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Zack Snyder's Justice League picture

Other mistake: After realising they can track the mother box, Batman says they have to go back to his base to use one of his satellites to track it, and they all do so. Which completely ignores the fact that Cyborg could easily access the satellite feed directly using his abilities and display it to the others on any nearby screen in Star Labs.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Suggested correction: Just because he had many options available to him, does not mean that the option which he chose was wrong.

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Nobody picture

Other mistake: During Hutch's flashback to when he was about to assassinate the man who skimmed $1 million, he says he was holding an H&K .45. However, at that exact moment you can see "9mm" on the side of the gun.

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No Time to Die picture

Other mistake: On the prison computer scan of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Blofeld's date of birth is shown as 4th July 1946, but he is only meant to be a few years older than James Bond, as seen in the photo of them together as teenagers in the film Spectre. That photo is meant to be circa 1985, and the newspaper clipping (also shown in Spectre) about Franz Oberhauser's (aka Blofeld) death in the avalanche happened when he was 16 years old. If he was 16 in 1985 then he should have been born in 1969, not 1946.

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The Suicide Squad picture

Other mistake: Despite being a deadly marksman (only a few minutes earlier in the movie he stopped a bullet directed at him shooting it off the air), Bloodsport snipes several times at the huge kaiju featuring a massive eye in the central part of its body, and never once hits it. (01:51:45)

Sammo Premium member

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Black Widow picture

Other mistake: Black Widow and her sister steal a BMW. Getting away they damage the left rear quarter. A few cuts later they show the car again and it has no damage to the left rear quarter. (00:40:15)


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Eternals picture

Other mistake: Throughout the movie, the timeframe of Ikaris and Sersi's relationship seems to constantly change; their first kiss is in 575 BC, but Phastus in 2020 asks her how could she stand him for 5000 years. Sprite tells Dane that they broke up 100 years before, but he leaves her because he can't stand to keep secret from her the mission. Which is a problem, since he mentioned that Ajak told him that when they left Babylon, so around 500 BC.

Sammo Premium member

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Wrath of Man picture

Other mistake: The driver tells his partner that his firearm is empty, and he has no bullets in it. In the beginning he was given a loaner firearm until he could purchase his own. He's been with the company for a while now so that makes no sense. Also, for a trained professional who killed six robbers with precise accuracy it's hard to fathom he would not notice his gun weighing less. A loaded Glock 17 weighs 8.5 ounces heavier than an empty one. Plus the guards carry spare magazines, where are his? (01:20:00 - 01:22:30)

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Spider-Man: No Way Home picture

Other mistake: Sandman AKA Flint Marko is the first of the villains to be changed back at the Statue of Liberty fight, and he is told by Peter to stay inside the head to be safe. Seconds later Electro discharges a massive electric surge onto the statue head, which is made of bronze, which is a good electric conductor. Marko should not have survived that. (01:47:40 - 01:48:10)


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Suggested correction: It's made of a good conductor that would protect him like a faraday cage if anything. (Almost) all the energy would go through the metal, not the less conductive person.

A faraday cage is very sophisticated, calculated, engineering to block electromagnetic fields. You can't accidentally have a faraday cage.


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PAW Patrol: The Movie picture

Other mistake: When the car stops and Chase is left on the curb the door is closed and it magically goes through him. (00:11:54)

Sacha Premium member

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The Marksman picture

Other mistake: Jim's truck is shown parked in a space in front of the Border Patrol building, and the spaces have those cement barriers that keep vehicles from pulling in too far (in this case, yellow ones). Then when Jim later pulls out of the space, he puts the truck in "Drive" and goes forward with no consequence. (00:25:06 - 00:27:11)


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Outside the Wire picture

Other mistake: In the scene with Harp facing the hostage takers between the 2 trucks full of GUMPs, Harp's rifle has no trigger. (01:04:00)

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The Virtuoso picture

Other mistake: The waitress said she got to Rosie's Cafe early and had to kill Rosie and the cook. She shot them and threw them down the basement steps, plus mopped up the blood before the loner arrived. The Virtuoso did not get there as early as he wanted to, but it was still about before 5:00 PM. He had briefly stopped along the road to ask the girl if she wanted a ride, and the waitress passed him at this point. The small amount of time the waitress was ahead wouldn't be enough time to kill and clean up. (01:35:30)


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Planet Dune picture

Other mistake: Rebecca electrocuted the giant sand worm within 3' of the spaceship. After Lt Astrid arrives, some views show Rebecca out in the open, but the camera should have been obstructed by the spaceship because following front views still show Rebecca next to the spaceship. Also, at least part of the dead giant sand worm probably should have been visible at times but was not. (00:51:55 - 00:52:20)


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Fast & Furious 9 picture

Other mistake: Towards the end of the end credits there's a "Special thanks" sections, including sponsors such as Fiat Chrysler etc. The first person thanked is "Leslie Finaly", a banal misspelling of "Leslie Finlay." (02:22:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Those Who Wish Me Dead picture

Other mistake: At the school, a police officer told Owen, "Let's go" (move his vehicle). Owen tells Connor "We're playing hooky", makes a sharp turn, speeds past three school buses parked along the road, and passes a police office and school crossing guard (who didn't seem to notice). School zones have 15 MPH limits and police take speeding in these areas very seriously. A motorists violating in a school zone like Owen did would be pursued and cited with multiple offenses. (00:05:40)


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Prisoners of the Ghostland picture

Other mistake: Hero drove his car through a line of armored men and crashed onto rocks along a cement wall. Two days later when he returned to his car with gasoline (where one of his bombs exploded by the car), there was smoke and dust blowing through the air all around yet views of his car showed it was perfectly clean - shiny black. (00:52:35)


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Below Zero picture

Other mistake: The issued sidearm for the Spanish National Police is the H&K USP 9mm Compact, which has a capacity of 13+1 bullets, and the Civil Guards' is the Beretta 92fs/M9, which is a 9mm and has a magazine capacity of 15+1 bullets. As of 2020 the Beretta is being phased out for the H&K USP C. The police officer fires a total of 5 bullets from his Beretta then the slide locks back because its dry. He has no magazines for reloads either. I highly doubt the Spanish police issues 5 bullets to their officers. (00:33:00 - 00:35:30)

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Tom Clancy's Without Remorse picture

Other mistake: After completing a CIA sponsored operation in Syria, a helicopter comes in to exfiltrate the team. It lands and also takes off with full navigation lights and red beacons on. This would never be done in a combat area. Those light should have been off the entire time. (00:06:55)


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Apex picture

Other mistake: When the helicopter was flying toward and over Apex Island, the helicopter (as well as the similarly-sized box) was about 1/10 or 1/12 the width of the island. In the next view, from almost ground-level, the helicopter was about as wide as one pine tree. (00:10:30)


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Space Sweepers picture

Other mistake: After Jang tells Pierre to get the money, the scene cuts to a woman saying, in English "It's a 99.9 percent DNA match", but the captions read [in German] instead of [in English]. The same mistake happens again when she says "We're synced" and the captions read [woman in German] instead of [woman in English]. (02:06:08 - 02:06:40)

Casual Person

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