Corrected entry: When Casey locks the monster inside the room where he killed the girl, the lock on the door changes style when the monster opens the door. At first it's all flat and flush with itself, but the next time there's a cylindrical part raised from the base. (01:31:45 - 01:32:55)

Correction: It's exactly the same lock. In the bottom part of the screenshot taken you see the lock when it's already bent, making it appear to be a different style. But it's the same lock, look at it before it starts bending.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when Casey is shooting at the Beast, she is wearing a white sweater, it's ripped a little, then in the next scene it's shredded to bits, hanging off her. When she locks herself in the cell the white sweater is almost completely gone.

Correction: The sweater is torn and doesn't hang on her body properly anymore, torn at the collar, slowly sliding off her shoulders. It's not torn more, just falls off her body more and more. When she locks herself in the cell she even tears off the left sleeve herself after reloading as it's in the way of her holding the shotgun properly.


Corrected entry: During the newscast after the girls are taken 3 photos are shown. Casey's photo looks to be a screen shot of her in the car whilst the abduction was taken place This is an impossible photo to have on the news.

Correction: Like you say, it looks to be that. But it's just a picture taken in a car, could have been shot in any car, anytime. Nowhere in the picture do you see it's from the same moment of the abduction, at all. So there is no reason to suspect it is.


Continuity mistake: The subject of the email from Barry S. first reads "we need you", but after opening it reads "RE: No subject" (00:11:00)

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Suggested correction: If no subject is given the first sentence of the E-mail will be displayed instead. RE: No Subject means it's a reply to an earlier E-mail that also lacked a subject.

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The Beast: Those who have not been torn have no value in themselves and no place in this world! They are asleep.

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Trivia: The music that begins in the final scene with Kevin and proceeds into the last sequence in the diner with Bruce Willis is actually the main theme to the film "Unbreakable", and is meant to be a subtle audible cue to help cement the fact that the films are connected.

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