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Miguel 'Magic' Escobar: Your bitch isn't here to save you now.

Billy Hope: I can't lose my daughter. I'll give you my everything.

Tick Wills: These kids coming up in here I'm telling them a bunch of stuff this bullshit. "It's gonna be all right." You can control your destiny. You could control this you could control that." You can't control shit.

Tick Wills: We start tomorrow.
Billy Hope: What, like training?
Tick Wills: No, baking cookies.

Maureen Hope: Billy Hope knows how to take a punch, but he also drops bombs.

Tick Wills: God must have some kind of plan to teach me some kind of lesson. I just can't figure out what it is.

Angela Rivera: You on any form of medication?
Billy Hope: I took some Advil. You're gonna write that down?
Angela Rivera: Mmm-hmm.
Billy Hope: "He took some Advil. He can't see his kid"?

Tick Wills: Woah. Are you on drugs?
Tick Wills: Are you intoxicated?
Billy Hope: I'm good man. I'm-I'm straight.

Jordan Mains: Every time I seen you fight, you climb in there alone Every time you bled, you bled your blood When you sat down on that stool and it felt like death and you thought you couldn't get back up, but you got up? You did that.

Jordan Mains: Billy, you know if it makes money, it makes sense.

Billy Hope: A fighter knows only one way to work.

Billy Hope: When I was twelve years old there was this little girl, she was skinny, she had ratty hair, she had been through it. She stuck with me when I was incarcerated a couple of times, and I knew she was there. I wouldn't be here without my wife Maureen.

Continuity mistake: When Billy and his daughter are at Moreen's grave the sun changes between shots.

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