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Pineapple Express picture

Revealing mistake: In the nursing home when Budlofski and Matheson are looking for Saul, we see Saul break a coffee pot over Matheson's head. When the coffee pot breaks you see coffee splash across the top of the camera.

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Eagle Eye picture

Revealing mistake: When the Porsche Cayenne is lifted out of the water at the scrap yard then placed on the ground, if you look through the gap between the front passenger wheel you can see the engine is removed from it.

peter mcgougan

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Hancock picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene when Mary is in the hospital and she flatlines, if you look closely at the screen of the monitor the reading says "leads off" meaning that the cardiac monitoring wires are unhooked from her body.


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Punisher: War Zone picture

Revealing mistake: While Punisher is killing Pittsy, you can tell he is holding a dummy, not the real girl.

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Mirrors picture

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of Angela's bathroom death scene she is looking at herself in the mirror. You not only see her reflection in the mirror, but also in the shiny metal strip holding the mirror at the bottom which is to be expected. When she turns away and her 'demon' reflection is watching her, you still see the image in the metal strip. As the 'demon' is in the mirror you should no longer see anything reflected in the metal. This does seem to show how these moments were filmed, with the real actors reflections being recorded.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth picture

Revealing mistake: After Trevor has been lowered above the pit of magma, in an attempt to light the magnesium walls with a flare, we see shots of Sean hanging over the edge of the inside of the T-Rex skull. Sean's hands are resting on a large tooth in the skull, which clearly shakes like a fake prop each time he touches it. (01:17:15)

Hamster Premium member

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Let the Right One In picture

Revealing mistake: When Eli's guardian is disposing of the body of the man she killed in the underpass, we can see that the 'body' is a very poor quality dummy, the hands especially are very plastic-looking.


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Joy Ride: Dead Ahead picture

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie Melissa jumps from the burning truck leaving Rusty inside. As the truck bounces down the slope it catches on fire and explodes. You can see the engine compartment of the truck is empty, no radiator or engine, just an empty volume illuminated by the flames. (01:24:00)

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The Hurt Locker picture

Revealing mistake: In the explosion of the opening scene it is apparent that cut scenes have been shot with several hours time difference because the sun has moved. This is best visible in the reflection of sun in the helmet and shadows of the vehicles in the background.

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The Midnight Meat Train picture

Revealing mistake: After Mahogany is thrown off the train, as the train brakes and begins to stop, there is a shot of one of Mahogany's hung victims and you can see the whole body vibrate like rubber, which it was made out of. (01:21:47)

Jack Vaughan

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Lost Boys: The Tribe picture

Revealing mistake: Jon is part of Shane's pack/tribe, but his face/image is visible in his rear view mirror when it should not have been. (00:57:00)


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Cloverfield picture

Revealing mistake: As Rob, Hud, and Lily are rescuing Beth from her apartment, the view outside the window is tilted roughly 45°. This is due to Beth's apartment building being partially collapsed against another building, demonstrated previously by an exterior shot. However, the characters are moving within the apartment with no difficulty or apparent change in gravity, even though they should be struggling to remain upright in a significantly tilted apartment. This makes it clear that the scene outside has been added using chroma key technology, and the camera has simply been tilted to create the illusion that they are on an angle. (01:01:30 - 01:01:52)


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Wargames: The Dead Code picture

Revealing mistake: During the intro sequence where we see a UAV deploying a guided missile, the word "INERT" is seen stenciled on the side of the missile.


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