Best crime movie visible crew/equipment of 2018

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The Equalizer 2 picture

Visible crew/equipment: After burning the car, when Dave takes the trash out there is a camera operator at the end of his driveway. (01:11:00)

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Den of Thieves picture Den of Thieves mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: As the crew is leaving the salvage yard where the garbage trunk went, they are in a black SUV. In the shot of them leaving there is a close up of the corner of the bumper, and in it you can see the film crew and director's chair reflected in the bumper. And as they are pulling away it appears the film crew is also reflected in the tail gate of the SUV. (02:00:25)

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BlacKkKlansman picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the dance scene towards the end of the dance he has an earpiece in his left ear. (02:14:00)

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