to Caliban, the smudge has been fixed.



After the film's premier, Patrick Stewart was very emotional, and announced that he had decided that it would be his final major portrayal of the character Charles Xavier in a feature film, as he felt he went out perfectly. (However, Stewart has not ruled out appearing in the role again in either a cameo, or in the television series "Legion", which is connected to the "X-Men" film universe).