Back to the Future Part II

Corrected entry: When Marty is trying to recover the future copy of the sports almanac from the office of Mr. Strickland, he sees that inside the almanac's cover is a dirty magazine. ("Oh La La"). After Strickland leaves the office, Marty tears the almanac cover off, crumples it up, and throws it on the ground, leaving it there. Later, at the dance, BTTF2 Marty is knocked down by a door that is thrown open by the BTTF1 Marty and Biff sees the, now intact with no crumpled cover, almanac inside Marty's leather jacket. Biff then takes it, never replacing the Oh La La inside with the almanac contents.

01:21:00 - 01:40:00

Correction: That was actually the dust cover from the almanac that Marty tore off; Biff hid the copy of "Oh La La" inside the dust cover while keeping the almanac hidden inside his jacket. BTTF2 Marty took the almanac back shortly after Biff was knocked out by George; the almanac minus its dust cover was what Biff stole back from Marty.


Corrected entry: When Marty buys the sports almanac, how does he get the money to do it? Considering a Pepsi costs 50 bucks, the almanac probably costs several hundred dollars. How many teens from the 1980's just happened to have that amount of money in their wallet at any given moment? He didn't get the money from Doc since Doc didn't even know he bought it until after the fact.


Correction: He used his thumb. We see Future Biff use his thumb to pay for the taxi.

Corrected entry: Marty sees himself talking to his parents one last time before his other self goes to meet Doc at the clock tower. At this point Biff steps up to Marty and comments on his disguise. The problem here is that in the first movie Biff is never seen again after George punches him. If he had woken up he would have been there to confront the first Marty at the door after telling his parents about the burned carpet, or even George for hitting him. So what happened to Biff the first time if he wasn't there when '55 Marty walked out the door?

Correction: The simple answer is 'because in the first movie things didn't happen that way'. By turning up in 1955, the versions of Marty and Doc from this movie changed the way events played out in very minor ways. A big plot point in this section of the film is Doc's instruction to Marty to stay out of the way as much as possible and ensure events eventually play out the same way as in the first film, so that George knocks out Biff then kisses Lorraine at the dance, and the 'original' Marty makes it to the clock tower none-the-wiser. Biff only went looking for the 'second' Marty because he noticed him after he came around from being knocked out by George (when he stole the almanac). This didn't have happen in the first movie's timeline, likewise Marty didn't stop and notice three unconscious members of Biff's gang when he left the stage. This is entirely consistent with the BTTF trilogy's depiction of how time travel works.

Corrected entry: After Doc and Marty leave the cafe 80's to get Jennifer back from her 2015 house, you see old Biff retrieve the sports almanac from the trash can, he then audibly says "so Doc Brown invented a time machine!" Next scene in the DeLorean, Doc says he thought he saw something in his rear display, a shot of a yellow cab is then displayed. No way for old to Biff get a cab and catch up so fast, as the DeLorean had been parked in an alleyway, with no cab in sight.

John D 619

Correction: Yes but he knew exactly where they were going because he was listening to their conversation. He could have told the cab driver where to go and when he saw the DeLorean told the driver to follow it.

Corrected entry: When the "old Biff" steals the time machine in 2015, as Doc and Marty attempt to retrieve Jennifer, it shouldn't be possible for Biff to return to the world that exists around him, as he gets out of the car back in 2015. Doc, Marty, Jennifer, and the world around them ALL should no longer exist, while still trying to escape from 2015. An alternate time line should have been created the moment "old Biff" left 1955. (Thus, Doc's explanation to Marty via the chalkboard explaining an "Alternate Reality"). This all started in 1985, and one result of old Biff's ventures, we learn that Doc is committed to an institution and couldn't even invent, or at least complete, the time machine by October 26th, 1985, which is the starting date of the initial film.


Correction: It is pointed out in all 3 films that the time lines aren't altered immediately (e.g. In the first film, Marty and his siblings fade out of the photograph that he holds, rather than just simply disappear). Just because Doc didn't invent the time machine doesn't mean someone else didn't instead (it is possible Marty did it himself using Doc's notes).

Andy Benham 6979

Corrected entry: In 2015 when the police get 1985 Jennifer to her home it's daylight, and they say "it's gonna be night time when we get there" but if they are flying that trip should be only a few minutes.


Correction: Doc, Marty, and Jennifer arrived in 2015 at 4:29 PM, already later in the afternoon. Doc also mentions that the skyway was jammed, meaning it would take flying cars longer than normal to arrive at their destinations. It's perfectly plausible that it could be dusk/dark by the time the police get 1985 Jennifer to her "future" home.

Corrected entry: Doc and Marty could not know where the 2015 Marty lives and go there to get 1985 Jenifer.


Correction: Doc's clearly done a lot of research into Marty's family, knowing what happens to them, who his kids are, etc. Knowing where he lives would be part of that.

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty are in the altered 1985 where Biff is in charge we find out that Doc Brown has been in jail for quite a while. Shouldn't the Delorian have started to fade because Doc never built it? That's what happened to Marty in the first movie.

Correction: The series establishes that it takes several days to a week or more before changes start to retroactively impact the timeline. Just like when Marty and Jennifer went to the future, they would have to be in the alternate 1985 for quite some time before the DeLorean began to fade out of existence.

Corrected entry: When Biff and his gang crash through the windows of the clock tower with their hover boards, Marty goes to give his back to the little girl, but she says "keep it, I've got a pitball now" and shows him Biff's hover board. Only problem is it's still in the clock tower wreckage, attached to the other 3.

Correction: There's a split second shot of the Pitbull leaving Griff's feet and flying away. The direction it went and how far isn't shown. It could easily have gone where the little girl could pick it up.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Marty confronts Biff in 2015 and asks when, where, and how he got the sports almanac, Biff retrieves it from a safe and a lock box and carefully shows it to Marty. Because the almanac contained results from sporting events through the end of the century (the year 2000), it would have been rendered worthless 15 years before and would therefore no longer need to be kept in a safe, if even at all.


Correction: No, this scene takes place in 1985 (Marty and Doc were trying to return home from 2015 and discovered the "bad" 1985 instead of theirs), so the almanac still contains fifteen years' worth of future information.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Marty goes to the cemetery, it says his dad was born in 1930 and died in 1973. If the Enchantment Under the Sea dance [George's senior prom] was in 1955, that would have made him 25 at the time.

Correction: I just saw that scene it clearly reads born in 1938, making him 17 in 1955.

Corrected entry: When Old Biff hands Young Biff the Almanac, the book passes through the film split (the vertical bar that divides the windshield) perfectly because it was on a motorized rig. But the stand-in for Old Biff didn't hold his arm at the right height, so Old Biff's arm disappears into the bar that runs down the middle of the window while the book floats across to Young Biff.

Correction: No it doesn't. The arm is below the windshield, that is why it can't be seen. The tip of the hand is perfectly visible, with no missing parts.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: Considering the sports almanac contains 50 years of statistics in all major sports, it is very small and thin, about the size of a magazine. This would work if it only contained major sporting event results (super bowl, world series) but obviously it doesn't. It has results from horse races in small towns like Hill Valley listed and regular season college football scores. The font size of the printing in the book would literally have to be microscopic in order to contain all the info it does. Even college football alone, listing just Division 1 teams, would require several hundred pages.


Correction: Based on the information in the film, we actually know very little about the almanac itself. It could just be a local or regional publication, and therefore focus on a limited range of scores/results. Granted, the font would have to be quite small, but not unmanageable (especially if there were no graphics).


Corrected entry: When Marty's son walks by young Jennifer in the hallway of his home, he thinks is the older Jennifer and says "Hi mom, nice pants". Later at dinner, Marty Sr. and Lorraine are talking about how Jennifer is late coming home. Marty Jr. is sitting right there and doesn't even mention how he just saw his mom in the hallway.


Correction: He's a teenage boy. Not always the most observant or helpful.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the year 2015, Marty's daughter Marlene is telling Lorraine that the reason the scenery channel isn't working is because the scene screen repairman called Marty a chicken and Marty threw him out of the house. Why would the repairman call Marty a chicken? Nothing at all makes sense about this, what could possibly provoke a repairman to call the owner of the home he was working in a chicken ? Even if Marty was rude to him, it would make more sense to just call him a jerk, not a chicken. Calling him a chicken likely means he was goading him into a fight and there is no logical reason for some repairman to want to pick a fight with someone he is servicing.


Correction: As we have no information regarding what happened, it is somewhat absurd to attempt to base a mistake on personal speculation regarding a trivial conversation that took place off-screen. It is unlikely, yes, that a repairman would call a client a chicken, however, as we are not made aware of any other details of the incident, it certainly cannot be said that it could not have happened.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: After Marty burns the sports almanac, it is only burning for a few moments before it begins to pour rain. There was not enough time to burn the whole book, considering he started the fire with some cheap matches and no gas or lighter fluid to make it burn faster. Some of the pages may have survived. There would have been water damage from the rain on the remaining pages for sure, but a few pages may have still survived and have been legible enough for a passerby (or maybe even the western union guy) to be able to read and use to make bets.


Correction: Yes, but since Marty and Doc see the timeline change in response, it was enough to do the job.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where Doc lands the DeLorean in pouring rain in 2015, after a while the rain stops, and it is sunny and you can see the clock tower is in full light when Marty looks at the newspaper. But when Marty, after putting on his new clothes, walks on the street, it is cloudy again.

Correction: As the submitter mentions the rain stops suddenly and it's sunny. Apparently there are some rapidly-moving clouds in the area; altogether possible for it to be overcast again within a few seconds.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: The cooling vents on the back of the DeLorean change between silver and black throughout the film. A clear example of this is the first landing scene of the DeLorean in the alley in 2015.

Correction: It's not silver, it's frost. The car freezes whenever it goes forward in time.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Marty and Doc successfully save Marty's son from going to prison in 2015, the USA Today headline spontaneously changes while Marty holds it. If this is possible, then, when Biff steals the DeLorean to deliver the almanac to his younger self, Marty and Doc's memories would be instantly replaced by those of the alternate 1985 - which would mean that Marty would not be baffled by bars on his windows or locks on his gate when he arrives back home there. In fact, they wouldn't have returned to that house at all.

Correction: Throughout the course of the three films physical objects change but Doc and Marty retain the bulk of their memories from alternate time lines, apparently protected from time line changes. Since it's all science fiction we'll have to assume it works the way it is shown in the film.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Marty goes to the new 1985 and goes into the house he thinks is his, a Dirty Dancing poster can be seen on the girl's bedroom wall. Dirty Dancing was not released until 1987.

Correction: This is a very altered version of 1985, so it doesn't have to conform to the original timestream. For instance, Biff may now be responsible for providing the funding that gets the movie made earlier.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Towards the beginning, when Marty returns to 1985 and walks up to Biff's hotel he runs into the town drunk and refers to him as "Red." Red was the mayor in 1955, shown in the first movie when a campaign van is driving around the town square saying "Re-elect Mayor Red Wilson".

Correction: This is not trivia, this is part of the plot.


Corrected entry: How did 2015 Biff know how to operate the time machine well enough to get himself back to see 1955 Biff? He learns about the existence of the time machine from an overheard conversation, which does not include any details of how to set the time circuits nor the requirement to accelerate the car to 88 mph in order to start the time jump.

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. Given that the time circuits are not that complicated (it's a keypad with a display clearly marked DESTINATION) and that Biff also saw the time machine in use in 1985, it might not have taken him very long to figure out: 1. Punch in numbers and 2. Go fast. Not that he needed a short amount of time to figure out. This is a time machine, after all. He could have stolen the Delorean and then spent weeks figuring it out, with Doc and Marty none the wiser as long as he returned it to a time moments after he stole it. Not to mention that Doc may have left materials (like the videotape of the Delorean's test run from the first film) in the car that could have facilitated Biff's figuring it out.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: After Marty gets a crack shot on wild gunman, the screen is black. But when you see the arcade machine, just before Marty Jr. says, "Griff, guys, hey,"you see the screen is on.


Correction: There are twenty seconds between the two shots in question. The 30+-year-old machine could simply have been resetting itself after Marty had scored his "crack shot."

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene in 2015 where the future Lorraine and George McFly come to eat dinner at Marty and Jennifer's house, Lorraine cooks a pizza in a toaster oven. After cooking for 3-4 seconds, Lorraine removes the pizza, which is sizzling hot. However, Lorraine removes the hot pizza with her bare hands without burning herself.

Correction: This is the future. The technology must exist to create a pan that doesn't absorb heat in the hydrator (not toaster oven).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Doc puts Jennifer to sleep because she was asking too many questions about her future, and according to him, no-one should know too much about their future. But when they have landed in 2015, Doc doesn't see anything wrong with telling Marty, at length, what is going to happen to Marty in his future.

Correction: Character decision, not a movie mistake. Marty is already completely informed about the time machine. Doc is taking a calculated risk that the 1985 Marty can fix this one event (that ruins his kid's lives) without severely disrupting the existing time line (from 1985 to 2015). Doc does not disclose any information to Marty about his future, only about the future of Marty's kids. Putting Jennifer to sleep with the hopes of making her think it was all a dream would ensure that she does nothing to disrupt the time line.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In Back to the Future 1 after Marty goes to 1955, you see a sign that says "Hill Valley 2 Miles". Later in the movie, Marty talks to George and Lorraine then walks out the door. The next scene you see Marty with Doc in his 1985 explaining that he needed to change his clothes, and than there is the whole sequence where Marty goes back to 1985. In 1955, in Back to the Future 2, Marty is standing outside the gym when Biff approaches him. Marty is knocked down by his earlier self, and Biff steals the Almanac. Then Marty steals the Almanac, burns it, sees Doc get struck by lightning, receives the telaeraph, runs 2 miles back to Hill Valley, just to meet Doc after his previous self goes back to 1985. How is it possible for on Marty to do the thing previously stated, while the other one dresses and drives to the Clock Tower, taking up the same amount of time?

Correction: You explained the nit yourself. We don't know how long it took for Marty to change into his 1985 clothes in Part 1... we only know that according to Doc, Marty was late in meeting him. Marty may have gone back to Doc's house to get his clothes, adding some time.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When 1985 Marty first puts on the "future jacket," the sleeves are really long (can't see his hands or anything), but after Doc comes up (and before he pushes the button to make it fit) you can see Marty's fingertips, and the jacket only goes up a short bit.

Correction: Marty is holding the sleeves up. That's why you see his fingers.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the Cafe 80's scene, when the future Marty has ordered a Pepsi and Griff walks in, the Pepsi bottle changes from in his hands to on the counter several times between shots.

Correction: He is holding it the entire time. There are other bottles on the counter.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: The two theories of time travel displayed in the Back to the Future series seem to conflict with each other. In the first movie, Marty changes history to create a future where he was never born, and as a result he begins to fade out of existence. In the second movie, Biff changes history to create a future where Marty is away at boarding school, but rather than fading into his new timeline, Marty stays exactly the same. There are now two Martys, one from 1985 (Marty 1) and one from 1985A (Marty 2). If that's the case, then Marty should have stayed exactly the same in the first movie (Marty 1) and returned to an alternate universe where his other self (Marty 2) was never born.

Correction: The first movie also establishes that the irreversible changes in the timeline are not instantaneous. Marty was in 1955 for a week before he started fading away. He was only in 1985A for a few hours.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Marty is talking to the Doc when he is in the back of Biff's car, it shows the present Doc with the past Doc's hair (i.e. the actor has the wrong wig on). It cuts back to Marty, then back to the Doc, where he still has the past Doc's hair. When it cuts back to the Doc a third time, he has the present Doc's hairstyle.


Correction: No such thing. First, since the only two scenes Christopher Lloyd played "young Doc" (when "old Doc" runs into him and when Marty runs around the corner) both took place at the clock tower at night, there would be no reason for the actor to wear the wrong wig. Secondly, "young Doc" has wavy, blond hair while "old Doc" has white hair. The Doc talking to Marty on the walkie not only has white hair, it's the same white hair. The only difference in the shots you're mentioning is that the wind is blowing in the third of the shots.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the scene where Marty has to duck and move past the car with his other self and Lorraine inside the car, he hears his other self ask Lorraine if she smoked too, in which she replied, "You're beginning to sound just like my mother." Then Marty hears his other self say, "Yeah right.". Problem is, in the first Back To The Future, after Lorraine said that, Marty never said "Yeah right."

Correction: We don't know that. In the first movie, after Lorraine says her line, Marty gives her a quick look and it cuts to another scene. He may very well have said "Yeah right" after the cut.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Doc runs to the end of the alley and takes out his hi-tech binoculars you can't see Marty by the De Lorean down the alley.

Correction: This is because Marty is bending down into the car, out of view.

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty are in Doc's house in the alternate 1985, Doc sets up Einstein's doggie bed and the dog jumps in. From one angle he starts to turn around to his right, but in the reverse shot he turns to his left.


Correction: Have a look next time you see a dog doing this - the circle rapidly one way, then reverse, then reverse again, and finally settle down. That's exactly what Einstein is doing.

Corrected entry: Every time the same actor is playing two people (eg old Biff and young Biff), the line from the splitscreen is covered by something (the framing on the car, a pole).

Correction: This isn't trivia, it's just vague guesswork - when Marty picks up his 'son' behind the bar of the diner, or when old Marty and his two kids have pizza there is nothing to 'hide' the split, it just goes through the frame somewhere between them.


Corrected entry: In one scene, Doc Brown says that the year 1955 might be the junction point for the entire space/time continuum. 1955 WAS a big year for space travel, as it was the year that President Eisenhower entered America into a competition to send up a sattelite by 1957.(Our sattelite was called Project Vanguard; Russia won with Sputnik). Thus the space race actually started in 1955.

Correction: Interesting, but not really related to this movie, or even time-travel in general.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Doc and Marty learn the date when Biff was given the Almanac. It turns out that this is also the date of the events in the first film. Doc then surmises that they will not only have to avoid detection by Old Biff but also by their 'other' selves. All that considered, does it not seem a little reckless to return to that date? They have a Time Machine, and the book is useless to Biff until he turns 21 which would be 1958 at the latest. That's a whole three years and Doc could have chosen from any day he wanted to retrieve the book but he picks the day where they run the greatest risk of screwing up time even more. Given that he's always lecturing on the consequences of messing with time, and that their entire future depends on him succeeding, it seems a little out of character for Doc to not even consider the possibility that they go back to a different day.

Correction: It's a calculated risk on Doc's part. On that day, they know where Biff is, they know that the almanac will be out in the open and far easier to get. If they leave it until later, Biff will have had a chance to hide the book away somewhere, making it potentially impossible to locate. And while Biff might not yet be twenty-one, it wouldn't preclude him doing an illicit deal with somebody over that age to place bets on his behalf, thus altering the future. If they go back to the day when he gets the book, it avoids any possibility of Biff altering the timeline. It does open up the possibility of them causing problems, but given that they're both aware of the situation, plus know precisely where their prior selves will be on that night, the risk is relatively minor compared to allowing Biff to hold onto the book for any extended period of time. As for considering this, Doc undoubtedly did, but showing a long-winded justification on-screen would have been somewhat dull and would simply have broken up the flow of the film.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: According to Emmet brown, if someone meet with his alternate ego, it will faint or create a "time paradox" that will destroy time, however Biff talks and interact with his alternate ego with no problem.

Correction: First, Doc says this as a warning to Marty; that it *may* happen, not that it *must*. Second, Biff *does* create a time paradox that destroys time. That's why there is an alternate 1985 when Doc and Marty go back. Biff has destroyed the original timeline.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After Marty burns the almanac in 1955, he looks at the newspaper that he has with him and sees that it is changing. One of the stories that changes is "Nixon to Seek Fifth Term; Vows End to Vietnam War by 1985" to "Reagan to Seek Second Term; No Republican Challengers Expected." Reagan wasn't looking for a second term in 1985 because he won it in 1984.

Correction: The paper is not from 1985, he just got it in 1985.

Corrected entry: You have to really listen carefully but when the Doc says "Griff's gonna ask you about tonight" he says "Biff" by accident.


Correction: Character mistake. The names are so similar, and Doc is more accustomed to saying "Biff".

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: As Marty sees his other self talking to his parents, Biff appears and challenges Marty to a fight. When Marty walks away Biff calls him a chicken. Marty walks up to Biff and when he says "Nobody calls me chicken" he gets hit by the door and even though you hear the word chicken, Marty's mouth doesn't move when he says it.

Correction: Marty's mouth moves when he says the first part of the word, then he is getting hit by the door as he continues talking, so that's why his mouth can't be seen moving for the rest of it.

Corrected entry: When Marty is back in 1955, he goes to Strickland's office to get the almanac back. He looks through the window, and sees Strickland sitting in his chair with the almanac. He is looking through some sort of mesh on the window. When he goes into the office, the mesh is gone.

Correction: The wire in the glass is always there. It can be seen by looking closely. It's just not as obvious in shots where the window is in the background because the wire is thin and the silver color of it tends to make it blend in with the glass at a distance.

Corrected entry: When Biff and Marty discuss the Almanac in the Alternate 1985, a magazine is visible. This is the March 1989 issue of "Mustang."

Correction: They are discussing a "book" that is brought back from the future while in an alternate universe of sorts, but another book dated a few years ahead in time is out of the question? They have a time machine at their disposal, and could have brought back any item they wanted, as it is illustrated that they did indeed travel forward in time to an "antique" shop in the future.


Corrected entry: You'll need slow-mo and pause for this one. When Griff's three mates throw down their hover boards they actually throw them beyond the camera, then digital super-imposed ones land in front of them. Watch closely at the girl's board (on the right) it's transparent, then the guy in the middle jumps beyond the camera and again super-imposed legs land on the hover board.


Paul Andrews

Correction: Slow-mo AND pause? This is so difficult to see even when using slow-motion that this certainly does not class as a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Marty does the "switcheroo" in the hotel stairwell to avoid rich Biff's thugs, a crew member's shadow is easily visible at the spot Marty jumps to. This can be seen right before the camera pans upwards to reveal Marty a few flights up running towards the roof.

Correction: I've watched this over and over again in slow-motion. The extra shadow also belongs to Marty. Marty has more than one shadow due to the lights from the stairwell shone all around him. The way this extra shadow moves matches Marty's movements perfectly.

Corrected entry: When old Jennifer and young Jennifer see each other in 2015, they faint. (Earlier on Doc mentioned that if they saw each other, either the space time continuum would stop, or something like that or they would merely faint.) This being so, then how come when old Biff and young Biff see each other in 1955, neither of them faint.

Correction: The 2015 Biff knows he is going back to meet his old self, obviously, because he is doing it, and 1955 Biff doesn't recognise 2015 Biff as a version of himself - he refers to his old self as 'that crazy old codger with a cane.'

Corrected entry: When Marty is watching his other self talking to his parents, Biff's shadow can be seen on the wall. He is waiting for his cue.

Correction: The only time Biff's shadow is visible is a split second before he comes on camera. This is quite natural, as he is walking up to Marty at the time. It might ruin the surprise a little, but there is no reason why his shadow should not be there.


Corrected entry: When Lorraine is telling Marty, "That was very interesting .... music.", watch her lips. Her mouth and the words don't match.

Correction: I just watched that shot repeatedly, and saw nothing wrong with her mouth movements. They matched the words just fine.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Marty is watching his other self talking to his parents (his other self just played Johnny B. Goode), he is watching through the door, when suddenly Biff turns up and they argue. When they are about three feet away from each other (just enough space for a door to be opened) you see Marty blinking his eye, because he expects the door to be slammed open, and the Marty from the first film rushes out.

Correction: There is no mistake here. Marty is expecting the door to be slammed open because he remembers how he left the building. The timing might seem funny, but he could have remembered just at that second.

Corrected entry: When Marty's daughter answers the door she lets in Grandma Lorraine and Grampa George. Lorraine says that she brought pizza for everyone. Marlene says "who's going to eat all of that" and Grampa George says "I will." Yet, when the pizza is hydrated, Grampa George is not in the kitchen at the table or in any of the following house scenes.

Correction: Any number of explanations. Grandpa George could have been in the bathroom, for all we know.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty are on their way to get the Jennifer of 1985 Doc says "Damn this traffic. Jennifer, that is the old Jennifer, usually gets home around this time." However Marty of 2015, when his mother asks where Jennifer is, says he doesn't know and that she should have been home hours ago. I don't think it took Doc and Marty hours to get to the house so Doc was way off with his calculation.

Correction: The time a person "usually" gets home is not the same as the time a person gets home on a particular day. The family expected her home hours earlier THAT DAY. That doesn't mean they expected her home hours earlier EVERY day.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: Marty of 2015 is in the kitchen with his mother and two kids. We hear a phone ringing. Marty takes the call in the den and gives a verbal command "hello, in here please" as the words "incoming call" are flashing. After Needles hangs up we see and hear "thank you for using AT&T". Right after that, without any phone ringing, incoming call flashing, or Marty giving a verbal command to accept the call, his boss just pops up on the screen. Since the screen is two-way this would be an incredible invasion of privacy. The phone needed to ring and Marty needed to give a verbal authorization in order for his boss to be received.

Correction: Given that this is a fictional movie set in the future, there is no way to be sure how their video phone system works. Perhaps Marty's boss has some type of override to where he can talk to his employees directly in just this sort of situation. After all, if you just did something where you know you could get fired from your job, would you want to talk to you boss? Probably not.

Corrected entry: In 1955, Biff is told by Terry (the mechanic) that the bill for fixing his car after the manure accident was $302. Even deducting the $80 charged by Old Man Jones for hauling the manure away, that would be $222 just for a little bodywork and an inside valet. That's pretty expensive for today, let alone for 1955. I doubt that buying the car itself would have cost Biff much more than $300, especially since it's a 1940s model - so he can't have got it new. (Or perhaps he inherited it, along with the money he had: he lived with his grandma, so his parents were presumably dead). Since the same dirty accident befell him again later that very day, did he then try to minimize the bill by cleaning the car out himself? Perhaps that's how he got started on valeting cars for a living.

Correction: With labor fees going through the roof nowadays, even little dings and dents from very minor traffic accidents can cost sometimes even in the thousands to have repaired. Considering Biff obviously sustained some minor car damage from first striking the manure truck, not to mention the labor and such to remove all the manure itself, $300 seems fairly appropriate for what something like that would have cost in 1955.

Corrected entry: Why is it that when in the first film when Doc grabs the door handle of the time machine when it comes back to normal time with Einstein in it and gets hurt by the extreme cold, but when he grabs the hood of the DeLorean in the second film to give Marty the walkie-talkie, he doesn't have a reaction at all?

Correction: This is a question, not a plot hole. And to answer, the DeLorean has been to the future at this point, where it could have gotten any number of modifications we don't know about (we see the hover conversion and Mr. Fusion, but who's to say he didn't do something about the freezing? Maybe some kind of instant heater if the car drops below a certain temperature?).

Nick N.

Corrected entry: Marty, Jennifer, and Doc Brown travel to the year 2015. Shortly after landing the Delorean in an alley, if you look at the wall that leads out of it, you will see spray-painted on a wall the words "Class of '16".

Correction: It is quite common to refer to your future senior year of graduation, even while you're a freshman - so a freshman in September of '80 is part of the Class of '84, and that is what he/she will think of for the next four years.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Doc takes Marty and Jennifer "back to the future", we see the DeLorean float up and make the usual sparks and fire trails in the air as it makes the time jump. The fire trails are below the car as if the tires were also in their original positions. They aren't - they are tucked up horizontally.

Correction: As seen in various shots throughout the trilogy, most notably the first time the Delorean jumps through time in the first movie, the fire isn't coming from the wheels, but some sort of vent located just behind the rear wheels. Even though the wheels have moved for the car's flight mode, those vents may have stayed in their previous position, leaving the trails beneath the car as it is in the film.

Corrected entry: When Marty and the Doc arrive in 2015, it is 4:29AM. However, when they arrive in Hill Valley, the sun comes out from behind a cloud, high in the sky.

Correction: Actually, Doc says it's 4:29 PM, not AM.

Corrected entry: When Marty is on the roof with Biff in the new 1985 he jumps off the roof onto the DeLorean. Yet when he jumps off you don't hear one sound of him hitting the car.


Correction: We aren't supposed to hear him hitting the car. The producers were just trying to create a little bit of suspense to give us that "What's going to happen next?" feeling. If we heard Marty hitting the car, the suspense wouldn't exist.

Corrected entry: When the DeLorean travels forward through time at the beginning of the first movie, it gets covered in ice. During all other subsequent time travel, this does not happen.

Brian C Friesner

Correction: It does happen again, it's just harder to notice. For all we know it only affects the car on very short time travel trips, with the car being warmer the further back or forward it goes.


Corrected entry: When the DeLorean crashes into the dustbin we get a shot of Marty going to see Dr. Brown get out. The DeLorean seems to have moved a bit backwards down the drive when Dr.Brown gets out.

Correction: The DeLorean had a standard transmission (we see Marty hit the clutch several times in Part 1), so it's likely that the hover-converted model did too, and as such, rolled down the inclined driveway before Doc had a chance to get out.


Corrected entry: When Marty and the Doc are chatting in 1985A, they say they cannot go back to 2015 because it will be the alternate 2015. If that's true, how did old Biff take the time machine back to the Doc and Marty in 2015 after giving himself the almanac?

Correction: This happened for the same reason that the picture in part I takes more than a week to fade away. The changes in the timeline don't happen all at once (otherwise Marty would have ceased to exist the moment he pushed George out of the way in part I). Biff returned to 2015 before the new timeline existed. But by the time Marty and Doc got to 1985A, the changes Biff made in the 1950s already took effect.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: In most movies streets are wet at night time (because they look better, photograph better), but the road surfaces are wet inside Biff's grandmother's garage, and inside the tunnel before the storm.


Correction: It is logical for it to be wet inside a garage and inside a tunnel. In both of these places, water can condense very easily.

Corrected entry: Marty and Doc need to go to Biff's casino hotel to find out the exact date of when old Biff gave the almanac to young Biff. However, the time circuits tell where they most recently were in time. So after old Biff came back to 2015 after stealing the time machine, they should have noticed that he had gone to 1955 to give the almanac away.

Correction: It seems the time circuits only log the last time jump. However, Doc and Marty didn't notice the time had changed until they had gone to 1985. This would have knocked 1955 from the time circuits display. In terms of why either of them didn't see it in 2015, they were probably too worried about getting Jennifer back to the right time. In addition, it was shown that the time circuit numbers were messing up. Doc could've thought it was just acting up.

Corrected entry: When Lorraine and Biff are arguing in the 'bad 1985', she starts walking and takes off a shoe. When he throws her to the ground, she's got both shoes on again.

Correction: Lorraine doesn't actually take her shoe off. If you watch carefully when she's walking she looses her footing slightly coursing her shoe to slip. She then reaches down and straightens it but doesn't take it off.

Corrected entry: The crashed Parkers' car is not the same car they had in first movie, when Jenn's dad came to take her - it has round lights, the previous one had rectangular.

Correction: Marty is no longer in his "first" timeline because he altered the past, so any changes between the "first" present and the "new" present should be allowed.

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty arrive in the alternate 1985, they drop off Jennifer and Marty goes to his house as if nothing is different (sans the bars Marty notices on her windows). But after Marty finds out it isn't his house, the streets are filled with destroyed cars, chalk outlines, gunshots are heard everywhere, and houses are on fire. Did they miss all this during the drive in?


Correction: There's not much mess in Lyon Estates (the neighborhood Marty's family lives in). It is the road between Lyon Estates and Hill Valley (2 miles long) that is full of crashed cars and everything else.

Corrected entry: As Marty and Doc fly away from Biffs hotel, Doc enters the Nov.12.1955 date then seconds later is shown to be switching on the circuits. Doc even says "Time circuits on" as he does this. The problem is that the circuits have to be already on in order to enter the destination date (as shown in BTTF 1).

Correction: Just because you always see the time circuits on when the date is being entered doesn't necessarily mean the date cannot be entered with the circuits off.

Corrected entry: Marty says to Doc after the famous courthouse crash, "Look at the newspaper, it's changing." Actually, it starts changing several seconds after Doc looks at it.

Correction: Marty says "Doc, the newspaper's changed." He's referring to the one in his hand, which has already changed. He does not tell Doc to look at the newspaper in the DeLorean. Doc's paper takes longer to change because not all changes happen at the same time.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Griff starts a fight with Marty in the future in the 80s cafe, he pulls out some kind of expandable baseball bat. We see that the bat is solid, yet when Griff winds up to whack Marty, the bat noticeably bends backward with the windup. An obvious rubber prop.

Correction: The bat is not solid. It is hollow and telescopes like an antenna on a car. Ever notice your antenna on your car on the highway? It bends from the wind just like his bat bends from the force of swinging it.

Corrected entry: The old Biff gets the Almanac in 2015, steals the DeLorean, heads to 1955, gives the almanac to his younger self, and then heads back into the future, right? According to the Back To The Future way of explaining how time works and how events change the future, shouldn't he have gone back to the ALTERNATE future, instead of the future he left?

Correction: According to the BTTF films, it takes time for the effect of the time travellers actions to affect the traveller themselves. Therefore old Biff should still be able to travel back to the original future. A deleted scene from BTTF II shows old biff fading into thin air. This was to show that his actions in the past had taken effect. This presumably would've happened to Marty in the first film if he hadn't got his parents back together.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Doc is hovering the Delorean behind Biff's car, as Marty puts his feet on the hoverboard, the camera overtakes the Delorean, the driver of which is not Doc. Whoever it is simply puts his hand up towards the camera, to cover his face (but just slightly too late).


Correction: I looked carefully at his face. He looked like Christopher Lloyd to me.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Biff gets the sports almanac from "Gramps" Biff in his garage, Gramps gives Biff the sports almanac. Biff looks at it, makes a dumb comment and then gets slapped for it, then tosses it in the backseat. But you'll notice Gramps still has the almanac in his hands and uses the book to show the results of the UCLA game. When Biff is given the book for the second time, it is tossed in the backseat again.


Correction: Not a mistake. After Biff tosses the book back the first time, it is shown landing on Marty, and we see Gramp's hand as he says "You fool.", signalling that he has reached back for it.

Corrected entry: When the Doc, Marty and Jennifer are in the alleyway, when they have just arrived in the future, they are about to leave the unconscious Jenifer at the side of the alley. A red futuristic car drives past the end of the alley a number of times. It is the same car.

Correction: There are at least two different cars passing by - the rear of the cars have noticeable differences.

Corrected entry: In the original BTTF, the band leader's hand is injured when he calls his cousin, but right after Marty climbs up the ladder, you can see that both of his hands are fine.

Correction: The band leader's hand still has a bandage on it. If you zoom in on his right hand you can see it.

Corrected entry: Marty throws his hat on the videogame in the Cafe '80's. When the Young Marty arrives, Marty hides himself without taking his hat, and it's no longer on the video game.


Correction: There's one shot where the hat, on the left side of the video game, is out of frame. The rest of the time when the video game is shown, the hat is just where it should be.


Corrected entry: Marty finds himself in Biff's extension of the clock tower in 1985. Marty is waken up by Lorraine. She has shoes on her feet. When she is hit by Biff and she falls on the ground, she has no shoes on.


Correction: It's hard to see, but if you look frame by frame, you can see that she falls out of her shoes when she falls down.


Corrected entry: The money ratio in 2015 seems incorrect. When Doc sends Marty into Cafe 80's he hands him a $50 for a Pepsi. In another scene when Marty is walking outside, Old Terry asks Marty for $100 to save the clock tower. Usually a soft drink would cost more than what a man waving a can would ask for. Then when old Biff gets out of the taxi, his total comes to $174.50. According to the price of a Pepsi, doesn't this taxi ride seem cheap?

Correction: Two things: the Pepsi/donation ratio isn't that odd; if you paid a dollar for a Pepsi, giving a couple of bucks to help a local landmark is pretty normal. The taxi fare only seems 'incorrect' compared to what we're used to now. Cab rides are expensive due to wages, gas prices, vehicle upkeep, and other expenses; perhaps they've found a way to keep those costs down.


Corrected entry: In the DVD version, if you watch the deleted scenes, it shows old Biff Tannen returning to the future after giving himself the almanac and then being erased from history, probably because Lorraine shot and killed him in 1995. Here is the hugest paradox ever. If Lorraine shot and killed Biff in 1995, then how could Biff grow up to be old Biff and steal the Delorean and give his younger self the almanac in the first place? Also, immediately after old Biff gave his 1955 self the almanac, shouldn't old Biff have immediately been erased from existence while still in the year 1955?

Correction: It has been firmly established in the BTTF world that, acording to the temporal laws that the film makers have adopted, it takes time for the effect of an action in the past to affect changes in the lives of the ones changing history. That is why Marty didn't disappear the very moment that he stopped his parents from meeting. Theoretically, that is the way that time itself prevents true paradoxes from forming and causing a complete unraveling of spacetime itself by allowing the possibility of correcting the problem.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: In the tunnel chase scene where Marty is on the hoverboard and Biff is in his car, after Marty gets the almanac, Biff drives to the end of the tunnel and spins his car around. The next shot is a close up of the front of Biff's car and you can clearly see his license plate. The year is supposed to be 1955, but his tags expired in 1951.


Correction: Doc states that Biff's car is a '46. Lots of people drive around with expired tags - this just shows how irresponsible Biff is.


Corrected entry: When Marty is in the alternate 1985, Biff shows him the book, and the cover is on it. When they go back to 1955, we see that it was taken by Strickland with the "Oh La La" book.

Correction: This is before Marty went back in time time to yet again change the history.

Corrected entry: In this film, when Doc sees his younger self, he says there will be "plenty of rain all right". However, there isn't - but he should know that, as he has already done the clock tower in Back to the Future 1.

Correction: There is plenty of rain. The rain part of a storm is smaller and slower than the overall low-pressure parts (like thunder and lightning); it starts closer to the high school (as seen Pt. 2), moves towards the courthouse, and eventually hits Doc's house (as seen in Pt. 3)


Corrected entry: When Marty receives the letter from Doc in 1885, it is raining. But in the 1st and 3rd movie, there is no rain.


Correction: When Marty receives the letter, he is outside of town (after just watching Doc jump to the past when the car was hit by lightning). There may have been no rain in the center of town, but a few miles outside of town might have been raining.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: After Marty talks to his parents after playing on stage he casually strolls out the door just opening the door a fraction, but in Back to the Future 2 he knocks his other self unconscious by flinging the door open. That shot was seemingly done again for the second movie so Marty could be knocked unconscious.


Correction: The second movie Marty changes the past so that the first movie Marty sees Biff's bullies knocked out. He therefore opened the door more because he was in a hurry to get out, so that they wouldn't wake up and make him miss the lightning bolt at the clock tower(in the first movie Biff's friends wouldn't have been there).

Corrected entry: When the Doc is chatting to Marty and Jennifer as they fly towards Hill Valley he has a small microphone headpiece on his left ear, but when they land and he opens the door it has disappeared.


Correction: The last time you see this earpiece is just before the Delorean descends into Hill Valley. Since you dont see Doc again until after the car has landed, there is plenty of time for him to remove it.

Corrected entry: When Doc, Marty and Jennifer go into the future, they disappear above the Mcfly home, but when they arrive in 2015, they are outside Hill Valley (although after they disappear into the future there is a long 'journey' when the credits are showing, with enough time for them to get out of Hill Valley, but after the 'journey' the car makes the swooshing noises it does when it arrives somewhere, so this was just for the credits).

Correction: Actually, Lyon Estates (where Marty lives) is 2 miles outside of Hill Valley. In the first movie, after Marty has arrived in 1955 and hides the DeLorean behind the Lyon Estates sign, he then walks down a deserted road and passes a sign which says "Hill Valley-2 Miles." So Part II is right on the money.

Corrected entry: When Biff is at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance he tells principle Strickland that he is not old enough to drink alcohol. At Biff's hotel the movie that plays says that he won at the track on his 21st birthday in 1958. When Doc stole the newspapers from the library there was an article about Biff's winnings dated in March of 1958. If Biff was 21 in March of 1958, then he was 18 in November of 1955, and since the legal drinking age was 18 in 1955 he was, in fact, old enough to drink alcohol.

Correction: States only began to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 in the late '60s and early '70s because of arguments generated by the Vietnam War about being "old enough to die for your country but not old enough to drink."

Corrected entry: When Doc opens his case full of currency, it's sorted by decades, and Doc explains that it's purpose is to be ready for all monetary situations. He pulls some currency from the stack labeled 1950's and tells Marty to use it to buy some clothes. However, since the year they are in is 1955, there's a chance that he may be giving Marty money dated anywhere from 1956-1959. Wouldn't it have made more sense to take the currency from the stack labeled 1940's instead, thereby not running the risk of drawing attention to themselves with money printed with 'future' dates?

Correction: Doc probably thought about that; his stack of money for the 50s is probably comprised of bills for the 40s, his stack for the 40s of bills from the 30s, and so on.


Corrected entry: When Marty throws the matchbook holder at Biff he throws it upright but when it sticks into Biff's chair it's now upside down.


Correction: This might be viewable only on the DVD, but when Marty throws the matchbox holder, and if you pause it just before it would have hit the camera, you can see it start to flip over.

Corrected entry: We see that George McFly died in 1975 when Marty checks the newspaper; the article on the front page says he was murdered, with a sub headline that reads "Local Author Dies." However as we saw in the original Back to the Future, George didn't get his first book until 1985 when Marty came back from 1955. Therefore George was not an author in 1975 when he was murdered. Even if in the alternate future George wrote earlier, when Doc and Marty fixed the future the newspaper should not say "Local Author Honored" because in the non-alternate future he was not an author until 1985.

Correction: His first novel was published in 1985. That doesn't mean other writings of his weren't published prior to 1985.

Corrected entry: When Marty goes to burn the Almanac near the end of he movie, he drops the hoverboard on the ground and it noticeably wobbles very fast when it lands. A hoverboard wouldn't do that, as it would just float normally if it was dropped.


Correction: We don't know how to turn the hoverboard on or off, and during the movies, it goes on and off several times, for instance when it is in the back seat of the DeLorean it is off, but when Marty pulls it out, it turns on. It may have been off in this scene.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: When Marty and Jennifer go into the future and see themselves. Wouldn't the "future" versions remember going to the future 30 years ago and be looking for themselves to appear?

Correction: They both fainted after they saw each other, so that after they awoke, they would think it was all a dream.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film, as the DeLorean gets struck by lightning, Doc goes back to 1885. We then hear Marty reading from the letter that the lightning strike damaged the flying circuits on the car. So how did he land it in 1885 from the 40 feet altitude he was at when struck by the lightning, if the car couldn't fly in order to land safely?


Correction: Who said that the car would drop like a rock. Don't you think a flying car from the future in a world where there millions of flying cars would have a safety feature that would protect it from that kind of a thing. Maybe it "sputtered" to the ground, or has a one shot back-up hover device that works more like the hover board so cars aren't dropping from the sky if they malfunction.

Corrected entry: At the end of BTTF, Doc, Marty and Jennifer take off for the future. In BTTF2, they arrive 30 years later and see themselves. Impossible! They would have been inside the time machine (as far as those left behind are concerned) for 30 years. Marty and Jennifer were gone from 1985 to 2015 as far as he and everyone else knows. I can prove this by using the first movie. When Einstein goes into the future one minute, he was gone for a minute as far as Doc and Marty were concerned, even though the trip was instantaneous to Einstein.

Correction: Wrong - the reason Einstein is completely gone for that minute is because he never goes back to the time he left. Time's non-linear, so while Marty, etc. Go 30 years into the future, they will eventually go back to 1985 and live the rest of their lives, therefore he can exist in the future.

Corrected entry: In the garage when old Biff looks up the 1955 UCLA results in the sports almanac, he turns to a page which is in the middle of the book. Supposing it's in chronological order, where are the other 45 years supposed to fit?

Correction: It would be catagorized by sport before using chronology to sort the events. The UCLA game would be under Football, College.

Corrected entry: When the Doc gets hit by lightning and goes back in time, he's not going 88mph, which Marty had to do in the first movie.

Correction: According the director's commentary, when the DeLorean was hit by the lighting, it got sent into a tight, fast spin which brought the speed up to 88 mph. This is also the reason why the fire trails look like backward 9's; the car is spinning, so the fire trails can't be straight.

Corrected entry: When Marty from Back to the Future I leaves George and Lorraine out the back door of the gym he opens the door so hard that he hits Marty of BTTF II and knocks him down. Watch Back to the Future I and see how far Marty actually opens the door. He barely opens it enough for himself to fit through. In other words, he would have never been able to knock himself out.

Correction: After Marty sees Biff's friends knocked out, he decides he should hurry up and leave. thus, opening the door farther and knocking him out.

Corrected entry: Griff and his gang crash into the courthouse on their hoverboards, yet a minute later, the little girl has the same hoverboard Griff was riding. Even if Griff flew off the board, it would still land on the other side of the water or in the water. The little girl is on the opposite side.

Correction: You see Marty coming up the stairs from the other side of the lake, so if he had the time, you can only assume that she had time also.

Corrected entry: When Marty is at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance at the end of the movie, he's trying to get the sports almanac from Biff. But then Mr. Striklin takes the Magazine from him and goes to his office, and throws it in the garbage. Marty then immediately gets it out, only to realise that it is just the almanac cover, with an Oh La La magazine inside. Therefore the coverless almanac is still in Biff's hands, so Marty crumples the cover, throws it on the ground, and runs after Biff. Then, When he is chasing after Biff again to get the REAL magazine, the cover is once again on the magazine, in Biff's hands.


Correction: That was just the dust cover - the proper cover of the almanac would be exactly the same.

Corrected entry: At the end of BTTF, we learn that Doc is alive because he did indeed find Marty's letter. And we know that he had to tape it together because he ripped it to pieces. Now at the the end of part 2 upon seeing Marty reappear after he has sent him back to the future he faints. Now wouldn't this alter the timeline because he never goes through the trash to get the letter therefore he won't be prepared in the future with his bullet proof vest?


Correction: In BTTF original, after tearing the letter up, the cable comes undone and he puts the torn up pieces into his overcoat pocket.

Corrected entry: This is the part in the very beginning when Doc takes Marty and Jennifer to the future. Wouldn't the future be without Marty and Jennifer because they left in 1985 and must have been missing all that time. From 1985-2015. Thus, there would be no way in heck that they would have existed in 2015, and no way that the 1985 Jennifer would have seen herself or her house, family etc.

Correction: This seems quite a simple point to me, but people keep submitting it. Given the non-linear nature of time, Marty and the others go into the future, but they will eventually go back to the exact moment they left and continue with their lives. Therefore when they see themselves in the future, their future selves have already gone forward, seen themselves, then returned to the past. The only error relating to this situation is that if they've already seen themselves, why are they surprised, as the future selves are the same ones that travel forward in time, but that's a whole different error...

This "they will eventually go back" stuff is making me really mad. I heard it a lot, but it is nonsense! Yes, maybe they will eventually go back (and they do as we know). But we also know that Marty (with the new wisdom of BTTF2) denies to make that car race in the end of the movie and future changes, so his hand will never get destroyed and so this special loser-2015-future they are seeing at the beginning of the movie is definitely not that future they could ever see. They would see a future with a Marty in 2015 with a "good hand" when you assume "they will eventually go back"


Corrected entry: We all know that Old Biff stole the time-machine, went back to 1955 and gave the book to himself. He also returned the time-machine to Marty and Doc. WHY? He actually gave them the ability to restore the past. Why didn't Old Biff just keep the time-machine?

Correction: Biff doesn't know how time travel works. Presumably, he assumed that if he were to go back to the future, he'd end up in the alternate future he had just created (which would make sense) and become the 'rich' Biff.

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Marty: You're not going to believe this. We have to go back to 1955.
Doc: I don't believe it!



Notice Marty's hair in the scene when he's playing "Johnny B. Goode." It's quite larger than when he says, some seconds later, "I guess that you're not ready for it yet." That's because when he says that, it's a recycled shot from the original BTTF, whereas most shots showing he's playing the guitar are newly made for BTTF2. However, Marty's hair is considerably longer in the new shots.



In an interview, the director stated that hoverboards were real, but they weren't on the market because parents didn't like the idea of floating children. He said this as a joke, but this didn't stop mass hysteria as thousands of kids went from store to store looking for hoverboards.