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Title Card: A Moving Picture Strangely Shows Them Their Own Guilt And Its Possible Consequences.

Mabel: Try her now - that bevo has gone to her head.

Title Card: Her hitherto untouched girlish heart throbs in answer to the call of love.

Tillie: Quick my dancing frock.

Title Card: The Secretaries Set Out To Find The Heiress.

Deliberate mistake: Charlie Chaplin and Mabel Normand go to a theater to see a silent movie titled "Double-Crossed." In the scenes showing Chaplin and Normand from the front, there are no rows of seats in front of them. In the scenes showing Chaplin and Normand from behind, there are five rows of seats in front of them and most of the seats are occupied. The front-view scenes were filmed with Chaplin and Normand in the front row so there would be no other people obscuring the two actors. However, it made no sense that they would be sitting in the sixth row in the scenes shot from behind.

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