Raiders of the Lost Ark

Corrected entry: The 'Top Secret' sign is put on the crate across vertically laid planks. A frame later the sign appears slanted across horizontally laid planks.

Sacha Premium member

Correction: The crate has vertical planks on the ends (visible when the crate is being closed) and horizontal planks on the sides, so the first stencil is from the end and the second is on the side. Other crates in the warehouse shown have stencils on multiple sides, including ends, which makes sense so that a stencil remains visible no matter how the crate is stacked.


Corrected entry: In the temple scene when Satipo betrays Indy and he leaves with the idol, he is running away from Indy. but when Indy bumps into Satipo impaled on the spikes in the next scene, he is facing Indy.


Correction: Since we don't see Satipo get impaled in the front and then change position, it's not a mistake. When he realised he set off a trap, he could have turned around trying to escape but didn't make it.


Corrected entry: In the scene with the Nazi plane, Marion gets stuck in the pilot seat, then appears in the gunner's seat, then appears stuck in the pilot seat again.

Correction: The gunner's position and cockpit are connected through a crawl space, which, during the scene, Marion can be seen ducking down and exiting it to move between the two.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when the temple is falling apart and Indy is clinging to the plant, the stone door is slowly coming down. The implication being Indy will be trapped there forever if he doesn't get out in time. However, there is a shot from the bottom of the pit looking straight up. The scene shows trees and sky above Indy. It would be a simple matter of him climbing up the temple walls to escape.


Correction: From all we see, climbing the temple wall would be anything but a simple matter. In fact, it would most likely be impossible. Even if Indy knew he could try to climb the wall, it would be a last resort. This would be like letting the boulder trap him and Indy hope he can find another way out when it's easier, faster, and safer to escape through the actual opening.


Corrected entry: After Indy climbs out of the pit after being double crossed by the guide, he comes upon the guy impaled on the same trap that Forrestal's body was on when they entered. However, the already sprung trap with the body wasn't visible anywhere.

Movie Nut

Correction: This trap could have easily been triggered by something that they missed on the way in but didn't on the way out.


Corrected entry: In the chase through Cairo streets - Indy rounds the corner of the plaza in which the truck (supposedly holding Marion in a basket is kept) - as Indy comes around the corner, a baddie shoots at him with a machine gun - watch this closely, the gun moves in the opposite direction as the bullets on the ground. (00:41:20)

Correction: Actually, the charges set off to simulate the rounds hitting the ground started at Indy's left, proceeding to the left side of the shot and get six shots ahead of the goon, who is just raising the gun and gets the first shot off in the direction of Indy's feet.

Movie Nut

Corrected entry: Before grabbing the idol, an arrow gets stabbed horizontally on a log Indy is grabbing, which he passes on to Satipo. While Indy walks towards the idol, the arrow is stabbed diagonally.

Sacha Premium member

Correction: If you look closely, the arrow does hit the torch shaped log horizontally, but stops moving in a diagonal position and stays that way after he hands it off to Sapito.

Movie Nut

Corrected entry: In the tank chase scene they use a replica of the VIII tank, or the "international tank." It was a replica and not the real deal but the turret they put on it wasn't from that model tank, or a replica of the original. It was a turret that was used on the Matilda type tank.

Correction: Firstly I think you have the wrong movie. The Tank chase scene you mean is from The Last Crusade. Secondly, the tank is supposedly given by the Sultan of Egypt and some sort of Egyptian variant of the Cruiser VII chassis and the Matilda turret, which was a brand new design in 1938. They mixed turrets and chassis all the time.


Corrected entry: After Indy has left Marion's bar, Marion takes the medallion from around her neck. This medallion is quite large and made of gold. If it's quite big AND made of solid gold, it would be too heavy to hang from around her neck by a small chain.

Correction: It is actually bronze. This is a word for word quote from Indiana Jones while in the bar talking to Marion, "Bronze piece about this size with a hole in it off center with a crystal." Nowhere in the movie is it mentioned it is made of gold.

Corrected entry: The ship on which Indy and Marian flee Egypt with the Ark is not a freighter, but a small coastal tanker, which would not have a cargo hold.


Correction: Captain Katanga and his men are smugglers. Modifying a ship known to not have a cargo hold by putting one in sounds like a smart thing for a smuggler to do.

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Corrected entry: During the car chase scene, they drive past several cliffs, and one car goes flying off the cliff. One problem with this, there are no big cliffs that close to Cairo. (01:25:30)

Correction: They are not close to Cairo - in the camp (the starting point of the car chase), Belloq says that "on foot, the desert is three weeks in any direction", implying that they are quite a long distance from Cairo.


Corrected entry: The end credits list Alfred Molina's character as "Satipo". Harrison Ford says "Adios Sapito".

Correction: Actually Harrison says "Adios stupido" not "Sapito".

Corrected entry: When the seaplane leaves San Francisco it flies west over the complete Golden Gate bridge. The movie is set in 1936, the Golden Gate bridge wasn't completed until 1937.

Correction: The bridge's structure would have most likely been completed by then, with only the roadway still under construction.

Corrected entry: In the 'guns are better than swords' scene when Indy is filmed from behind as he faces the swordsman he is not wearing a holster. But after shooting the swordsman he puts the gun in the visible holster.

Correction: The holster is there the whole time. You can see it while he is running just before the swordsman appears. Indy's shirt has come untucked a bit on his right side, so when he's not running around the shirt hangs directly over his holster. This is why you can't see it during this sequence until he lifts the bottom of his shirt aside, draws, and fires.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Harrison Ford badly bruised his ribs during the scene when he was dragged behind the truck.

Correction: Ho-hum. Not nearly interesting enough to be considered trivia. Actors get cuts and bruises all the time.


Corrected entry: When Indy - in the opening scene - is running across the open field, dust is rising from him. And in the next cut - more dust. But when he started running there wasn't any.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: There is a gap between him running in the forest, then running in the field that is not on film; more than enough time for him to take a tumble in the dirt.

Corrected entry: What are all these German soldiers doing in British controlled Egypt prior to World War II. Appeasement aside, I think that the British might be a little worried about a large group of armed Germans being in a League of Nations mandated British Protectorate!

Correction: Egypt was declared an independent nation in 1922 and largely remained neutral. True, the British had a military base in Cairo to protect the Suez Canal as a result of the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936. But that wasn't ratified until December of that year. The film probably takes place before that.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Indy meets the government agents who are trying to get him to assist their quest to find Ravenwood, one of the agents is dressed appropriately for the time period; the other one (I think the actor is Bill Hootkins) is dressed in what appears to be a late 1970's style polyester light blue leisure suit. The style of the suit just doesn't fit the 1930's period. (00:16:05)

Correction: Suits in the 30's most definitely came in light colors, including blue.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Indy is in the Well of Souls trying to climb the statue, there is a snake on it. How did it manage to get there? (01:13:40)

Dr Wilson

Correction: The same way some snakes wind up in trees: it climbed.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: There is an awfully fast transition between nighttime and a clear, sunny morning during the scene where Indiana and Sallah are retrieving the Ark.


Correction: This is not a mistake. It's well into night, perhaps even after midnight, when they finally open the Well of Souls. The indication is that it took some time for Indy and Sallah to clear the snakes, locate the Ark, retrieve it, box it up and prepare the harness to lift it out.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy and Sallah are walking to the Well of Souls,in the middle of the desert, they pass a man with a running hose in his hand.

Correction: Why is this a mistake? There are any number of ways to get a running hose in the desert (connected to a pump at a well, connected to a portable water tank, etc.).


Corrected entry: When Indy whips the red hot poker out of the Nazi's hand, it is glowing brightly. But when it lands next to the curtain, the color is much darker.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: A red hot poker will cool quickly when exposed to cold air, and darken in colour.

Corrected entry: The Mark VII gas bag that Indy carries was not made until well into the second world war. They were used in the movie because the prop department found that they were cheap and plentiful.

Correction: Already been submitted.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning of the movie where Indy is running from the large boulder, if you look at the left side of the boulder, you can see a stick or post attached to the boulder as it is rolling towards him.

Correction: This could have been put there by the people who built the place, to guide the boulder in the correct direction, for instance, instead of rolling into the pit Indy and Satipo had just swung over.

Corrected entry: After Indiana Jones has run the staff car containing Belloq, Toht, et al, off the road to Cairo with the truck, look at the driver of the staff car- he immediately anticipates Paul Freeman (Belloq) striking him two seconds before Freeman actually does by covering his head to protect himself from Freeman's hit.

Correction: The driver knows what kind of man Belloq is. He knows Belloq will blame him for what had just happened. It's entirely reasonable he'd brace himself for what he assumes is coming.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the film, Jones arrives at the temple with two companions. He leaves in a biplane, which is waiting for him on a nearby river. The biplane has only two seats. How were his companions going to get out of the area, which is swarming with hostile natives? Swim?

Correction: They are never shown arriving together, so who says they did? They just worked together. Apparently, each person arranged for their own transportation in and out of the jungle. Indy's was at the ready, the others' was not. And how were they to know that hostile natives would be so pressing a concern upon leaving?

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: The journey to the temple at the film's start has taken some time, as evidenced by the presence of guides and pack animals, and Satipo's fear that the poisoned dart means they are being followed - yet when escaping the natives, Indiana Jones returns to his transport after only a brief run.

Correction: Wrong turns, twisting paths, perhaps even starting off in the wrong direction; all these things could mean days in the jungle when their goal turns out to be only a few hundred yards away from where they started. Just because they've been searching the jungle for a long time does not mean they actually wound up too terribly far from where they first arrived.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Indy and Marion are tied to the stake while the Nazis are opening the Ark, there are a few shots where R2D2's helmet is perched on top of the stake.

Correction: Not true. There is a large domed reflector around a lamp, shown lit at 1:44:45.


Corrected entry: When Indy has the bazooka like weapon pointed at the Arc of the Covenant, Beloq and Indy are talking. At one point when Beloq is talking, a fly enters his mouth and he seems to have absolutely no reaction at all.

Correction: How is this a movie mistake? I wouldn't even call this a character mistake; that sounds exactly like Beloq. Too dignified to spit, sputter, or even momentarily falter in his speech.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When walking towards the temple in the opening scene, Indy finds an arrow in a tree. His helper tastes the poison and says, 'Poison's still fresh. Three days.' The other guy says, 'They are following us'. Well, if they were following them, how could they be ahead of them? And if Indy arrived by plane - and has a pilot sitting and waiting - how could a three day old arrow be a sign that the Indians were following them?

Jacob La Cour

Correction: It's just been three days since that arrow was made, meaning it hasn't been sitting in the tree for fifteen years and finding it was mere coincidence. If the poison was fresh to the day then it would likely come from natives who just happened to be in the area hunting. Since it's three days old, that tells us someone had to do some hunting while traveling a great distance with a ready-made supply of ammunition. Why else, and in that particular area at that particular time, but to keep track of our hero?

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Indy leaves the temple with the gold idol, his 'helper' is found killed by spears. But he is on the same side of the room as the spears. How could they have come out of the wall - penetrating him - and still be on that side of the room. He would have had to have been walking very close to the wall - and the spears would have had to come with an immense force to penetrate him while standing.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: They did come out with an immense force... just as they did with Forrestal.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Indy is surprised by finding Jack's pet snake in the plane. But how could he not have noticed it on the flight into the forest?

Jacob La Cour

Correction: The snake presumably wasn't in Indy's part of the plane when they flew in and has simply moved while the plane was stationary and waiting for Indy to return.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Marion changes into the red pants and embroidered white shirt once they get to Egypt. This shirt is actually a traditional Ukrainian national costume blouse, not anything likely to be purchased at a market in the Middle East. In fact, this shirt was purchased in the Ukrainian store Arka on the Lower East Side of NYC, where they display a signed picture of Karen Allen wearing it.

Correction: The Black Sea separates Ukraine from many of the countries generally considered to be part of the "Middle East". Trading over sea would have been the norm in the time this film is set. It is not impossible for that shirt to be found in Egypt, considering this. Especially not when you also consider the type of fare normally found at these markets; they've got great variety from many places. Trade for these people isn't just a business, it's a livelihood; and the only way to stay successful is to have something to sell that no one else is selling. That shirt would be a rare find in such a place, to be sure, but that doesn't make this a movie mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: How could Sallah have known that the monkey died from a poisoned date and react quickly enough to stop it happening to Indy.

Correction: He saw a previously virile monkey suddenly dead with a pilfered date nearby. He put two and two together. Pretty straightforward.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Marion is having the drinking contest in her bar, look at her opponent's left wrist. There is a visible mark where the actor's watch strap goes.

Correction: Wristwatches existed in the 1930's.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the bar fight scene when the Cossack has the gun pointed at Indy, straight after he gets shot but just before the blood runs out of his mouth you can see him chewing on the blood capsule in his mouth.

Correction: Did you actually see the blood capsule, or are you making an assumption? After being shot, he could be just moving his mouth as if he were gritting his teeth in pain, not necessarily breaking open a blood pack.

Corrected entry: Indy snaps the staff in half to stop the bad guys figuring out how long it has to be to be used in the Map Room. That's not going to work. They could easily put the two pieces together again. He needs to snap it into three segments and take the centre one with him.

Correction: Character mistake.


Corrected entry: When Belloq and Dietrich are about to start interrogating Marion, Toht arrives and raises his scorched hand. He says "Hail Hitler", but it surely should be "Heil Hitler". There wouldn't be any need to speak in English, not even for the audience's benefit.

Correction: Hail and Heil sound very similar. Add Toht's accent to the confusion and there is no way to say with certainty that he is saying "Hail" and not "Heil."

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the Himalayan bar scene, when Indy comes in to save Marion from The Henchmen, the gun Indy is holding changes from a revolver in one shot to a semi-automatic pistol in the next shot. (00:02:15)

Correction: Although he's never seen using them together in the same shot, the movie implies that Indy has two guns. He's seen using his revolver during the truck chase and the fight with the german mechanic, his automatic when the Nazi's seize Katanga's ship and both at various points during the bar fight. If you watch closely during the bar fight, you can actually see Indy quickly grab at his bag at one point, the implication being, he switched guns when he ran out of bullets.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy is rescued by the children, there are two shots of the monkey in the window of the truck. As the monkey stands up the monkey gets an erection. The erection is not present in the second shot of the monkey.

Correction: The two shots are not consecutive. It went away in between shots.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Indy is holding Marion in the Well of Souls (after she had been dropped in by the Nazis), watch carefully as they look up as the Nazis seal the entrance. There is some kind of string, cord, rope, or cable visible on Marion's arm (possibly a safety harness for if Harrison Ford dropped her?). The string/cord/rope/cable disappears in the next shot.


Correction: It's actually the cord from Marion's dress that just wrapped around her arm, when she jumped on Indy.

Corrected entry: When Indiana tells the pilot to start the plane the sound the plane makes is the same as the laser sound from Star Wars.


Correction: The sound effect is not the laser effect, but the hyperdrive malfunctions on the Millennium Falcon. Actually, this is the other way around: The winding -down sounds are actually made by a gear-driven generator found in most older radial aircraft engines. In this particular case, the seaplane was a 1941 Waco UPF-7, and with planes this old there are no buttons to start the engine; you had to wind the starter up with a crank before you could press the button and start the engine. When the starter is engaged it groans a bit, hence the laser-like sound. There are no sound effects here; this is how a genuine Waco UPF-7 sounds when you start it.

Corrected entry: The role of Indiana Jones was initially offered to Tom Selleck, who couldn't do it due to commitment to "Magnum P.I.". Harrison Ford was their second choice.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: This is only partially true. The statement about Tom Selleck is accurate, but Harrison Ford was Steven Spielberg's first choice and Tom Selleck his second. George Lucas didn't want to cast Harrison Ford again due to him having been in American Graffiti and being involved in the Star Wars trilogy. After Selleck became unavailable Lucas agreed to cast Ford.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy is with Marcus Brody and the two guys from the army intelligence, Indy is talking about what is in the Ark of the Covenant. He says that the Hebrews put the broken pieces of the Ten Commandments in the Ark. That's not correct. Yes, it's true that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and then Moses broke them, but Moses went back up the mountain, and God gave him a new set of the same Commandments. The Hebrews put the new, complete, whole pieces in the Ark, not the broken ones. In Exodus 34:1, God tells Moses to bring new stone tablets so that God can write the commandments again. Exodus 34:29 states: "...Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands,..." (00:17:20)

Correction: Even Indy is not infallible, this is a character's mistake.

Corrected entry: The stunt where Indy pushes the statue through the wall in the Well of Souls happened too quickly. If you watch the stunt man, he slips and almost falls off the statue, because it fell before he was ready. (01:14:15)

Correction: This is not a movie mistake, since it's entirely possible that the Indiana character could have been surprised and nearly slip.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Indiana is running away from the Hovitos, you can see tan lines on many of the actors.

Correction: South American natives were (and are) quite pale skinned, and do get tan lines.

Corrected entry: The Well of Souls is a sealed, airtight chamber - the escape of gas when the concrete slab over the entrance is lifted proves that. Indy and Marion can only escape by smashing through a solid internal wall and then pushing a tightly fitted rock slab out of the outside wall. So, what do those snakes eat? More to the point, what do they breathe?

Correction: The internal wall wasn't solid, (it had holes that they showed snakes coming through.) The rock they pushed from the outer wall wasn't tightly fitted because they could SEE that it was loose enough to push. It wasn't sealed and it wasn't gas escaping. In a house with a window open, when you open a door the curtains will suddenly billow around. What you saw was just from the wind blowing in the holes in the walls. Lifting the slab changed the air currents which blew sand and dust from around the slab.

Corrected entry: Raiders is supposed to take place in 1936, however throughout the film, the German soldiers are using what appear to be MP-38 or MP-40 sub-machine guns (No way to tell which model they were, as they both look identical). These guns weren't put into service with the German Army until 1938 and 1940 respectively.

Correction: There was a sub-machine gun that looked very similar to the MP-38 and MP-40 in 1936. It was called the Erma EMP-36.

Corrected entry: In real life, Hitler was on a fanatical quest for the Holy Lance, used to pierce Jesus's side during the Crucifixion, rather than the Ark of the Covenant (a Jewish relic).

Correction: Hitler searched for many religious and occult artifacts.

Corrected entry: Go to the scene where Marion and Indy are in Mr. Katanga's boat, in their room. Marion comes in, and takes off the red blanket, and Indy has on his leather jacket and shirt on. Indy still has his jacket on when Marion goes to look at herself in the mirror. Then the shot goes to Indy, looking at his head on the other side of the mirror, leather jacket off. Marion turns the mirror, Indy screams, and she goes over when she sees that Indy is trying to take his shirt off. If he had so much trouble taking his shirt off, how could he have taken off his jacket within a matter of about 2-4 seconds? (01:32:00)

Correction: Leather jackets are heavy, it's easy to let them slide off under their own weight which would hardly take any time at all.


Corrected entry: The character of Indiana Jones is believed to have been based on Roy Chapman Andrews, an American archeologist in the early 20th century. It was Andrews who first discovered the velociraptor, featured in another Spielberg movie, Jurassic Park. Andrews was also a graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin, which happens to be the arch rival of Harrison Ford's alma mater, Ripon College.

Correction: This is false. The character of Indiana Jones is based on numerous heroes from old movie serials and his look (the outfit complete with hat and jacket) is borrowed wholesale from the 1943 Alan Ladd movie "China". The character was originally conceived to be a pure treasure-hunter, and it was only decades later that Lucas decided that making him an archeologist instead would give him a little extra intellectual credibility. So it's not possible that any real life archeologist could have been the "basis" for the character since the character existed for quite a long time in Lucas's imagination before he had anything to do with archeology.

Corrected entry: As Belloq watches the reflection in the mirror of Marion changing into the evening dress in his tent, she undoes a very modern stretch bra. (01:02:25)

Correction: Women in that era actually did have stretch bras. Only the cups of the bra were more of a cone shaped.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, the helper that is shot in the back by all the poison darts and dies....he reappears later. Check out the guy with the monkey and the eye-patch in Cairo. Same person. George Lucas had a great way to save money on crew by doing this. (00:09:50 - 00:36:55)

Correction: Several films have one actor playing two or more roles in them. More trivia than a mistake.

Corrected entry: Indy's pilot (Jacques) has a distinct Australian accent when he states "That's just mah pet snoek Reggie". In his next sentence, he's become completely 'Americanized'. The accent has vanished.


Correction: The pilot could have just been immitating an Australian accent at first.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Marcus visits Indiana at his house and Indiana starts packing his suitcase to prepare for his trip to Nepal, Marcus warns Indiana about the dangerous powers of the Ark and Indiana says 'I don't believe in magic or superstitious hocus pocus'. But, since Temple of Doom (1935) was set before Raiders of the lost Ark (1936), he should have remembered all the magic that he encountered in Temple of Doom, like hearts being ripped out with bare hands while the victim is still alive, voodoo magic, and magic rocks. Does Indy have a bad memory or was all that magic not convincing enough? (00:22:00)

Correction: There are two things going on here: (1) just experiencing profoundly weird things like in Temple of Doom doesn't mean that someone will be convinced of their magical nature (in fact, many people will over the years after such events, downplay the magical aspects in their memory), and (2) Indy may believe that whatever happened in Temple of Doom wasn't magic, but just some science we don't know about (i.e. there's a perfectly rational explanation, he just doesn't know it). What it comes down to is that Indy is a cynic, and a lapsed Christian, which is important for his overall motivation (esp. in Last Crusade).

Corrected entry: As Indy gets onto the plane and we see Toth for the first time, Indy sits down with his trilby hat resting level on his head and his collar and tie fastened, but in the next shot the hat is at an angle, and the collar and tie are unfastened. (00:22:35)


Correction: It's a fedora, not a trilby. If you watch, you see Harrison raise his hand to his collar to undo the button and tie. that's how they get like that. And as for the angle of the hat, it's because he has leant back into the seat. I have a fedora, and if I look up, even just slightly, before sitting back against a tall chair, like in a car or plane, it tips itself up.

Corrected entry: How could Indy possibly believe that a double handful of dirt scooped outside the cave could weigh as much as the gold idol (to avoid setting off traps related to lifting the idol)? He even takes some dirt out of the bag to try to match the weight. Indy must have experience with the weight of gold from other artifacts, and he already knows how sophisticated the traps at this site are. From the way Indy tosses it and the sound it makes when his assistant catches it, the idol is definitely solid stone or metal, even if it's only gold plated. If Indy didn't know what the internal material was, there was no way he could possibly judge the weight. In any case, dirt is less dense than any solid rock and wouldn't weigh the same. (00:07:55)


Correction: Indy knew what the arifact was that he was looking for, how big it was, and what it made of. So he brought a pouch of dirt in with his best guess of it's weight. It obviously was a bad guess as it didn't weigh the same or the trap would not have been triggered.

Corrected entry: When Jones and Brody are discussing the Ark and its powers with the two government agents, Brody states "The Bible speaks of the Ark leveling mountains." The Bible says no such thing.

Correction: Brody was using a figure of speech. He said this because he wanted to get the attention of the government agents so that they wouldn't take the matter of the Ark lightly.

Corrected entry: It is curious how the dress and shoes that Belloq gave to Marion are a perfect fit.


Correction: Not really - anyone with the right eye could have worked out her size, maybe even tailored it accordingly.

Corrected entry: During the basket chase scene, Indiana seems to yell out "Karen," instead of "Marion." (00:40:05)

Correction: Listen closer, Indy is yelling "Marion".

Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy is fighting the Nazis who are loading the Ark on an aeroplane to ship it back to Germany, the aeroplane is of a flying-wing design. Flying wings were an American invention (Jack Northrup); the Nazis did not begin trying to build them until very late in World War II. (01:15:50)

Correction: Brothers Reimar and Walter Horten were testing (unpowered) piloted flying wings in Germany as early as 1933, and successfully flew the Ho-5b in 1938. Though Northrup did indeed put a lot of work into flying wings, his N1-M flying wing did not fly until 1940.

Corrected entry: As Indiana and Marion escape the Well of Souls (via pushing the large stone block at the end of the mummy tomb adjacent to the Well), there is a person distinctly propped up against the side of the stone walls, apparently napping. Even if this was supposed to be a watchman/worker falling asleep on the job, why didn't he notice the crunch and rumble and resulting loud THUD of a stone block being moved not ten feet away?


Correction: This is actually a visible remnant of a deleted scene. As originally shot, when Indy pushed the block out, it startled a worker who was standing nearby. When Indy emerged, he had to silence the worker before he alerted the rest of the camp. See Not really a mistake, as the subsequent startling is just not shown.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Indy is running after Marion in Cairo, just before he gets to the square filled with people carrying baskets, a man is sitting on the ground with a Walkman headphone on.

Correction: There are three men Indy sees in the alleys before he reaches the square, two of them sitting, one standing, and each in his own area. All of them are wearing turbans, have facial hair, and are placed in the middle to far background. This makes it impossible to say they are wearing headphones.


Corrected entry: In the big chase scene where Indy is driving the truck a Nazi manning a stationary gun on the back of another truck fires several rounds point blank into the tarp covering the cargo hold of Indy's truck until he rams them off the road. That tarp must be strong since they show no bullet holes for the rest of the scene.

Correction: The gun is only shown onscreen while firing once, and during that shot the barrel is pointing at an angle which would send the bullets over the hood of the target truck. There are some other incidents when it is heard firing, but we don't see it onscreen at those times, only hear it as the trucks crash together. Given the velocity of the chase and the violence with which Indy keeps ramming the chase truck, it's easy to assume that the gunner couldn't keep the gun aimed at the target long enough to hit it.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the very first scene of the movie when Indiana Jones comes back to Marion to save her from the bad guys, he snaps his whip on one guy, then pulls out a gun. Indiana Jones is invincible, but still it's a little hard to believe that even the great Indiana Jones can make a 6-shooter shoot 10+ times.

Correction: It is a common filmmaking technique to not show the hero reloading, particularly in the serials which this movie takes its inspiration from. There are plenty of times when Indy isn't actually onscreen when he could be reloading.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Indy drops the Staff of Ra in the hole to the map room, you can hear a very distinct "clank" when the rod hits the ground (as if it were made of metal, not wood, since Indy breaks the staff over his knee later in the scene).

Correction: Sounds like a hardwood staff on a marble floor to me.

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie you can see normal German army military, which is nonsense because these historic artifact-projects Hitler pursued were handled by the SS and not by the army.

Correction: It was common for the SS to "commandeer" regular military troops as needed to accomplish their goals. If they needed a lot of troops, the SS got their wish.

Corrected entry: U-boats were more than four times as fast on the surface (running on diesel engines) than when submerged (running on batteries). Since Germany was not at war at this time they would have run the boat on the surface almost exclusively. Since the boats were so hard for other surface vessels to see, the Captain would have maintained a constant look out on deck. There is no way Indy could have stayed hidden for the entire voyage.

Correction: While it is true that the German U-boat was 3x-4x faster on the surface, it is equally true that in the treaty or Versailles, Germany was banned from possessing U-boats. (The U.K. was still upset about costs exacted in WWI). A German U-boat approaching any ally or neutral ship would have to submerge, even before the war had started.

Corrected entry: When Indy is in the Map Room looking at his book, comparing the map room to what he sees, there is a wedding ring impression - when you take your ring off you have a tan line. Also in that scene there is a suntan line on one of his fingers of a plaster/bandaid.

Correction: The shot is of him from the right, you never get a good enough look at his left hand to see an impression of a wedding band.

Corrected entry: Sallah is surprised by the face of the snarling Anubis statue in a flash of lightning. Statues of Anubis were NEVER shown as snarling. They were shown with a closed snout only, whether crouching in their jackal form or standing upright in their head-of-Anubis-with-a-body-of-a-man pose.

Correction: Perhaps that is why he is so startled.

Corrected entry: When Indy threatens to blow up the Ark, at moment when Belloq says "okay Jones you win" you can see in the background Toth (dressed in black) sitting on the rocks next to two German soldiers who have Marion as a prisoner in between them. But when Belloq grabs a machine gun from one of the other soldiers and tells Indy to blow up the ark, Toth has disappeared and there is just Marion and the two Germans soldiers (no Toth).


Correction: Toth walks away. You can see him get up and move to the left when Belloq grabs the machine gun and screams "Zuruck."

Corrected entry: When Indiana and the other guy are removing the stone cover where the Ark is kept, they are struggling, yet they can lift the Ark out with relative ease. The Ark is made of solid gold and the lid itself is said to need two men to lift, plus it should contain the two stone tablets with the ten commandments on. It should have weighed just as much if not more than the stone covering.

Correction: The Ark was not made of solid gold, but of acacia wood covered with gold leaf (See Exodus 37:1-2).

Corrected entry: Indiana Jones says in the movie that Moses came down from Mt. Horeb with the Ten Commandments. This is not true. Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments. (00:17:20)

Correction: Horeb and Sinai are the same mountain.

Corrected entry: In the Well of Souls, Marion's underwear changes from white to black.

Correction: There is not one clear shot to support this, at no time is it possible to see what Marion was wearing underneath the dress that Belloq gave to her, nor can this be determined when she was hanging on to the statue just after Toth threw her into the well of souls.


Corrected entry: When the Well of Souls is opened it makes a vacuum sound. This would be impossible if the snakes were entering from outside, or if they were to survive.

Correction: If it were a "vacuum" sound, air would be rushing INTO the vault, not out of it as the escaping mist obviously shows. Given the atmospheric effects that appear when the Ark is finally opened later, this seems to suggest the sounds and the mist escaping are manifestations of spirits that are angry at the disturbance of the Ark's resting place.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Marion is being chased by the Nazis, she hides in a basket, but doesn't shut the lid properly. When the monkey screeches to let the Nazis know she is there, the lid is completely shut.

Correction: There was also a delay of several seconds in between shots of the basket. Plenty of time for Marion to get settled and close the lid properly.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: During the process of escaping from the Well of Souls after being entombed there by the Nazis, Jones ends up shoving out a large concrete block from the inside of an aboveground concrete structure, through which Jones and Marion crawl to freedom. How is it that the Germans and Belloq wouldn't have thought to investigate this aboveground structure themselves in their search for the Ark?

Correction: The Germans didn't because they were following Belloq's lead. Belloq didn't because he was so sure of himself that he didn't want to admit his directions might be incomplete or wrong. Even if they had investigated the building, they would have found nothing; the burial passageway would have led to a blank wall. The Well of Souls was on the other side of this wall; it was only opened when Indy knocked the statue through it.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Indiana Jones escapes capture on the England-bound cargo ship by swimming to a nearby German U-Boat. After we see Jones climb aboard the deck of the U-Boat and salute the captain of the cargo ship, there is a sequence of scenes showing the German U-Boat crew preparing to submerge the ship. Even if Jones miraculously managed to get inside the ship undetected, he would not have been able to find a hiding space inside the cramped confines of a German U-Boat.

Correction: The U-boat never does submerge, and we are left to assume Indy rode on top the entire way to the German base. WWII submarines had a much higher surface speed than submerged speed, so only went underwater with good reason.

Corrected entry: Why does Indy go all the way to the floor in the Well of Souls and then spray the snakes with petrol to light it. Given his phobia (and general safety precautions - Sallah points out that they are asps and "very dangerous") would he not spray them from above (outside, or hanging from the rope), or even pour some petrol straight down on them, or better still, lower the bucket to the floor and let it tip over. He could easily light it with a dropped torch and never get too near the snakes he hates so much.


Correction: And risk damaging the Ark? He needed to see where things were, and pour the gas as necessary. You don't want to damage anything valuable by DROPPING a can of gas (or whatever) from that far up and hoping you only get the snakes.

Corrected entry: While they are in the German camp around the well of souls, Sallah is trying to blend in with the other native workers. As he passes a long table of Germans eating, a few call out in German for water (Wasser) yet he replies in English "I'll go and get you some water" a number of times. Not very undercover.


Correction: The scene is set in Egypt, and Sallah is Egyptian, so when the German soldiers want water, he is not going to reply to them in German. He would reply to them in Arabic, but for the sake of expediency with the dialogue, Sallah is speaking in English. Since he is also native to the area, he is also dressed accordingly.


Corrected entry: When Indy is fighting the German guy near the plane and the guy gets ripped apart by the propeller blades his blood is splattered all over the cockpit window where Marion is, yet when Indy goes to get her out the cockpit window is completely clean.

Correction: The blood that gets splattered is on the screen of the rear cockpit, where the tail gunner is and not at the front, where the pilot would sit. If you notice carefully, the propellers are facing backwards towards the rear of the plane, this is where Indy and the big German are fighting, when the German gets cut up by the propeller the blood lands on the swastika on the rear tail fin. Marion goes to the front cockpit via the fuselage of the plane, (the two cockpits are not separate) and this explains why when Indy releases Marion from the front cockpit, the window is clean and is not covered with blood.


Corrected entry: In the fight scene at the airplane, Marion is locked in the cockpit with the dead German pilot (located at the front of the plane). In the next shot when a truck of German soldiers approach, she begins shooting them from the plane's gun turret (a separate cabin located in the rear of the plane). In the next shot, when Indy is done fighting the big German, Marion is once again locked in the cockpit (located at the front of the plane).

Correction: Marion is able to get to the rear cockpit via the fuselage of the plane, they are not separate, this is why she is able to get from the front to the rear of the plane and then back again.


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Sallah: Indy, why does the floor move?
Indiana: Give me your torch. [He drops it in and sees why.] Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?
Sallah: Asps. Very dangerous. You go first.



While Indy and Marion are in the Well of Souls, and they encounter the snakes, Indy falls to the ground only to be confronted by a hissing Cobra rearing its head. Look carefully and you'll see the snake's reflection on the safety glass between it and Indy. Briefly you can also see the torch's reflection while he's waving it around. You can also see Marion's reflection when she falls in later on and is face to face with the cobra. [This has been corrected in the new DVD set. You can only see it if you have the original VHS. I think it's visible in the "making of" on the DVD as well.]



In the Well of Souls, you can see hieroglyphics of C3PO and R2D2 on the wall.