Underworld: Blood Wars

Plot hole: Michael is portrayed as having been killed by having his throat cut. This contradicts prior films, which portray him as being far too powerful to die by traditional means. (Ex. In the second film, he is repeatedly shot and impaled, sustaining far greater damage to his body, but returns to life upon going into a hibernation-like state for a short period.) Unless he is brought back in a future installment, the portrayal of his death makes no sense in the context of the series.

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Suggested correction: Not only was his throat slit, but all his blood was drained from his body, which is different than the other times he was nearly killed. The blood is the key. However, Selene had to intervene at least 3 times to save Michael. For example, she cut off Viktor's head as he was about to kill Michael. But, as you say, even though the audience is lead to believe he's dead, it could just be a cliffhanger and we may find out a drop of blood was left in his body, or through some other method he fully recovers.


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Selene: There is no beginning, there is no end. There is only becoming.



Selene normally wears high heel boots. They briefly turn into flats during her caged fight with Varga, right before he betrays her.



Was originally rumored to be the final entry in the series to star Kate Beckinsale, though series co-creator Len Wiseman confirmed that there are plans for one final film in the franchise featuring her character Selene, in addition to a spin-off television series which will be a sort-of reboot with a different tone and focus.