Rush Hour 2

Continuity mistake: When Carter and Zhang Ziyi are fighting, Carter is wearing alligator skin shoes (brown). However, when Ziyi thrusts the sword at Carter and Carter falls back on a chair raising his feet, you see him wearing black running shoes with a white sole.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Carter is fighting Zhang Ziyi, she thrusts a sword into his coat. For a SPLIT SECOND ONLY, there is a shot where a black man is crouched down behind the statue on which Carter is against. You have to pause it quickly in the right place, but he is there looking up at Carter and Zhang Ziyi.


Revealing mistake: When Inspector Lee was running through the casino, his hands are bound together with tape. When he tumbles across a gambling table, his hands come apart. When he completes the tumble, he quickly puts his hands together again.

01:09:00 - 01:10:15

Factual error: When Jackie and Chris are at the Casino. Chris goes to play craps and throws $100,000 down for chips. The croupier give Chris two stacks of 20 $500 chips, which equates to only $20,000.


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Suggested correction: He wasn't really focusing on how much money he threw. Carter was creating a distraction for Lee so the Security would not see him sneak in to find the plates.

Continuity mistake: In the police station, just before the explosion that supposedly kills Carter, we see Jackie with his shirt untucked on his way to his office. As he falls to the ground after the explosion his shirt is miraculously tucked in.

00:22:25 - 00:24:00

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Continuity mistake: When Carter is singing karaoke, first you see the girls beginning to join him on stage. In the next scene (right after the scene with Inspector Lee's reaction to Carter singing), you see Carter dancing with a DIFFERENT group of girls (it lasts a couple of seconds). Then, when Lee is calling out Carter, the original dancers from the first scene are back. Use the tall Chinese girl wearing the pink dress on the right side of the screen as reference in the first scene, then she disappears in the second scene and reappears in the last scene.


Factual error: When Carter convinces Lee to head with him to L.A, apparently the plane they are leaving is a Boeing 757. When they arrive it is evident that they reached their destination in a Boeing 747-400.


Continuity mistake: When Zhang Ziyi shoots Rosalyn Sanchez in the casino office, Sanchez is facing away from her. You see no blood on her back. Later, when Sanchez falls into Jackie Chan's arms, there is still no entry wound from behind and no blood. When he spins her around, you see a bullet hole in the front of her arm and blood smeared on the front of her arm.

01:10:45 - 01:12:40

Revealing mistake: When Chris and Jackie are singing the Beach Boys song in the car, look at the steering wheel. When Chris Tucker begins to dance for a brief moment you can see that there is no key in the ignition.


Factual error: When Chris and Jackie are stripped butt naked at the freeway, they were in Causeway Bay (on Hong Kong Island). It is impossible for them to go back to the Yau Ma Tei Police Station in Kowloon Peninsula. The only way to get there is by traveling through tunnels or using the ferry. There is no road that you can walk along.

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Continuity mistake: When "the Secret Service agent" is fighting Zhang Ziyi in the casino, Ziyi kicks her black platform boot into a cabinet door. A few minutes later Ziyi is fighting Carter in the casino and she does a kick, revealing her now small-heeled boot.

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Other mistake: When Carter and Lee walk through the Crenshaw 'restaurant', the Chinese woman who yells at them speaks very, very bad Chinese - the first half is incomprehensible and the last half is mostly mispronounced.

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Continuity mistake: When the detectives are in the truck, the first view shows us a little dark sky, and the headlights of the cars are on, but inside the limousine, it's much more clear then outside, and the headlights are off.

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Continuity mistake: When Carter is trying to bust the bad guy in the massage parlour there are several bottles of ointments and things on the table next to the bad guy. They switch places in a few shots.

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Continuity mistake: At the very end of the film when Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are saying their final good-byes Chris Tucker is wearing the strap to his bag on his left shoulder and if you look you will notice in almost every scene even in the mistakes during the credits the rubber thing on his bag is there and then in the next scene the rubber thing is gone, and during the credits the rubber thing is back but the strap is crooked with the rubber thing there.


Continuity mistake: When Jackie and Chris are hanging from the bamboo shoot Chris has hold of the shoot in his left arm first then in the next shot it has changed and now he holds it with his right arm.


Continuity mistake: After Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have been chucked naked out of the car on to the freeway, they run to the police station to get changed into new clothes. When in this room, they have a little argument with each other and every time the camera pans across to Chris Tucker the clothes on the hangers keep shifting from side to side.

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Continuity mistake: After the detectives get the bag from Isabella, she shows them her badge in her bra, but before they get the bag from her, there's no badge in her bra.

00:39:15 - 00:41:55

Continuity mistake: When Lee and Carter go to the Reing Plaza, they ask some guy there about some Zing, and the guy run away to Hu Li, but when the detectives talk to her, the guy who ran keeps changing, sometimes he's on the right, and sometimes he's on left.

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Continuity mistake: When Carter and Zhang Ziyi are fighting, Ziyi's shoes change from high heeled in the first shot to black running shoes in the shot when she falls from the pool table. The shoes also change to medium heeled while she is on the pool table.

01:12:00 - 01:13:20

Factual error: After the first shot of Carter as he is walking up the stairs of the building with the bamboo scaffolding, the New York Life Building is in the background. This scene is supposed to take place in China. (Scenes were actually shot in Hong Kong, China, but the NY Life Building has famous distinctive architecture.)

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Continuity mistake: When Jackie is hanging from the bamboos at the beggining of the film,the distance between his hands changes from wide open to up close one to another as the camera changes positions.


Other mistake: When Carter and Lee go into the nightclub and talk to the hostess, watch closely, you'll see Lee walk into Carter's shoulder momentarily and then pull his head back quickly, before walking off.

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Continuity mistake: After Lee and Carter get out of the truck they were tied in, they try to escape through doors. You see Lee pushing on the door and not pulling, which is how Carter got his door open.

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Other mistake: When Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are fighting in the massage parlour, Chris Tucker is able to fight and do all sorts of moves with only a towel wrapped around his waist that magically never falls off.

00:18:30 - 00:20:20

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, in the airport scene, Carter and Lee are saying their goodbyes. IF you look over Carter's shoulder, you see a girl in a green sweater with white sleeves walking away from him, the scene switches back to Lee, then when it switches back to Carter, you see her starting back at the exact same spot walking back again. This happens several times.

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Continuity mistake: When Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are back in L.A. and go to the Chinese restaurant to see Kenny (Don Cheadle), Kenny's hair is pulled back in a pony tail. The position of the pony tail changes several times throughout the scene - sometimes it's over his right shoulder, sometimes it's hanging down his back.


Visible crew/equipment: When Carter and Lee are sitting in Carter's black Corvette, Carter says, "Lee, Snoopy is six inches taller than you," and you can faintly see the reflection of the boom mic in the windshield on Carter's side of the car.

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Continuity mistake: When Lee and Carter are buying clothes from the guy at the store, a woman in black pants starts to come down the stairs behind him, but after the camera turns away and cuts back to him, the woman that was coming down the stairs has disappeared.


Visible crew/equipment: Lee is hiding out in the back of the bar at the beginning while Carter is on the stage. Lee's cover is blown and you see him walk into the restroom. A camera man is reflected in the mirror.

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Kevin Brown

Continuity mistake: Carter and Lee enter the back parking lot witnessing Zhang Ziyi and crew hauling items into the truck. The shot where Ziyi, Carter and Lee confront each other, the lighting shows pimples on her forehead. The next continuing scene where she is in the back of the limo on the highway, her forehead is clear of pimples.

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Continuity mistake: When Carter is fighting Zhang Ziyi, after she stabs him in the chest with her sword and pushes Carter and the statue over, you can see that the statue is holding a plain wooden dowel. It doesn't have a sharp blade on it that you see in the next shot when it springs up and knocks her out.



Revealing mistake: When Lee and Carter are left hanging on the Chinese bamboo, Lee says, "It's very strong." Look closely at Carter's left arm, there is a safety wire running from the bamboo, down Carter's sleeve.

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Continuity mistake: When Jackie Chan is in his car after he thinks Chris Tucker is dead he plays the P. Diddy song 'Ill be missing you'. When he makes a call to the man it's at the start of the song. When the camera switches back to Chan at least a minute of the song has passed and when it switches back after going to that man again its near the end of the song in about 20 seconds.

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Continuity mistake: When Carter and Lee meets on the yacht some guards comes and tells Ricky Tan is waiting for them. Carter lifts up his arms fighting style. When it cuts his arms has changed position.


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Continuity mistake: When Lee asks the Chinese man behind the desk where 'Zeen' is he runs off. He then goes through a door and then through another door and you see him run into the yard outside. But when the shot changes to the yard you see him run through the second door again.

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