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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! pictureSharknado 3: Oh Hell No! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Claudia leaves the ride without her cell phone it cuts to Fin driving his car into dense fog, and in the exterior shots the Toyota's front grille emblem as well as the license plate inexplicably vanish, and then reappear.

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Sinister 2 picture

Continuity mistake: When the man drives his car into the cornfield and hits the boy with his vehicle and rescues the mom and her son they run out of the cornfield and back to the house. After the house catches on fire they run outside and his car is parked in the driveway.

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Crimson Peak picture

Factual error: The 'Post Office' is nothing like an English one would have been, even in a remote rural location in Victorian times. It seems to have been transposed from the American Wild West.

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Krampus picture

Revealing mistake: When Krampus walks toward Max after he yells at him to give him his family back, wires are controlling Krampus' arm. (01:24:30)

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The Visit picture

Audio problem: When Tyler goes out to the unheated shed and finds the dirty diapers, you hear flies buzzing. This movie is in the middle of winter with snow on the ground. (00:24:20)

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The Gift picture

Continuity mistake: When Gordo leaves Simon and Robyn for a few minutes to handle a work thing, Simon starts mocking Gordo in his absence. Simon tells Robyn that Gordo wants to nail her and Robyn says "Stop it," but Simon continues his mocking of Gordo. At the end when Simon is listening to the recording that Gordo made of that conversation, Robyn's "Stop it" is absent.

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Insidious: Chapter 3 picture

Deliberate mistake: When Quinn is texting the boy next door, he responds too quickly for it to be real. She sends the "So you think I can stop traffic, huh?" text and gets a response within literally two seconds. She then sends the "Did I wake you up?" text and gets two responses within five seconds. Texts usually take several seconds (at least) to be delivered and opened, so even with great service and lightning-fast fingers, this is obviously far too quick.

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Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse picture

Continuity mistake: When the party goers are escaping, Ben begins tying the door closed, but in the next shot, there are still people running up the stairs escaping. (01:19:30)

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Knock Knock picture

Factual error: In the end credits, when the listing of songs used in the film is rolling, the Kiss song is listed as "Detroit City Rock." Actually, the song title is "Detroit Rock City." (01:38:10)

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Awaiting picture

Continuity mistake: The blood on the good guy's white shirt continuously changes through the last chase. (01:22:00 - 01:26:00)

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The Blackcoat's Daughter picture

Continuity mistake: Spoiler alert: About halfway through the movie, we see Emma Roberts coming out of the shower, and the camera focuses on the gunshot wound on her shoulder, with the round scar of the entry wound on her back, and the much rougher, ragged scar of the exit wound on her front. Then at the end of the movie, where it's revealed that Kiernan Shipka and Emma Roberts were actually playing the same character, just nine years apart, Kiernan Shipka gets shot by the police officer when he finds her in the room with the severed heads. Problem is: she was facing the officer. The scars on Emma Roberts are the wrong way around. (00:31:05 - 01:15:35)

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Most Likely to Die picture

Continuity mistake: Ray is on the phone with his girlfriend; as he says "Whatever you say, Ashley", the green scrapbook is closed. It is open again next, just as it was open before. (00:02:00)

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They Found Hell picture

Continuity mistake: The belt around the dude's head changes position as he's tied down on the table. (00:39:45 - 00:40:45)

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The Final Girls picture

Factual error: Tina's striptease dance is mentioned several times as a notable scene in the fictional 1986 movie 'Camp Bloodbath'. When that scene plays out, the song Tina dances to is Warrant's 'Cherry Pie', which wasn't released until 1990.

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension picture

Plot hole: How did they get the tapes from 1988? These were included in part 3 which came out in 2011. This movie came out in 2014 so they could not have had access to them.

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Suggested correction: The years of the films' releases are irrelevant.

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Wrecker picture

Continuity mistake: Emily's bra disappears at the gas station and her sunglasses come and go.

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Poltergeist picture

Continuity mistake: When Griffin gets out of bed, when he hears the clown song he pushes the bed sheets forward about 3 feet from the pillow but when his dad goes into Griffin's room, the sheets have been pulled up about half that length.

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