Best comedy movie factual errors of 2007

Enchanted picture
Enchanted mistake picture

Factual error: When animated Giselle begins to sing and brushes her hair, the reflection of her "one true love" is visible in the mirror. Problem is that its image is not reversed in the reflection.


Super Grover Premium member
St. Trinian's picture

Factual error: During "School Challenge" the volume of a sphere is given as Pi R cubed. It should be four thirds Pi R cubed.

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Blades of Glory picture

Factual error: At ~9:53 into the movie, we see the newspaper with "Sunday, March 14, 1987". March 14, 1987 was a Saturday, not a Sunday.

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Evan Almighty picture

Factual error: In the final scene where Congress is supposedly passing the bill, they are still in the committee room. Bills are not passed there, but in the actual meeting halls of the House and the Senate.

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Jacob La Cour
Shoot 'Em Up picture

Factual error: In the final standoff, Smith shoots Hertz by holding cartridges between his fingers in the fire. This is not remotely believable. The casings, weighing much less than the bullets, would have been blasted off while the bullets themselves would have gone nowhere.


National Treasure: Book of Secrets picture

Factual error: Ben, Abigail and Riley arrive at the Library of Congress to take the President's Book very late at night. However the Library of Congress, despite being shown as open, consistently closes at 5 PM.

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Darius Angel
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story picture

Factual error: Young Dewey is seen driving a tractor near the beginning of the movie. The year is supposed to be 1946, but the tractor is a 1950's Ford.

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The Game Plan picture

Factual error: The restaurant Joe opens and his apartment at 1 Charles are actually less than a city block apart, so there is no need to drive across Boston to get there.

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Mr. Bean's Holiday picture

Factual error: When Mr Bean arrives in Paris from his Eurostar train, he arrives in Paris Nord train station. In reality, the Eurostar platforms are fenced off to prevent train-hoppers and are against the station wall, rather than the middle.

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Hot Fuzz picture
Hot Fuzz mistake picture

Factual error: At the end of the film, SGT Angel gets into his Police car Subaru Impreza, and on the bonnet it has the writing 'Sandford Constabulary'. This is incorrect, it would in fact be 'Gloucestershire Constabulary' as established at the start of the film that Sandford is in Gloucestershire. A Constabulary is always named after the County, never after a tiny village within that County.


Music and Lyrics picture
Music and Lyrics mistake picture

Factual error: When Sophie is babysitting her sister's kids, they show her playing a dance game. In one shot of the TV, you can see there is no arrows going up but she is still dancing.


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Hairspray picture

Factual error: The movie is set in 1962, but when Tracy misses her bus, she catches a ride on an International-Harvester truck that wasn't introduced until 1969.

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The Savages picture

Factual error: In Buffalo, Jon Savage drives his Polish girlfriend to the airport. However the problem is that they are driving at approximately 6:30am in broad daylight, in November. In November in Buffalo, the sun would not have even begun to rise at this time, let alone being fully up and out to brighten the day.

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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry picture

Factual error: In the first fire scene, Chuck and Larry go into an actively burning building with no air masks on - that would NEVER happen.

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Ian Hunt
Balls of Fury picture

Factual error: Karl Wolfschtagg's Olympic uniform should have read 'DDR' (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, the German name) rather than 'GDR', the English name for East Germany. Olympic country names are customarily rendered in their native language.

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Wild Hogs picture

Factual error: At the 28 minute mark, the Wild Hogs cross the Taos River Gorge Bridge in Taos, New Mexico. Shortly after the scene with the skinny dipping, they drive down the road and at the 34 minute mark, the sign on the right says, 'Missouri State Lane.' I never knew Missouri was inside the state of New Mexico.

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Meet the Robinsons picture

Factual error: When Wilbur tosses Lewis onto the time machine, he should have broken or hit the glass covering the back half. And he is on all fours when the machine becomes visible, which shows he would have had his face hitting the driver seat, yet he scrambles back into the passenger seat without a problem, then is seen barely leaning forward to talk to Wilbur in the future.

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The Bucket List picture

Factual error: When Cole and Carter are skydiving, there are a number of inaccuracies. First, Carter and his instructor jump well before Cole to put a safe distance between them. However, Cole and his instructor immediately catch up to Carter and then match their speed. This could be achieved by skilled jumpers, but not by instructor-novice pairs. Second, the men have a conversation while free-falling, which is completely impossible. Third, Carter pulls his own rip-cord (too early) and Cole's instructor yells at him to pull his own cord before it's too late. In reality, the instructor always carries the chute and pulls the cord for a first-time jumper, for exactly these reasons.


Music Within picture

Factual error: When Richard asks Art his opinion of his book, a copy of "Haymarket Scrapbook" is on a shelf. This book was first published in 1986, yet Richard's book will be published in 1981.


Dan in Real Life picture
Dan in Real Life mistake picture

Factual error: The license plates on Dan's car are very inaccurate fakes. The colors especially are way off. Certainly, the makers may use a fake sequence of characters the same way "555" phone numbers are, but the styling of the plate should look right. Real NJ plates are a pale yellow along the top 1/4 that fades to a very pale tan by halfway down. Dan's plate is a bright yellow (nearly orange) at the top and the rest is white. The numerals are also the wrong typeface. The mistake is made more obvious by the fact that real New Jersey plates are seen in the early portion of the film on other cars.

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Because I Said So picture

Factual error: In the scene when Milly is on the phone with her mom and sisters while at the architect's house, she hangs up on the party call and her mom hears a dial tone before lowering the phone which anyone with a cell phone knows won't happen.


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End picture

Factual error: In the final scene, when Jack Sparrow is looking at the map to find the Fountain of Youth. The map lists Ponce de Leon's travel date of 1523. The actual date of the Fountain of Youth founding was 1513.

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The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning picture

Factual error: When they take the General out of the water, they rebuild it from the ground up. They are somehow able to do this in maybe a couple of days which would be impossible seeing as how it was in the water. They would need to sandblast the rust, reprime the bare metal, and repaint it which would take more than 2 days alone, plus there were only Bo, Luke, Daisy and Cooter working on it.

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Norbit (2007)

Norbit picture

Factual error: After Kate's wedding is broken up and everyone leaves the church and ends up fighting in the town square (using shovels, pizza over paddles, etc.) you can see a post office in the background. The city and state say "Boiling Springs, Tennessee" followed by the zip code 87168. This isn't a real zip code according to the US Post Office, and zip codes beginning with "8" are closer to the west coast (i.e. in Nevada or Utah). Real Tennessee zip codes begin with 37's or 36's.


Cal K.
Across the Universe picture

Factual error: Although set in the 1960's, a modern UPS truck is seen just before the rooftop concert scene.

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Are We Done Yet? picture

Factual error: When Chuck discovers the dry rot, he tells the Persons that he played 36 seconds for the Lakers in the 1986 NBA Finals. The Lakers weren't in the 1986 Finals.

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Superbad picture

Factual error: When Fogle shoots the cop's pistol at the burning police car, the safety on the Smith and Wesson pistol is activated. He fires the weapon until it is empty and continues to dry fire (click) the pistol anyway. On the Smith and Wesson, the side levers are in Safe mode when pushed down. When the last round is fired, the slide locks back and the gun wouldn't be able to dry fire.

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Ian Hunt
Alvin and the Chipmunks picture

Factual error: When the Chipmunks are going on tour and all of the cities are listed, it says that they're going to "Phoenix - NV" however it's clear they are in Arizona not Nevada, so it should have said "Phoenix - AZ."


Virgin Territory picture

Factual error: When the two nuns strip to join Lorenzo in the bathtub, they both have bikini tan lines, hardly an everyday occurrence during the 14th century.

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The Simpsons Movie picture

Factual error: In the scene where the angry mob is attacking the Simpsons in the tree house, Grandpa Simpson is shown aiming a double-barrel shotgun, which he then pumps to ready it for firing. There's no such thing as a double-barrel pump-action shotgun.


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