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Continuity mistake: Nick Cage is chasing Mason in the yellow Ferrari. The windshield breaks at least twice, but is perfect in the next shot. (00:45:55)

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Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene, Mason is driving the stolen Hummer and he hits a meter maid truck sending it flying into a telephone pole and blowing it up. They slow down the film a little here and show us this hit from several different angles including from above. When they slow down the film you can see that the Hummer is turned sideways in the impact but in the next frame it drives off as if it had just tapped the meter truck and not slammed into it as shown.

Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie when Goodspeed and Marvin Isherwood are in the FBI lab trying to diffuse the gas bomb, when Goodspeed first walked into the chamber he stated his name, etc. he said that the time was 9:00am. However in the background you can see a clock that says the time is around 4:15. (00:08:35)

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Continuity mistake: During the Hummer chase scene, after the Hummer smashes into the truck with all the water jugs, you can see from a shot inside the Hummer that the windshield is cracked. For the rest of the chase, it isn't. (00:45:28)

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Continuity mistake: In the chase scene, Cage is in a real Ferrari F-355 at some points, but the car switches to a replica 'kit car' in various scenes. When it is crushed, you can see the fibreglass kit car body pop off to reveal the Pontiac Fiero guts. I heard our friends from Maranello were not impressed.

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Continuity mistake: During the movie when Mason is talking with his daughter in the park, his tie in one cut is tied differently then in another cut of the same scene. Look closely at the stripes.

Continuity mistake: When Nicholas points a gun at Connery on the balcony, he pulls the gun's hammer back. In the next shot it's not pulled back anymore. (00:39:45)

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Continuity mistake: During the chase scene, just before the Ferrari is destroyed by the trolley, you see Cage dive out of the car and a rear view of the trolley hitting the car. In this shot, you see the complete rear end of the Ferrari, with a blue pickup next to it. In the very next shot, the Ferrari is getting sandwiched between the trolley and the pickup.

Continuity mistake: When Nicholas Cage steals the motorcycle and is talking on the cellphone, the camera shows a close up. For a split second it shows the front tyre of the bike, and if you look closely the tyre is not turning.

Continuity mistake: When Hummel sends patrols in search of the SEAL Team, the Marine with the messed up hair-cut(the spanish guy with the "bun" on his head) stays behind and is watching the monitors. There are shots of him watching the monitors and saying "something's not right." Yet there are also shots of the Marines on the patrols, and he is one of them. The it cuts back to the monitor and he is the one that alerts the Marines the shower room has been breached.

Continuity mistake: As the seal team are about to enter the shower room, we see them cutting the sensor beam using two mirrors. In the next shot we see the seal removing both of the mirrors from the drain ready for incursion. In the shot in which they pull back the drain, one of the mirrors is still there.


Continuity mistake: When Goodspeed stabs himself in the heart with the syringe at the end, we see an aerial view of him lying on the ground, gasping. When he gets up to ignite the flares, the syringe is gone. You can't see it when he lands on his knees, and we don't see him pull it out.

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Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie when Ed Harris gets shot watch him fall. He lands on a mat then a second later you see him being dragged by Nicolas Cage and the mat is gone.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery are held prisoners in the cells in Alcatraz, Connery has made a rope and swings it for the first time, and the handle for one cell is brought down, opening the door of the cell beside Connery. However, when he tries for the second time and gets the correct handle, the handle used previously is back in its place, and not horizontal as it should have been.

Continuity mistake: As Mason escapes from the hotel, we see him running down the escalators to the kitchen. On his way down, he pushed over two waiters who fall, the waiter on our left falls onto his back on the close up shot, but as the shot changes to the wide shot we see him falling again onto his front.

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Continuity mistake: The number of jets flying towards The Rock were 6, there's only 4 jetplanes when they approach the Golden Gate bridge and the number of jets flying under the bridge is 5.

Continuity mistake: In addition to the incorrect time for the opening sequence in the chamber, in the initial close-up shot of Cage you can see a clock on the right. The two hands are both near the seven, so about twenty-to seven then. In the wideshot of him, the clock shows the time as quarter-to instead. The original twenty-to time is used for the rest of the scene.

Continuity mistake: In the Hummer chase scene, when Sean Connery hits the meter maid vehicle, it goes up in flames with the car it was smashed into being destroyed. Yet when the Police cars get there only seconds after, both car and meter maid vehicle are only smashed up and not on fire.

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Nicholas Cage is being shot at on the light house, he has the green vx in his hand. Then when he reaches for the chip, it's on the ground again.

Continuity mistake: When the Marines are at the Naval Weapons Depot, one of them drops the cylinder carrying the VX Poison Gas. They run out, and when the guy drops the canister (containing the cylinder of gas), the cylinder with the gas has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: As the Seal team are about to enter the shower room we see them using fibre-optics to scan the area prior to entry. As they move the fibre-optic round towards the sensor we see that the camera is level with the sensor. The view from the fibre-optic suggests they are above the sensor. The angle in which they where facing the sensor also changes.

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Continuity mistake: While in the chamber Isherwood shows his glove and says it is eating them. We see him looking through his helmet at the glove and it is covered in foam, however in the next shot from the outside, there is no foam at all. (00:09:55)

Ronnie Bischof
The Rock mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Nicolas Cage drives through the window in the yellow Ferrari and the shot changes, he is coming out from a different window than in the first shot. In the first shot he emerges from the window to the left of the 7th Street Garage storefront ('Classic Autos' written on the window), but next shot he emerges from the window to the storefront's right. Also, note the now glassless window to the storefront's left, due to a previous take.


Continuity mistake: When Ed Harris decides to shake things up by firing one of his rockets, the FBI radar tracks the trajectory and determines that it is heading to Oakland. More specifically, the rocket is heading to the Oakland Coliseum where there is a football game being played. But when the movie shows the rocket as it is flying towards its target, the rocket flies over a hill and we see the packed stadium - Candlestick/3Com Park in San Francisco.

Continuity mistake: When Sean Connery is in the interrogation room when there's all the commotion and everybody leaves, before he breaks the glass, you can see a yellow mark where he scores and then punches the glass.

Continuity mistake: When Goodspeed tries to call his girlfriend and tell her not to come to San Francisco, she tells him she is going and hangs up the phone on him. The phone and her are in front of a window with a skyline in the background. Goodspeed lived and worked in Washington DC, but the skyline in the window is that of Los Angeles. You can recognize LA's tallest building in the background, Library Tower.

Continuity mistake: After the shower scene, the bad marines are searching for Mason and Goodspeed. When the 2nd grenade explodes and the 2 are running away, Mason is in front but when the two dive into the water and the shot changes to from beneath the water Mason has somehow managed to get behind and on the other side of Goodspeed.

Continuity mistake: When Mason and Goodspeed make their way to the morgue, Mason disposes of a marine with his straight-as-an-arrow knife throw. Watch very carefully, as there is a split second during which the marine appears to sustain the impact of the knife, and we hear the sound of it. But there is no knife to be seen until the next shot, where he is gasping for breath and trying to pull the knife out of his neck.

Continuity mistake: When Goodspeed is on the roof of the lighthouse with the last pearl configuration of poison gas, one of the 'pearls' drops off the bottom. As he chases it across the roof, from the front shot he has his right hand outstretched. As he dives to grab at it, the shot switches to the side and it is his left hand that grabs the 'pearl'. The shot then immediately switches to a close up of his face and you can again see his right arm outstretched. (01:54:30)

Richard Holmes

Continuity mistake: In the hotel suite scene, when Mason has thrown Womack outside, Godspeed is aiming him a gun. At the beginning you can see it's a Beretta 92 but when he says "please, don't" and the shot changes, the gun becomes a Colt 45. Then the shot switches again and Godspeed is again holding a Beretta 92.

Continuity mistake: The deadline is at noon, but when Goodspeed is running to the lower lighthouse after the shootout with Hummel's guys, the skyline is either dawn or dusk.

Continuity mistake: After the underground shootout involving three of Ed Harris' men (as Mason and Goodspeed escape the morgue), the dead man in the cable car visibly blinks upon close-up.

Continuity mistake: When the SEAL team is onboard "Raider one" the pilot says "we're going dark" and SEAL commander gives them order to turn nightvision on. However, when camera shows the chopper from outside, there is a beacon light flashing in its tail. Trained Navy SEALS would never overlook this detail under any circumstances.


Continuity mistake: After the shower room scene where everyone's killed, Hummel and his men are checking out the bodies. They find a soldier who is still alive. Hummel then speaks in the camera on the marines left soldier. The film then cuts to the command center in San Fransisco. A man looking at a screen points at it and says "Look at this." In the shot, as he points to the screen you can clearly see it as being a radar screen, but in the next shot it turns to the screen with all the marines' camera's views on it.

Continuity mistake: When Mason pulls Goodspeed out of the water in the next scene they are both completely dry hair, clothes, face but when Goodspeed is picked up his hair, clothes and face are wet.

Continuity mistake: When Sean Connery breaks the window with his hand, the shape of the hole in the window changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie as Hummel visits his wife's grave, the rain changes from shot to shot, in some it's raining heavily, while in others barely at all. In the shot just before we see who's grave it is you can see blue sky behind Hummel.

Continuity mistake: The SEAL Team attempts to take the island in the cover of night. When Hummel expects invaders, he sends out patrols to look for them. In every shot of the patrol searches it is night. Except for one shot where it is pure daylight.

Continuity mistake: When Goodspeed is driving through the warehouse in his yellow convertible then smashes through the big glass window you'll notice that it's simply not possible. The window is about a foot off the ground, which means there would have to be a ramp. If you look closely there are two hinges at the bottom of the window which show where the ramp ends. The fact that there's a ramp at a dead-end window was poorly planted there by the crew.

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Stanley Goodspeed: I'll do my best.
John Mason: Your "best"! Losers always whine about their "best"! Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.
Stanley Goodspeed: Carla was the prom queen.
John Mason: Really?
[Goodpseed cocks his gun.]
Stanley Goodspeed: Yeah.



Nick Cage is chasing Mason in the yellow Ferrari. The windshield breaks at least twice, but is perfect in the next shot.



When Stanley introduces himself, Mason replies with "but of course you are". James Bond said the same thing to Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds are Forever, and both Bond and Mason were played by Sean Connery.