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Factual error: When Franklin grabs the ball and hurdles the fence, in the next shot we see the dog (a tiny bulldog) also jump the fence and chase him. No dog that small would reasonably or realistically jump a 12 ft fence, even with a very long-running start. It would be physically impossible. This was purely for comical purposes, nothing else.

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Suggested correction: Unless you're talking about a deleted scene with a different dog, the "tiny bulldog" is in fact a mastiff. And the 12 foot fence is a 6 foot fence. A mastiff can definitely jump that.


Hamm: Hey, do you want a S'more?
Scotty: Some more what?
Hamm: No, no. Do you want a S'more?
Scotty: I haven't had anything yet, so how can I have some more of nothing?
Hamm: You're killing me Smalls.

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Trivia: Benny and his real life brother Pablo played the same character at different ages.


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Answer: It's pretty common to use someone's last name as a sort of nickname, especially if the last name is fun to say like "Smalls."


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