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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest picture Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest mistake picture

Other mistake: The rope is wound round Jack's body and the pole at his back numerous times. When Shishka-Jack falls, the pole gets jammed between the cliffs, but the pole does not break and the rope does not tear. The rope that goes round the pole numerous times simply disappears, leaving the rope intact around only Jack's body in order for Jack to twirl and unravel as he falls. (00:39:00)

Super Grover Premium member

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X-Men 3 picture

Other mistake: When Warren/Angel refuses the cure and spreads his wings, he is looking to the left of the screen at his father. In the reflection of Dr. Kavita Rao's glasses the shot of him is not reversed; he is still looking to the left of the screen when he should in fact be looking to the right. (00:33:00)


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Apocalypto picture

Other mistake: When Jaguar Paw is running to reach the corn to escape and gets knocked down by an arrow; Middle Eye was about to whack him when Blunted intervened. You can hear Middle Eye say in English "Get off me!" while he's being held back. (01:27:52)

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Superman Returns picture

Other mistake: The text of the German news is wrong. It is titled "Fensterputzer halten an ihrem Lebemfest" (Window cleaners hold on for their lives). It should be "Leben fest". Also "Newsdirek" is wrong, it should be "Newsdirekt" or better "News direkt."


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Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby picture

Other mistake: When Ricky is pinned to the table and has his arm broken by Jean, he has the bone between his elbow and shoulder broken. However, when they show him trying to saw off the cast with a knife, it ends right above his elbow.

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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift picture

Other mistake: Throughout the movie we see the mustang rolling chassis in the garage. This is a rolling chassis of a 1967 Shelby mustang gt 500/350. The main ways to realize this are that the car has the cut outs in the front for the 2 fog lights that the Shelby had and that the back end has a spoiler which is built into the body. However the car they do all the driving with is a base model 1967 mustang fastback. While a new grille would've covered up the fog-light cutout, the regular fastbacks didn't have the built into the body spoiler like the Shelby's did. Removing the built in spoiler and making it as smooth as it was would've taken way too much time and supplies. It also wouldn't have served any benefit. You could argue they were trying to eliminate down-force on the back but the spoiler was only about 2 inches, it wouldn't have helped. The directors did this to avoid wrecking the much more rare Shelby mustang.

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Night at the Museum picture

Other mistake: When Larry takes Jed back to his miniature city, in the shot where the T-Rex almost hits Larry, watch Teddy's' horse. His head moves, following Larry and the cameraman. This cannot happen as the horse and Teddy had been already transformed into statues. (00:42:00 - 00:43:00)


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Suggested correction: The horse's head moves way before the point where Teddy turns back into a statue in a very close view.

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16 Blocks picture 16 Blocks mistake picture

Other mistake: When Bruce and Mos Def are running through the alley near the beginning, they run past a Chinese man who slams a dumpster lid shut. Once Bruce pulls out his gun to look back, that same man starts running because he gets scared. In the next shot, he continues running, but soon stops as if he thinks filming is over. This is visible right before the camera pans to the right.

manthabeat Premium member

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Pulse picture

Other mistake: The same shot of two guys looking at a computer while sitting outside on the school campus is used in two different scenes. (00:02:15 - 00:11:35)

Rochelle McCarty

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Casino Royale picture

Other mistake: During the chase with the fuel truck at the Miami airport, Bond depresses the brakes, which apparently aren't working, and the truck rolls on. Two problems: first, after almost hitting the plane and sliding sideways, the brakes skid to a halt and you can hear air discharging from the brake system. Which brings up the second problem: since the truck is air brake equipped, there is no way it would have continued rolling if the brakes were malfunctioning. Part of the air brake system on all trucks since 1974, have a safety feature which "dynamite" the brakes if there is no air pressure in the system. This locks up the brakes with the spring brake system, making the truck stop. The truck was newer than 1974, meaning it would have had the CVSS safety braking system from the manufacturer, and would have skidded to a stop if there was no air in the system.

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Flags of Our Fathers picture

Other mistake: During the hill climb up terrain shaped like a valley with rocks on either side, a soldier is directly hit with a large explosive, probably from the big guns, and his severed head lands down on another soldier's back, who is crouching to help another man. When the head lands on his back, it is just an empty helmet, but when he looks at it on the ground, you see the partially alive, severed head lying next to it with much of the neck still attached.

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Deja Vu picture

Other mistake: When Mutini first gets shot, the gunfire supposedly comes from inside the vehicle, but the windows and doors are closed, the glass doesn't shatter when the shots are fired. There are no visible bullet holes when the door is opened.

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Suggested correction: He was shot through the door. There are two visible bullet holes in the door when the shots ring out and when the door opens. Just below the window.


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Smokin' Aces picture

Other mistake: When the assassin disguised as Hugo frees himself after being arrested, he escapes into the adjacent room, closely followed by firing FBI agents. There, he masters the remarkable task of taking off his wig, his mask, his trousers, his jacket and the bloodsoaked white shirt and stashing it all under the bed within two seconds.

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Eragon picture

Other mistake: When the baby dragon is hatching, the chip in the egg doesn't match where the beak is, and the body should be perpendicular to the way it faces, it couldn't have fit the way it does. (00:13:40)

Crater Face

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Hollow Man 2 picture

Other mistake: During the sex tape scene, the blinds are closed to prevent someone outside from looking in. About 30 seconds later, you can see the blinds crinkle a little bit, to show the "hollow man" has split the blinds open in order to peek inside. This isn't possible to do from outside, as the window would be in the way. (00:18:10)

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Flyboys picture

Other mistake: In one of the air battles, the one where our heroes come to aid to a platoon of infantry harassed by German Fokker D.I's, the plane of Lowry is under fire after he downed an enemy airplane. In one shot, you can see he gets multiple hits just behind the pilot seat. Since these planes are barely armoured, say not at all, Lowry should have been punctured by the bullets at his back as well, instead of being completely fine. (01:16:00)


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Snakes on a Plane picture

Other mistake: When an aircraft is flying above the "transition altitude," which I believe is 18,000 ft. in the US, then the aircraft's altimeters are set to a standard of 29.92 millibars below that: they must be set to a local pressure to display the correct height. So when the controller at LAX is warning them that the aircraft is below 1000 ft., then he is basically telling them the aircraft is potentially higher than it actually is.

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Underworld: Evolution picture

Other mistake: When the glass in the Range Rover gets broken, the front window and passenger window shatters as normal automotive safety glass should. However, the driver's side glass gets broken into large jagged shards, instead of smaller pieces as would happen with any kind of auto safety glass, whether tempered, coated, or laminated.

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Ultraviolet picture

Other mistake: Why are the guards carrying that useless glass armor? Glass is very heavy, so it is not comfortable; the armor isn't shock proof, because it breaks even if they just fall down; and it isn't bullet proof, because the guy with the AR-15 shoots right through it.


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Miami Vice picture

Other mistake: When Ricardo is translating the email while on the ship, he chooses the origin language as English and the destination language as Spanish. But when he presses translate, it translates from Spanish to English. (01:20:20)

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