Best sport movie mistakes of 2017

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I, Tonya picture

Continuity mistake: When Tonya's husband is fixing the car, his tool box disappears when he goes to close the hood.

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Battle of the Sexes picture

Continuity mistake: When Billie Jean hits the winning shot against Bobby Riggs, she is inside the square closest to the net. However, when she throws her racket in the air in victory a second later she has moved outside the box, close to the center of the court.

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Slamma Jamma picture

Continuity mistake: Michael sets foot into the church and meets Pastor John Soul. John has a clipboard in his left hand, as well as his glasses, as he says "But the doors of this church are always open to you." He opens his arms and the glasses are in the left hand. However in the wider shot that follows ("But, if you are looking for redemption...") here's the Pastor with the glasses in his right hand. (00:27:05)

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