Captain America: Civil War

Stupidity: When Tony watches the recording of his parents killing by the Winter Soldier, you see the latter shooting the surveillance camera (why there was a camera there in the first place is unknown) in order to avoid being recorded. That is obviously idiotic, since shooting a surveillance camera most likely doesn't result in the destruction of the recording, which is typically kept off-site as well. He should have destroyed the camera before being recorded himself.

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Suggested correction: He didn't notice the camera until then. He shot it in frustration or simply because he is ordered to do that whenever he sees one.


You cannot justify a blatantly nonsense act by using made-up justifications. A movie is not real life, if it has not been explained, then it's nonsense. There was no sign of frustration whatsoever (the Winter Soldier is a cold, emotionless killing machine), nor is there any reason to think he would have been given such a stupid order to shoot cameras no matter at which stage. Given its secrecy, they should have ordered him to plan his killings aways from any recording device.




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