Best action movie audio problems of 2012

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Jack Reacher picture

Audio problem: When Reacher reverses out of the motel parking lot, a car is seen braking hard to avoid hitting him and honking. The audio sound of the car horn has a "doppler effect", sounding like a passing vehicle, but the car doesn't pass the viewer as it comes to a halt in frame.

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The Hunger Games picture

Audio problem: When Katniss kills Marvel with her bow and arrow when she's with Rue, the cannon (which goes off when a tribute dies) doesn't fire. This happens a couple of other times in the movie too. (01:25:25)


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Audio problem: When one of the computer operators resumed playing Galaga, the sound effect heard is for an enemy ship attempting to capture the player's ship, but what's shown on screen is normal gameplay.


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The Dark Knight Rises picture

Audio problem: When Batman and Bane are fighting on the bridge, 3 punches before Batman falls over the bridge, he swings a punch at Bane where he misses by far, yet the sound is heard and Bane reacts to it.

Sacha Premium member

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Men in Black 3 picture

Audio problem: When the alien cuts Boris's shackles they hit the floor and make a metallic sound, yet when the chest armour falls it sounds like the foam object it really is made of. (00:03:40)

Sacha Premium member

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The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse picture

Audio problem: When the redhead twin shoots the woman creature through the head with an arrow and says "That was for Mika", his mouth does not match up with what he says. (00:47:40)

Quantom X Premium member

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Stolen picture

Audio problem: Hoyt goes up the stairs and there is a dog called Billy that won't stop barking. Just before Hoyt goes into his apartment, the dog's mouth stops, but you hear one more bark before the shot changes to inside where the barking continues to be heard. (00:47:50)

Quantom X Premium member

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Skyfall picture

Audio problem: At the casino bar, Bond is talking to Severine. The camera angle switches behind Bond and he says "I'm guessing he was your way out" but his mouth doesn't move. The angle switches to facing Bond and you can see the side of his face move on his next line.

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The Amazing Spider-Man picture

Audio problem: As Dr. Ratha says to Dr. Connors, "The clock is ticking, Dr. Connors", his lips do not match what he says and are still moving shortly after he finishes speaking.


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Death Race: Inferno picture

Audio problem: When Katrina's talking to List when he's sitting in the car before the race, her mouth moves but no sound comes out. You can see she's meant to say his name.


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Foodfight! picture

Audio problem: When Vlad is telling Dex that all the lightning rods are in place, his audio sounds very unnatural, as if the sound mix was incomplete during post production. (01:08:15)

Casual Person

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Zero Dark Thirty picture

Audio problem: After Abrar is shot, his wife starts to shout and runs to grab a weapon. When she does, the angle changes while she looks at the Navy Seals, her mouth is closed, but her previous cries keep on sounding. (02:09:40)

Sacha Premium member

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The Expendables 2 picture

Audio problem: When Jet Li is using the frying pans as weapons at the start, he hits different people in different places on the body, but gets the exact same sound. (00:05:40)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Looper picture

Audio problem: When Joe and Old Joe are talking in the cafe, Old Joe asks Joe how is his French coming and Joe replies with "Good. You gonna tell me I ought to be learning Mandarin?" and Old Joe then says "I never regretted learning French." Old Joe's jaw is never shown moving along with the speech. (00:41:40)

Casual Person

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