Best thriller movie revealing mistakes of 2017

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Fast & Furious 8 picture

Revealing mistake: On the ice the tank is firing - in slow motion we see empty shells are littering the area. The shells have crimped ends, revealing them to be blanks.

Steven moffat

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Atomic Blonde picture

Revealing mistake: During the car chase when the car gets hit by the truck and goes into slow motion you can see the roll cage inside the car.

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Cult of Chucky picture

Revealing mistake: When Chucky's disembodied head tries to bite Andy in the beginning, watch closely. When the plaque he's mounted too leans forward suddenly as Chucky snaps at Andy, you can see a rod underneath of it, which was used to make it move and lean forward by the puppeteers.

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Life picture

Revealing mistake: Throughout the film, the characters can be seen to impossibly pivot on the rigging suspending them in the air in a manner inconsistent with zero-g as they move through the space station.

Phixius Premium member

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The Circle picture

Revealing mistake: When Mae is on the phone with her parents, there is a camera feed shown of the parents, and in the bottom right hand corner, a camera feed of Mae. When Mae is holding the phone, her hand is visibly seen shaking and readjusts the phone at numerous points, the camera feed of her shown on the phone remains completely still throughout the call. (01:13:05)

Casual Person

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The Foreigner picture

Revealing mistake: When Hennessy is confronting McGrath, he shoots 3 bullets from his pistol and also hits him in the face with the butt of the gun. There is no magazine/clip in the pistol. (01:19:30)

Cody Webb

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Revenge picture

Revealing mistake: When Richard and Stan are driving across the desert, there is a shot of Stan driving the SUV. The number plate and Range Rover logo appear to be reversed and the driver seat is shown on the right hand side instead of the left hand side, revealing that the shot has been flipped. (01:04:40)

Casual Person

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xXx: Return of Xander Cage picture

Revealing mistake: When Ice Cube shoots the grenade at the car, the explosion comes from inside the car, but the car itself is raised in the air before the explosion happens. (01:28:05)

Sammo Premium member

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Security picture

Revealing mistake: Eddie palms to the face one of the fake feds and puts him in a wristlock, turning the weapon against him and shoots him in the chest. The bad guy dies without a hole in his jacket from this point-blank hit. (01:09:45)

Sammo Premium member

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John Wick: Chapter 2 picture

Revealing mistake: When John is escaping at the start, he throws a sharp left when a taxi appears ahead of him. Just before he takes the turn, we see a view from in the car. In this shot, you can see skid marks already ahead of him exactly where he's about to skid. (00:08:20)

Ssiscool Premium member

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The Wicked Gift picture

Revealing mistake: The bartender (Kateryna Korchynska) offers Ethan two lattes on the house. She hands them to him, and he walks out. No opacity from the liquid can be seen inside the plastic cups, and when he is moving away from the counter he leans forward quite a bit, showing the inside of the cups, squeaky clean. (00:08:00)

Sammo Premium member

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