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Sex and the City: The Movie picture

Character mistake: At the rehearsal dinner, when Steve walks up to Miranda she calls Steve "Dave." Dave is his real name.

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Doubt picture

Character mistake: After Father Flynn has completed his first sermon, Donald Miller comes into the dressing room and says "That was some sermon, Father." Flynn then says "Hi Jim". Jim is the name of the other altar boy. He should have said Donald.

Elaine Kronhaus

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Suggested correction: Flynn says "hey, Champ", not Jim.


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Deal picture

Character mistake: When Alex Stillman is facing Karen 'Razor' Jones for the second time in the film he calls her All-In with Pocket Queen's in his hand whilst she has AJ of Spades whilst the cards on the table are: Ten of Spades, Jack of Hearts, 2 of Spades and the King of Diamonds. However the commentator then states that either a spade, Jack or Ace will cripple Alex but that is not the case as an Ace would give him a Straight and she would only have 2 pair Jacks and Aces.


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The Clique picture

Character mistake: In the scene at the sleepover Claire says she bumped into Chris who has 'shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes' and Massie gets mad because she likes Chris, but when we see him before and after he has brown hair and brown eyes. (00:40:00)

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The Accidental Husband picture The Accidental Husband mistake picture

Character mistake: When the young boy is attempting to hack, Marriage Registry is spelled Wedding Registery. (00:10:56)

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Saw V picture

Character mistake: When Erickson is telling Strahm that he no longer has any jurisdiction over the Jigsaw case, he mentions that over a dozen dead bodies were recovered at the meat packing plant, including two cops. There were in fact only 10 dead bodies: Danica Scott, Judge Halden, Timothy Young, Jeff Denlon, Lynn Denlon, Jigsaw, Amanda, Art Blank, Officer Rigg, and Detective Matthews. (00:20:28)

Phaneron Premium member

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The Midnight Meat Train picture

Character mistake: When Leon goes to see Susan Hoff with his photography portfolio she tells him he needs improvement. After she leaves, Leon tells Jurgis that he thinks she hated his work and Jurgis tells Leon "when she hates somebody's work she gives them about a minute, you got three." In reality, she actually did give him one minute almost to the second. (00:06:58)

Jack Vaughan

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iCarly: iGo to Japan picture

Character mistake: When Sam pushes Freddie off the plane, his mother puts on the parachute and jumps out as well. She is in such a hurry, that she doesn't buckle the straps across the front. In real life, as soon as the parachute is deployed, the resistance would cause the parachute to come off and she would likely fall to her death.

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Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous picture

Character mistake: Throughout the movie, all of the drill sergeants and First Sergeant Morley are wearing their drill sergeant badges too low. The badge is supposed to be centered on the right jacket pocket.


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Character mistake: The professor identifies the "sea monsters" as plesiosaurs from the Pleistocene. Plesiosaurs became extinct at the end of the age of dinosaurs, nearly 60 million years before the Pleistocene. Of course, the Loch Ness Monster might be an exception.

Noman Premium member

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Yes Man picture

Character mistake: When Carl answers the door to the LDS missionaries, they are not wearing their black name tags.


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Made of Honor picture

Character mistake: Tom goes with Hannah to meet with the reverend who will be conducting the ceremony. Hannah (and the credits) say his name is Rev. Feiten. However, Tom refers to him as Rev. Flint.

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