Continuity mistake: Kevin's, Stuart's, and Bob's goggles change from brass to steel between when we last see the goggles in the rowboat to when they climb ashore in New York.



Continuity mistake: Before the minions gets to Scarlet's coronation it's daylight, but when they escape from the villains it is completely dark.

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Continuity mistake: Bob's right eye keeps changing color back and forth between green and brown.

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Continuity mistake: Before the dinosaur falls into the lava pit, a minion rolls under a rock. He lands face up, but a shot later he is facing sideways.


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Scarlett Overkill: Do you know who this is?
Kevin the Minion: Uh... La cucaracha?
Scarlett Overkill: This is Queen Elizabeth! And I really, really, really want her crown.



Two cars with the same license plate numbers are seen as the minions are hitch hiking on the road. The plates of the hippie wagon and the old lady's car both read D-6413.



A young Gru can be seen at Villain Con turning around and facing the camera.