Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Trivia: George Lucas included the scene in which Yoda confirms Darth Vader is Luke's father because, after a discussion with a children's psychologist, he didn't want younger viewers to dismiss Vader's claim as a lie.

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Trivia: When Luke and Obi-Wan are talking after Yoda's death, Luke refers to him as Obi-Wan. This is the only time in any of the movies that he uses that name instead of Ben.


Trivia: This was the first Star Wars film to make use of the THX sound system.

Trivia: Harrison Ford actually wanted Han Solo killed in this movie. He said, 'He has no mama, no papa, no story. Let's kill him off and put some weight into this thing.' The higher powers that be thought otherwise.

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Trivia: Watch Jabba's mouth when he speaks, and you'll notice it matches the subtitled English 'translation'. The puppeteer didn't know what 'language' would be used for Jabba, so during the take, he would say and mouth Jabba's lines as they were written in the script: in plain English

Trivia: When the Death Star explodes, there is a view from the forest moon of Endor. Many bits of debris fly around. One of them, at the bottom right, is doll-shaped.

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Trivia: Anakin Skywalker's first name is first mentioned in this film. His name comes from a friend of George Lucas, British film director Ken Annakin.

Trivia: During the Endor shooting, the Ewok actors stormed off the set. One of the crew members raced off to get them back, and it turned out to be a hoax. The actors came back laughing with t-shirts that read "Revenge of the Ewoks."

Trivia: Sebastian Shaw had no idea he would be playing Anakin Skywalker until the day he arrived on the set to shoot his scene.


Trivia: The Ewoks were originally going to be Wookiees, but because Chewbacca had already been shown to be able to fly a spaceship, not to mention repair it and be adept with energy weapons, Wookiees were too technologically advanced, so a new race had to be created.

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Trivia: The voice of EV-9D9 in Jabba's palace is provided by the film's director, Richard Marquand.


Trivia: At the shield generator bunker (during the ambush), an Imperial Naval Trooper shouts "Freeze!" and when Han throws the charges at him the trooper falls backwards over the railing, and the famous "Wilhelm" scream is heard.

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Trivia: A couple of German Star Wars fans have - by use of acting, Star Wars props and computer graphics - filmed a story about how the shuttle Tydirium the rebels use to get to Endor was captured in the first place. The story can be found under the title "Tydirium - The True Story".

Trivia: In the scene in Jabba's palace when Oola, his green Twi'lek, is dancing for him, Jabba pulls on her chain pulling her towards him and her entire right breast pops out of her costume. (00:13:45)


Trivia: Though Mark Hamill's face seemed so different in this film than it was in the first two Star Wars films, people attributed it to a car accident. According to the actor, he had the car accident before Star Wars came out, but what really happened has been terribly distorted. He says he's many supposed stories about facial surgery, surviving a car wreck, and his favorite of all, driving off a cliff.

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Trivia: While filming the scene in which C-3PO has his photoreceptor pulled out by Salacious Crumb, Anthony Daniels suffered a panic attack, due to the proximity of the puppet's beak to his real eye.

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Trivia: The special effects team used a rod puppet for the Rancor after they decided a man-sized costume looked unconvincing.

Trivia: When C-3PO is communicating to the Ewoks, one of the words he says is "Naboo." This was later revealed to be the home world of Queen Amidala (Luke and Leia's mother) in the film "Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace" (1999).

Trivia: There were a number of takes for the scene in which Jabba the Hutt captures Leia. Because the puppeteers working inside Jabba could not see Carrie Fisher properly, the operator for his tongue accidentally "licked" Carrie's face during several of these takes. Thus in the final footage, Leia turns away from Jabba in disgust the moment his tongue appears.


Trivia: The Rancor at Jabba's Palace was voiced by a Dachshund.

Continuity mistake: On the forest moon of Endor when Princess Leia first meets the Ewok, she takes her helmet off and is holding it in her hand (which frightens the Ewok) in the very next shot she is removing it again to show it to him.

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Darth Vader: Obi-Wan once thought as you do. You don't know the power of the dark side.

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Question: How come this movie barely showed anything about Luke and Leia's mother? Luke doesn't even ask anyone what her name was (maybe that was hidden from Leia, but he can probably guess that Yoda or Obi-wan would know). I know we can assume that she was discussed off-screen, but they could have revealed a little more about her.

Answer: The Jedi are shown to have something of a blind spot in regards to matters of the heart. Note that when Luke confronts Obi-Wan over lying to him about his father's fate, Obi-Wan's response is haughty and defensive, and gives Luke nothing in terms of regret or apology. They're focused on their mission, not on how Luke feels. Why waste time, in their eyes, telling Luke about his mother? If they had their way, he wouldn't even know about his father. The prequels would make this more explicit, showing that the Jedi are conditioned from the beginning to let go of all "passions" because they could so easily be corrupted, and their inability to understand Anakin's emotions just contributes to his downfall.


Answer: Why can we assume that she was discussed off-screen? Luke's got more important things to talk about than who his mother was. Yoda dies shortly afterwards and Luke's understandably more interested in how Darth Vader, given that he's got to go up against him, can be his father when talking to Obi-wan's ghost shortly after. Not a lot of time for general chit-chat. Behind the scenes, at that point, very little would have been decided about their mother, as it would be irrelevant to the plot of the trilogy and to discuss her on-screen would have wasted time and slowed everything down.

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