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The Age of Adaline (2015)

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Corrected entry: Ellis says he'll take Jenny out to dinner tomorrow. When they meet, he shows her the remains of a buried ship from the gold rush days. Then, when Ellis says they should eat, Jenny says she can't because she only gets an hour for lunch. Lunch? What happened to dinner?


Correction: Ellis didn't ask Jenny for dinner, he asked to take her out tomorrow, to somewhere she had never been before; and that was during the day - lunchtime. But, to be fair, we didn't know it was lunch until Jenny said she only got an hour for lunch and all that time had been taken up, seeing the boat.


Continuity mistake: Ellis leaves in in his dad's Jeep (model year 2005-2007) and in the very next scene he is driving a newer model.

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William Jones: Plato believed that every soul has a companion star that returns to after death... if you lived a moral life.

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Question: When Adaline gets arrested is it because she is she is suspected of being a communist or something else entirely?

Darth Crucible

Chosen answer: It was because she had used so many fake I.D. the F.B.I. had become suspicious, possibly believing she was involved in some type of criminal activity, which is often why people assume different identities.

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