Revealing mistake: As Lois says she wants a chance to crack the case on her own, Clark turns his head to look at her. As she does, the shadow effects on his collar flash suddenly several times, his collar going in and out of the light rapidly on the right side.


Quantom X

Revealing mistake: After the narrator says that Clark Kent works for a newspaper, the image cuts to the Daily Planet tower and you see cars driving around below it. One street is curved and you can see that the cars at the top are going to the right and turning as if they came from the street going down on the left of the building. Yet you see on the street to the left of the building that there are only cars going down that street one direction, away from the top of the screen. On the other side of the building the same street has cars going towards the top of the screen. Like the cars are just spawning on the street behind the building.


Quantom X

Revealing mistake: When the narrator says that Superman can leap a tall building in a single bound and shows Superman doing so, you can see in the background by some trees, an odd animation glitch. A curved, thin black line by the trees wiggling back and forth.


Quantom X

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Voices: Up in the sky, look: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman!



As the beginning shows Krypton explode, there is a huge cloud of dust at the remains of the planet that then fades to nothing. Only space dust would not act like that from an entire planet exploding. It acted like dust settling on the ground and just fading away, rather than dissipating into space.



This series is where Superman first "learned" how to fly. Before this series, in the comics and radio, he was only able to jump very high and far, hence "leap tall buildings in a single bound". They decided that it just didn't look right on film and they decided to have him fly, but it's still depicted as if he has to get a jumping start.