Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Corrected entry: When Luke is standing over the trap door in Jabba's palace, it appears to be at some distance from Jabba. After he falls in, the scene shows Jabba's platform from a different angle, and the trap door is almost directly in front of Jabba's platform.

Correction: Jabba's platform literally moved closer to the opening to give him a better view.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Look at the ewok that first meets the Princess. You can see the actor's normal pink thumb sticking out of the costume while he is holding the helmet.


Correction: Ewoks do not have fur on their palms or fingers / finger tips. Warrick Davis' thumb is not visible in any screen shots in the movie while he is playing Wicket. The "pinkish" palms/fingers and enlarged finger nails are indeed part of the Wicket costume - not the actors.

Corrected entry: When the Ewoks start worshipping C3PO as a deity, Han Solo tells him to use his "divine influence," but C3PO refuses saying that it is against his programming to impersonate a deity. Later, though, Luke instructs C3PO to tell the Ewoks to threaten to his magical powers - impersonating a deity - which C3PO does, apparently no longer against his programming.


Correction: Deities aren't the only ones to possess magical powers - Jedi quite arguably do, for example. Threepio apparently can't claim to actually be divine, but simply magical appears to be allowable.

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Corrected entry: After Luke defeats Vader, he stands over Vader with his lightsaber and the blade casts no shadow. Earlier shots during the fight showed shadows cast from the lightsaber blades.


Correction: Where a shadow falls depends entirely on where the light source the lightsaber blade blocks is in relation to the blade itself. There is no shadow because there is no light source on the opposite side of the blade to Vader strong enough to cast a shadow.

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Corrected entry: This mistake actually spans between The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. When Han Solo is frozen in carbonite he is wearing an untucked, button down shirt. When Leia releases him from the carbonite in Jabba's Palace he is wearing a tucked in, double breasted shirt.

Correction: Han is wearing the same shirt as in Empire. The shirt is untucked on his left side. When he's released from the carbonite, the shot of him on the floor is from his right side (shirt tucked in). But when Leia helps him up, you can see the shirt is untucked on the other side. Here is the carbon freeze scene from Empire to establish the double breated shirt:

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the French version of the film, when Boussh (Leia disguised) takes Chewbacca to Jabba's palace, Jabba says something and the subtitles reads "Ou l'a eu enfin le puissant Chewbacca". Ou means where. It should be written on (we).

Dr Wilson

Correction: Subtitles for foreign releases are typically provided by an outside company, separate from the filmmakers, so shouldn't qualify as a true movie mistake. In fact, the French subtitles on the American DVD reads: "Nous avons enfin l'imposant Chewbacca."

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Luke Skywalker has an AM/FM-cassette deck mounted in the cockpit of his X-Wing fighter. It can be seen as he's flying away from Tatooine after destroying Jabba's barge, in the shot just before he says "That's right, Artoo, we're going to the Dagobah system."


Correction: The first appearance of the AM/FM Cassette Deck appears in The Empire Strikes Back and not Jedi. The scene occurs after Luke leaves the planet Hoth and sets coordinates to go to Dagobah.

Corrected entry: Special Edition: In the first shot of the Bantha herd crossing the Tatooine desert, the second Bantha from the left has no head. Only the horns are there.


Correction: If you look closely, the head is still there, you just can't see it because the Bantha's head is simply turned to its right. You can tell by the curve of the horn.

Corrected entry: When the Rebel fleet is assembled, there are two Calamari cruisers being shown. (The really big ships). But later, when the fleet is going to jump to hyperspace, the small fighters move first and the big ships move after. But when the big ships move into hyperspace, the two Calamari cruisers are gone.


Correction: Perhaps (off-camera) they were part of another wave of ships to go to hyperspace.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie., When R2-D2 plays the message, the stage lights are reflected in Jabba's eyes.

Correction: Eyes reflecting light is natural. What about the reflection makes them stage lights instead of the various light sources seen in Jabba's palace?

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Han Solo is frozen in carbonite, he is wearing brown trousers, BUT when he is rescued in Jabba's palace, he is wearing blue trousers with a yellow stripe.

Correction: Han wears the blue trousers with yellow stripe all through the Cloud City scenes in The Empire Strikes Back. They may appear a different color in the carbon freeze scene because of the orange lighting, but they're the same pants -- you can see the stripe when the ugnaughts remove the wrist restraints just before he's lowered.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the battle on the skiff, Luke kicks the air and his opponent a few inches away falls back.

Correction: That's the beauty of the force: no physical contact needed.

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Corrected entry: When Jabba pulls Leia from the window in the Sail Barge, watch her as she jumps onto his throne to press herself against him - her hand presses against his belly, sinking notably deep into his (rubber) gut.


Correction: Jabba is a mess of fat. Your hand would sink deep into stuff like that. Besides, we don't know what his gut is made out of, so we can't say that a hand couldn't sink deep into his gut.

Corrected entry: When R2D2 pushes C3PO outside Jabba's sail, the ropes that pulls the droid are visible.

Dr Wilson

Correction: There are ropes attatched to the sail barge, but no ropes pulling the droids can be seen.

Corrected entry: When Luke and Vader activate their sabers and clash them, there is a shot of the Emperor laughing. During this shot, the two lightsaber blades can be seen going through each other.

Correction: This mistake is already listed. The blades do not go through each other. The mistake is that they are reversed, making it appear that Luke's saber is protecting the emperor, rather than attacking him.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene where the slave dancer is arguing with Jabba, in some shots of her, one of her breasts has popped out of her costume.

Correction: She's a scantily clad slave dancer; where's the mistake?

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene right after Ackbar says, "It's a trap!" tie fighters start swarming the Millennium Falcon. But if you look at the very next shot, four tie fighters at the bottom of the screen appear out of nowhere.

Correction: Already listed. With picture confirmation.


Corrected entry: Leia's famous metal bikini outfit was originally supposed to be a long, flowing robe many yards long.

Correction: Please provide a source for statements like this if possible.

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Corrected entry: Look at Leia's sex slave costume carefully in the shot of her hip/hand next to Jabba's twitching tail. Notice how there are no panty lines, right? Then look at the scene of her running to the gun on the Sail Barge - her skirt blows back, revealing a pair of dark panties underneath.

00:21:50 - 00:34:35

Correction: Quite apart from the fact that it is really, really sad to make such an observation, not all panties leave lines. I really do not think that Carrie Fisher would have agreed to be on a film set without underwear (she doesn't do nude scenes), and the fact that you can't see her frilly knickers in every single shot does not mean they aren't there.

Corrected entry: Notice the eyes on Darth Vader's helmet throughout most of the movie. Then notice the eyes on his helmet in the scene were Luke is getting crispy-fried by the Emperor. When Darth Vader is looking from his son to the Emperor and back, the eyes are much wider and less menacing looking. That is to give the audience the image of concern and goodness.

Correction: Perhaps the lighting is different giving the illusion of a more sympathetic image. But there is no actual structural change in the helmet's eyes throughout the movie.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the attack on the Death Star, Lando says, "Watch out. Squad at .06." and Grey Leader says, "I'm on it, Gold Leader" and shoots a TIE. Then Wedge says, "Good shot, Red Two".

Correction: Grey Leader and Red Two dealt with the TIE squad, with Red Two getting the good shot (the other two TIEs ran off). You can see Red Leader and Red Two zoom off between the Medical Frigate and Star Destroyer (X-Wing and A-Wing) while Grey Leader (Y-Wing) does not follow them. Presumably Red Squadron sticks together like actual flight wings, and Grey Leader was lending a hand.

Corrected entry: Contrary to popular belief, the film was never titled "Revenge of the Jedi". George Lucas leaked that name to the media on purpose, to catch bootleg merchandisers.

Correction: Actually, popular belief is correct. The film was in fact named Revenge of the Jedi until just weeks before release. All manner of merchandise: hats, t-shirts, posters, etc. was manufactured with the original name and had to be remade.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: We know about Hayden Christensen replacing Sebastian Saw at the celebration, but still on the DVD, Saw is credited.

Correction: He's credited because he is still the actor in the "unmasking" scene on the Death Star.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Luke cuts off Vader's right hand, wires are exposed suggesting that Vader's hand was bionic. However, as Episode 3 shows, Anakin's right arm was the only limb that was left intact and shouldn't have been bionic.

Correction: Anakin's right arm was cut off in EP 2. It was replaced with a mechanical one at the end of the film. We also see the mechanical arm in this film in the scene where he wakes from a nightmare. His left arm and both legs were cut off at the end of EP 3.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: During the battle on the forest moon of Endor, an imperial AT-ST shoots at two Ewoks but they start to fall before the explosion.

Dr Wilson

Correction: That's because they're diving out of the way.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: During the speeder bike chase, Luke jumps off his speeder, and when he hits the ground, you can see him bounce on something, probably a pad or cushion for the actor to land on.


Correction: Actually, you see him land in a clump of shrubs and immediately jump to his feet.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the lightsaber duel in the Emperor's throne room, when Luke evades Vader's strike by somersaulting backwards onto the catwalk 3 meters above him, you can see that the actor/stuntman actually somersaults down from the catwalk by the way his hair flies (watch frame by frame). Then the shot is just shown backwards.


Correction: The rules of the site are clear. If you have to use freeze frame it's not a mistake.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the space battle, when Lando says "Fighters coming in!" the millions of TIES come in. Watch in slo mo - a TIE can be seen going through the Millennium Falcon.

Correction: The rules of the site are clear, if it requires slo-mo to see it, it's not a mistake.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: It is indisputable from multiple explanations throughout the movie and from the 3D graphic used by Admiral Akbar in the rebels' war room that the Death Star's shield emanating from Endor protects the Death Star, not Endor itself. Yet, shuttle Tyderium requests and receives deactivation of the shield expressly for the purpose of landing on the forest moon. If use of the code was simply a checkpoint or other imperial confirmation procedure, deactivation of the shield would not have been necessary, much less discussed.

Correction: Look at the 3D maps again: The shield emanates from Endor in a conical shape. For Tyderium to land within the perimeter of that cone emission on the surface of Endor (ie. very near the shield generator), the shield would need to be shut down.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Because of the angle of the rope that Luke and Leia take to escape from Jabba's ship, they shouldn't be able to swing as far as they do.


Correction: Due to Luke's connection to the Force, he may have used the Force to swing himself and Leia all the way onto the skiff.

Corrected entry: When Vader throws his lightsaber at Luke and he falls, if you watch it frame by frame you can tell he is a different person falling. You can tell because of his beard.


Correction: It isn't a valid mistake if you need to use frame-by-frame to see it.

Corrected entry: When Luke and Obi-Wan are talking after Yoda's death, Luke refers to him as Obi-Wan. This is the only time in any of the movies that he uses that name instead of Ben.

Correction: This is not real trivia.

Corrected entry: When the droids enter Jabba's throne room, R2-D2 stops by the stairs, but as soon as the camera is off him, he rolls out on the main floor. As seen in "Attack of the Clones," Artoo uses his third leg to get down stairs, but he couldn't have done it that quickly.

Correction: As seen in "Revenge of the Sith", R2 also has rockets on his sides that he can use to go up and down.

Corrected entry: When entering the Death Star's center Lando orders Wedge to go for the energy regulator at the north tower. But since they are in space there is no northern direction because it takes a planet and its magnetic field to pinpoint north. And it is highly unlikely that the Death Star would have such an magnetic field since it would be quite different from that of a planet, considering that it is full of technology that might create magnetic fields itself.

Correction: It was a figure of speech like when you say tie fighters at 3 o' clock. He was saying that Wedge should take out the energy regulator on the tower above them.


Corrected entry: When the rebels blow up the bunker and the shield generator at the end of the battle on Endor, the explosion is enormous, and appears to scorch huge amounts of the area around it, but when Han and the rebels run out of the bunker before the explosion, they run about 20 feet before it goes off. There's no way they would have survived that huge of a fireball.

Correction: The shield generator is a large installation, as we see on screen when Luke is delivered to Vader and later when it explodes. The bunker entrance (which is described in the film as being a subsidiary entrance) is some distance away from the main installation, as none of the installation can be seen nearby - presumably a tunnel, unseen in the film because it would just be dull to watch people walk along a tunnel, connects the entrance to the shield generator control centre. The large explosion takes out the shield generator installation - a small amount of the blast energy travels down the tunnel to cause the explosion seen there, but not nearly enough to endanger the Rebels and Ewoks nearby.

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Corrected entry: When Han was frozen in carbonite in "The Empire Strikes Back", there were straps around his upper arms, which were not removed before he was frozen, like the handcuffs were. But when he's unfrozen this film, the straps are gone.


Correction: Already listed and corrected. The Ugnaught guards can be seen removing all his constraints before he is frozen, both handcuffs and these straps.


Corrected entry: In Jabba's dungeon, Han says to Chewbacca, "Chew... Chewie.", but his lips don't move.


Correction: You can say the words "Chew. . . Chewie" without moving your lips. Try it.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: When Oola the dancing girl is trying to get away from Jabba, we can hear her talk, but her lips don't move.


Correction: There are several dozen people in the Throne Room. It looks more like Oola is only busy trying to free herself, while someone else, quite possibly the large dancing girl, is the one who is trying to plead for her life.

Corrected entry: In the first shot of the scene where the Emperor tells Vader to send the fleet to the far side of Endor, the stars seen through the great window move very fast. In the next shot, they don't move at all.


Correction: Like the Emperor says, the Death Star is "fully armed and operational". In other words, if its engines were functioning, they could be causing this by rotating the station and then halting.


Corrected entry: When the technicians on the new Death star are preparing to fire, they look suspiciously like stock footage of the technicians preparing to fire the old Death Star in Star Wars, only reversed.

Correction: What else is it suppossed to look like? It's the same procedure, and should look the same.

Corrected entry: When Han was frozen in carbonite in "the Empire Strikes Back", his arms were bound by a leather strap. But when he is unfrozen, his arms are free.


Correction: Just before Han was frozen, his hands were unbound by the Ugnaughts.

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Corrected entry: When the Ewok steals the speeder to distract the stormtroopers (first time code), he gets on it, starts it up and takes off at a high enough rate of speed that he is left dangling horizontally from the handlebars. In an earlier shot (second time code), however, we see that the throttle for these bikes is a foot pedal which he couldn't have reached in the first place. How did he get this thing moving?


Correction: The throttle was in the handlebars which they twisted to make it go faster, while the gear shift was in the foot pedals.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: Several times during the speeder bike chase, the rails for the camera are visible on the ground.

Correction: This is impossible due to the fact that the back ground plates (forest at different angles) were shot by a man walking through the forest with a steady cam(this is backed up on the documentary on the DVD). Therefore there are no rails or tracks for a camera to ride on.

Corrected entry: After Han is released from the carbonite, he is blind, but when he turns around to face Jabba, he moves his arm to avoid Leia's head.


Correction: Because he knows how tall she is and that she is standing right next to him.

Corrected entry: When Luke asks Leia if she remembers her real mother, she says yes, and that she died when Leia was very young. She also says that she was very beutiful, but sad all the time. In Revenge of the Sith, Padme dies in childbirth, so unless Leia has super newborn memory, she couldn't remember her mother.

Correction: There are many books stating that the Force can allow its wielder to see into the past, which is what Leia is doing.

Corrected entry: When Luke is fighting Boba Fett on the prisoner skiff, Boba fires a lasso to tie up Luke. Luke uses his lightsaber to cut himself free from Boba. Luke does not remove the remains of the lasso around his body and in the next shot he is completely free to jump onto the other skiff.

Correction: Luke cuts the rope between himself and Boba. The remainder is simply wrapped aorund him now, with nothing holding it tight. There were a couple of shots of Boba, Lando and Han before Luke jumped onto the other skiff. It simply went slack and fell off.

Corrected entry: In the Ewok village, Leia's hair is long and loose. During the final battle a short while later, it's now tightly braided and coiled in numerous strands and done in an elaborate style that would take hours to arrange. It's unlikely she would have the time, the inclination, or the resources to have her hair so stylishly coifed.

Correction: Once Luke left Leia with Han, they do not launch their attack until the next morning. That is plenty of time. The Ewoks may have groomed her, it does look like some sort of small vine is woven into her hair, it may have been part of the ceremony to make them part of the tribe. There are many reasons.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: After the ambush in the shield generator bunker there is a cut to outside where you'll see lots of stormtroopers and the captured rebells with their hands above their heads. However, a white and black dressed soldier (speed biker?) stands to the right of the captured rebells - also with his hands in the air.

Correction: The speed biker who has his hands in the air is a rebel in a biker trooper's uniform. After the Ewok takes off on the speeder, and two of the biker troopers take off after him, the remaining biker is captured by the rebels. A rebel soldier then puts on the uniform to "stand guard" over the shield generator bunker complex, to make it appear that everything is normal. When the trap the Emperor set for Solo and the Rebels led to their capture, the disguised rebel soldier was captured as well.

Mark English

Corrected entry: Right after C-3PO has informed the rebels they can still beg for their lives a ship flies in between Jabba's caft and the one Luke and Han are on. It has no shadow, yet the other ships have long ones.

Correction: In the widescreen DVD, all 3 ships have shadows that can be seen the entire time.

Corrected entry: After the shot of C3PO talking to the ewoks in the scene in which the ewoks surround Han, Chewie, Luke, C3PO, and R2-D2, there is a shot of two ewoks talking. The first ewok says in plain English "That guy's wise."

Correction: Listen carefully, it is just Ewok speak. Many of the things they say could be incorrectly construed as English.

Corrected entry: When Vader throws his lightsabre at Luke during the duel, watch in slow motion: in the first shot of Luke, the blade is coming out of the wrong end of the hilt.

Correction: On closer inspection, the blade comes out of the correct end the entire time.

Corrected entry: After R2D2 breaks the net, Han Solo pulls out his blaster. Look at the Ewok's hand as it takes his blaster - it's a crew member's hand.

Correction: No that's an Ewok hand. It's just that it's one with paler skin. If you look at the back of the hand it has thick brown fur and it's unlikely a human hand would be that hairy.

Corrected entry: In the Death Star, when Vader is searching for Luke, he has his lightsaber in his right hand and another thing looking like a lightsaber in his left hand.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Vader just chopped the gangway out from under Luke, who has rolled into the shadows. It's conceivable that Luke's lightsabre landed at Vader's feet, and it's this that he has in his left hand. (This is also how it happened in the novelisation of the movie.).

Corrected entry: The idea that Han, Luke and the gang would jeopardize the mission by wasting time looking for Leia in the forest and hanging out with the Ewoks as long as they do is insane. They have a thousand ships on route to destroy the Death Star and they decide to go after one missing soldier?

Correction: As stated in the briefing room scene, Luke, Leia and Chewie were the command crew for the shuttle; Han has already chosen the soldiers to carry out the mission, and as such, they know the drill and can carry it out without him (after all, what if he died in battle?). Leia, whilst technically expendible as a team member, is an important leader in the Rebellion, and to lose her like that would be a terrible blow to the Alliance.


Corrected entry: Watch as Lando and Wedge are flying into the main reactor. Right as Lando is coming around the reactor you can see a glimpse of Emperor Palpatine's face and his right hand within the blue and white explosion of the reactor, still with lightning bolts around him.

Correction: My girlfriend and I watched that bit like 6 times yesterday on both DVD & video and we didnt see anything like that.

Corrected entry: In one of the first shots of Jabba the Hutt, we can see his tail is "inflating" - and I doubt that this is supposed to be muscle movement.


Correction: Without truly knowing Huttese physiology, it may be possible that portions of a hutt's skin "breathes", just like worms.

Corrected entry: In the Special Edition, when the first of Jabba's henchmen is thrown into the Sarlacc pit, the Sarlacc has reverted to its original design (without the beak). Then when the next one gets thrown in, the beak has returned. Later on, when it burps after eating Boba Fett, the beak has vanished again.


Correction: The Sarlacc is probably able to make the beak retract into the pit whenever it wants to.

Corrected entry: Where is the rope attached that Luke and Leia take to escape from Jabba's ship? On a cloud? They shouldn't be able to swing that far.

Dr Wilson

Correction: It's one of the cables holding the sails in place.

Corrected entry: When Boba Fett shoots his lasso to Luke, it goes up, but Luke is in front of him.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Yes, it goes up in order to fall down on Luke and wrap around him. If it went straight towards Luke it would uselessy hit him in the chest and fall to the ground.

Corrected entry: During the final celebration scene, Artoo is all fixed again, but who fixed him? We know from Part 5 that Han, Leia and Chewbacca had no idea how to fix droids (not forgetting the poor job Chewbacca did with Threepio). Threepio couldn't have because he didn't even know how to put his own leg back on in Part 5. The rebels who went with them were only trained as fighters and the Ewoks weren't intelligent enough. And Artoo was fixed when Lando arrived.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: There's no evidence that the rebels who were part of the landing party aren't trained in other areas. They could be technicians. Or, Artoo could have been fixed with something as simple as a reset button. Also, there are lots of people at the celebration who weren't there when Artoo was shot, like Luke, Wedge, some Calimarians and pilots. It's possible that Luke fixed him, he is pretty handy with droids, like his dad. To sum up, there are lots of ways Artoo could have been fixed.

Charles Fraser

Corrected entry: If Leia already knew she was Luke's sister, why did she kiss him in The Empire Strikes back?

Correction: Because she didn't know that she was Luke's sister at that time. What's wrong with kissing someone you trust (even if it is your brother) out of gratitude?

Corrected entry: This can only be seen in the widescreen version: in the wideshot where Luke jumps from Jabba's prisoner's skiff over to another skiff, Lando is hanging underneath the prisoner's skiff, and although the skip casts a shadow onto the sand, Lando's body doesn't.

Correction: His shadow is obscured by the slope in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Corrected entry: This is only noticeable in the widescreen version, but during the scene where Luke levitates Threepio there is a wide shot of the droid in midair about to start his descent. If you look closely to the far left you can see Chewbacca's head emerge from behind an Ewok hut. Not bad, considering we've already seen him hanging from a log alongside Han and Luke.

Correction: If you only watch the scene once, yes, it looks like Chewie is emerging from an Ewok hut. The reality is that you are seeing Chewbacca still tied to the pole but from a different angle. What looks like him sticking his head out of a hut is actually him swinging his head under the pole from one side to the other to get a better look at what's going on.

Corrected entry: After the Rebels have been captured, C-3PO walks out from behind a tree. An officer says, "Bring those two down here." However, you can't see R2-D2 anywhere until after the order is given. How did the officer know there were two of them?


Correction: If R2 is not within the shot, it doesn't necessarily mean the officer can't see him.

Corrected entry: When Chewbacca goes to engage the hyperdrive, he does it by flipping overhead switches. Yet in the past the hyperdrive is engaged with a large lever in the center console. (Another mistake is Han squeezing 3 levers together to go to light speed, yet other times he pulls a single lever).

Correction: Ths ship that Chewie and Han send into lightspeed is not the Millenium Falcon, it is the stolen Imperial shuttlecraft. It is perfectly conceivable that different types of ship would have differently positioned switches and levers.

Corrected entry: EV-9D9, the droid that assigns C-3PO and R2-D2 to their duties in Jabba's palace moves its mouth when it speaks. But when it says, "We have been without an interpreter since our master got angry with our last...", as it continues, "...protocol droid and disintegrated him", its mouth does not move.


Correction: The mouth of the droid wouldn't need to move in order for it to speak - very few other droids in the series have moving mouths after all. It's just a part of the droid designed made to make it more look 'alive' that is either flawed or, in the case of this particular droid, malfunctioning.

Corrected entry: When a damaged Rebel ship is heading towards the bridge of a Star Destroyer, an Imperial officer begins to run for cover, as does Admiral Piet--immediately afterwards. In the next shot, Piett is further away from the window of the bridge than in the previous shot.

Correction: That is because he is running away!

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: During the battle on Endor when the walker gets hit by the swinging logs you'll notice that the walker crushes before the logs actually hit.

Correction: I watched it in slow motion on DVD and you can see the logs hit the walker and crush it.

Corrected entry: When Han says, "You stay here, we'll take care of this," you can see a man's head in the background as 3P0 begins to exit the shot.

Correction: This man is simply one of rebel strike team members. His helmet is identical to the ones worn by the men you see behind Chewie just before they arrive at the spot.

Corrected entry: In the entire sequence involving Luke and Vader's final duel in the Emperor's chambers, the blades of their lightsabers (presumably made of light) cast shadows on the floor.

Correction: Lightsabers are not actually light, they have some properties not suitable for normal light/laser rays - finite length, inability to cut through another lightsaber etc. The blades are made of some unknown substance, so I don't see anything wrong with it casting a shadow.

Corrected entry: Admiral Ackbar displays the 3-D map showing that the Death Star's heavy defense is a shield generated from Endor. Indeed, this is why Darth Vader's shuttle, at the very beginning, needs a code confirmation to have the shield taken down so he can land on the Death Star. Han Solo's strike team, however, wished to land on Endor, the moon around which the Death Star was orbiting. There is no mention of Endor being protected by a shield; just the Death Star itself. Why did shuttle Tyderian need a code clearance for Endor?

Matty Blast

Correction: The clearance code is to prove that they are Imperials, like calling for a password at a guardpost. They need to convince the Imperials not to blast them out of space, as any unidentified craft most likely would be, shield or not.

Corrected entry: When Han strikes Boba Fett's jetpack and it goes off, note the trajectory of his flight: When the pack fires, he is standing only slightly bend over, so the jet should carry him upward, not straight forward.

Correction: The pack fires, but since it is damaged, it is only strong enough to keep Boba from falling. Since Boba was hit from behind, and gravity is cancelled out by the weak firing of the backpack, it's logical that he would simply drift forward.

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: Jabba's eyes are red, but in episode 4, they were red with a yellow iris.

Dr Wilson

Correction: That film took place a few years prior to this one; who's to say that Jabba perhaps didn't age/get injured/whatever in the time span between films? If nothing else this belongs in episode IV.


Corrected entry: When Luke is on Jabba's skiff, he gets shot in his bionic hand. If you watch in slow-motion, you will see that his hand sparks before the laser even hits it. Also, the laser is heading for his wrist, but the sparks explode from higher up.

Correction: This does not appear to be a mistake. There are actually many examples of this happening in the Star Wars movies. This suggests that the blaster bolts have two components; the visible part of the bolt and a faster, invisible part of the bolt.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the camera is showing shots of all the celebrations look closely at the crowd in the shots of Coruscant. There is a Stormtrooper being carried screaming along the top of the crowd minus his helmet.

AzN InVasian

Correction: I don't see how this is valid trivia - it's just an observation of something that is in the movie for all to see.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the time we see Jabba, his tail appears to be relatively dry (at least the final couple of feet or so). However, when Leia is strangling Jabba with the very chain he enslaved her with, his tail thrashes about madly, glistening moistly in the light and making a thick slimy sound.


Correction: The 'thick, slimy sound' is the sound made by Jabba as he is being strangled, and the tail is not wet. Even if it was, there is more than one plausible explanation for this.

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Corrected entry: When Luke is slicing all the guys over the Sarlacc pit with his lightsaber, he cuts one of the guards. If you pause it quickly, when he rolls down into the pit you can see the actor's mask come off and roll away revealing his blond hair and face. (This may only be in the original version.)

Correction: This is still visible in the later version, but it isn't a mistake - the person's helmet comes off, not a mask.

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Corrected entry: Where did Leia get the dress that she was wearing in the Ewok village? She didn't have a pack with her, and there is no way the Ewoks could have had it.

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Correction: They could have made the dress. It looks very similar to what the Ewoks are already wearing.

Corrected entry: When the Rancor eats the pig guard he bites his own hand.

Correction: The rancor is what we would consider "primitive". He's probably a messy eater, and probably bites his hand a lot.

Corrected entry: As R2-D2 and C3PO are being led to Jabba, the camera pans R2-D2 out of the picture. C3PO then walks down a small set of stairs. Shortly after, R2-D2 is panned back in. How did he get down those stairs?

Correction: In Attack of the Clones, R2 used his third 'leg' to get down and up stairs.

Corrected entry: The Rancor pit is directly beneath Jabba's throne room, so that huge solid iron gate that releases the Rancor should logically rise through the floor of the throne room, yet it doesn't.

Correction: Going straight down from the floor where the observation grate is, the huge solid iron gate appears to be, say, thirty feet away. On the audience chamber's floor, the rear wall appears to be maybe twenty feet away. Perhaps the metal grate pulls up directly into that rear wall? Above all, the exact dimensions of the palace are never given, nor are they (too) easy to determine.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Luke is chasing the last Imperial Scout on the Speeder, he approaches two trees with very little room between them. He turns the Speeder on it's side in order to squeeze through them. This would only work if what he is flying is wider than it is tall, i.e. an X-wing fighter. By turning the Speeder on its side, he makes himself wider, giving himself less of a chance to survive the maneuver.

Correction: He wasn't trying to squeeze through the trees, he was leaning into a turn as he swerved around them.

Corrected entry: I think that this is only on the Special Edition version. What is that annoying little black spot on the left side of Emperor Palpatine's face? This takes place while the Emperor is sitting on his throne and talking to Luke (he is looking out of the window) about his friends failure. It is like this error on the side of his hood that the restoring people forgot to edit out.

Correction: The shadow that can be seen on either side of Emperor Palpatine's eyes are caused by an insert matte. The eyes are actually those of a monkey.

Corrected entry: When Leia shoots at the stormtroopers with the hidden blaster, she shoot once but they both get shot.

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Correction: If you listen properly you can tell that the sound of the second shot is slightly covered over by the first shot hitting the first stormtrooper.

Corrected entry: When all the gang are caught in that ewok net, R2-D2 starts to cut the rope and they all fall out. Watch after. The whole net is cut open and it breaks about 1 second after we see R2 start to cut it - there's no way he could have done all that, that fast.

gandolfs dad

Correction: R2 slices through a couple of ropes, weakening the net, which then rips because of their weight.


Corrected entry: This is in the "Special Edition" one, in the very last few scenes as the Death Star has been destroyed it shows all the different cities celebrating. I believe it is the shot of Corascaunt city, you can see a Storm Trooper crowd surfing over all the people.

Correction: The storm tropper was not crowd surfing. He was trying to put down the celebration and the crowd picked him up to throw him. He was not celebrating with them, he was being attacked by them.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: In the emperor's throne room, sometimes the stars move and sometimes they don't.

Dr Wilson

Correction: According to blueprints published in technical books, the Emperor's throne room is on a tower at the "north pole" of the Death Star. The Death Star was rotating both left and right (or hold position) to get open shots on the rebel's capital ships. This would explain why the stars move sometimes and don't sometimes.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: When R2-D2 and C3-PO arrive at Jabba's palace, C3-PO comments to R2 that "...poor Chewbacca never made it out of this place." But Boushk shows up with the "captured" Chewie later in the film.


Correction: This was part of the story that they made up and told C-3P0. They did not tell 3P0 what they were going to do, because they were afraid he would say something by accident, so they made up a story to tell him.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: In one of the scenes where Vader and the Emperor are trying to turn Luke, the Emperor is trying to get Luke to "strike him down" with his lightsabre. Luke finally gets annoyed enough to give it a try, but as he swings down to slice the Emperor in half, Vader suddenly whips out his sabre and blocks the blow; then the camera cuts to a nifty closeup of the crossed sabres and the Emperor laughing. However, according to that shot, the Emperor should be dead. Look carefully at the position of the sabres: Vader's (red) is on top of Luke's (green) - a position which should have driven Luke's sabre straight into the Emperor's body.

Correction: I looked at this several times, and it looks to me like the red blade is BLOCKING the green blade, as it is supposed to be. At the very least, when paused, there isn't enough to say that the red one is on top, only that they seem to have "merged".

Corrected entry: How come whenever they are flying no matter where they are you can see stars but they are never near any?

gandolfs dad

Correction: They always see stars when flying because you actually can see stars from any place in the universe. Any time they're on a planet they're near a star, just as we are near our Sun. Other stars are always so immensely far away that they look like pinpoints of light.

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Corrected entry: Look at Jabba: he is slimy, slimy slimy, but only around his mouth, nose, and upper stomach. His arms look dry. When he bats Threepio with his arm, the droid gets a notable amount of green goop on his armor. However, whenever Jabba pulls Leia to himself, he pulls her close; her body gets smooshed against his multiple times, and yet she somehow manages to stay completely dry. Unless there are major - not to mention unmentioned - time shifts in which she either cleans up or the slime dries up and crumbles off, there is no way Leia could stay clean.


Correction: The green slime isn't from Jabba. It is from a gelatin dessert 3PO falls into, according to numerous source materials about the movie.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the stolen imperial shuttle is flying past the star destroyer the bridge of the ship looks massive, yet in episode 5 the millenium falcon clips onto a stardestroyer's bridge and looks a lot smaller.

Correction: If I remember correctly, the shuttle passes by a Super Star Destroyer, which is about three times the size of the one Millennium Falcon attaches to. The bridge is probably larger too.

Corrected entry: Why does Leia acquiece to Jabba's horny demands? Knowing her from the other movies, she would have been resisting him at all times. However, as it is seen in the Sail Barge, if Jabba only so much pulls her chain (and he obviously is not strong enough to toss her around with the chain), Leia runs from the window, up to his throne, and presses herself eagerly against him. Unless Jabba had been up to something with her before Luke showed up, this is a plot hole.


Correction: Obviously because she is his prisoner, she would have been killed or tortured unless she obeyed him at all times. She's probably just biding her time awaiting rescue or the best time to escape, and keeping him in a false sense of security until then.

Corrected entry: When Jabba pulls Leia from the window on the sail barge, the chain is attached to the back of the collar on her neck. However, when she runs to him and jumps onto his throne and presses her body against his, look carefully--the chain is attached to the front of the collar.


Correction: The collar could rotate around her neck, putting the chain in different positions.


Corrected entry: Why does the Imperial Fleet give up as soon as the Death Star blows up? They still have more than enough firepower to wipe out the Rebels' ragtag fleet.

Correction: During the battle you can see several star destroyers be destroyed. Granted not all of them could have been destroyed, but enough to make the remaining ones retreat. Another explanation offered by the Star Wars website is that Palpatine was somehow connected to the minds of his Armed Forces through the Force (a lá Trade Federation Droid Control Ships) and with him gone, the fleet loses all motivation.

Corrected entry: Han is handcuffed when he is frozen in Empire Strikes Back, but he is not when Leia frees him.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The creatures take the handcuffs off him just before the carbonite is poured in - when there is a close-up of the frozen Han, at the end of Empire, his hands are visible, partly raised and sticking out of the carbonite. He is in the same position when Leia frees him in Jedi.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the Admiral of the rebel fleet indicates that the ships should wait for his signal before entering hyperspace to go to attack the death star all of the ships make the jump immediately.

Correction: He probably used a computer signal that was broadcast to every screen in the fleet at one time, not an auditory command that you may have expected. There was also probably some kind of computer link up to make sure they went to the same place at the same speed or else faster ships would get there earlier or facing the wrong way in space or something. On "his mark" could have meant a computer command that fed all of this info straight to the ship computers. He told them that he would give them a signal, he did, then they left.

Corrected entry: When Luke is in the pit fighting the Rancor, he finds himself trapped in a tunnel with a locked door at one end and the approaching Rancor on the other. To save himself, he picks up a skull and throws it at a button on the far wall, which brings a heavy gate down on the Rancor, killing him. Why does Luke, who by this point has basically mastered the Force, pick up the skull? He could just move it with his mind.


Correction: But he does not need to use the Force for such little things. Besides, he does use it, to guide the skull accurately to the button.

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