Mad Max: Fury Road

Other mistake: During Max's scrap with Furiosa he gets hold of what is a Glock, judging by the pattern of the grooves on the slide. The magazine is ejected and the remaining round in the chamber is fired at the truck as they fight. This would cause the slide of the Glock to lock back after the final round is fired. Moments later, Nux grabs the the magazine and holds it still while Max works the Glock over the top of it as he sits on top of Furiosa. To then chamber the top round, Max would only need to use his thumb to press the small slide release lever on the left side of the Glock. Instead, he reaches behind himself with the Glock in his hand and releases the slide in some fancy, indeterminable, and completely unnecessary way (perhaps by swiping the slide release lever against his boot), before firing some rounds next to Furiosa's head.

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