Best movie plot holes of 2004

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The Whole Ten Yards picture

Plot hole: Why do they need both halves of the torn dollar bill to access the bank account? All American bills have a copy of the serial number on each half, no matter which way you tear it, as long as it is in roughly equal parts (top and bottom or left and right).

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Home on the Range picture

Plot hole: In the scene where the Sheriff stops the cows' brawl, he gives them to the Chinese man. The Sheriff knows what Pearl's animals look like, so why didn't he recognize the cows as Pearl's?

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Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle picture

Plot hole: When Harold and Kumar are smoking on the stairs, the security guard scares them away, but he never actually saw Harold and Kumar. Later at the party, the security guard and another guy point out to them and briefly chase after them.

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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events picture

Plot hole: During the play Klaus climbs up the side of the building to save the baby. He gets up and finds out Olaf burned their home with a giant magnifying glass. Later, Klaus uses the magnifying glass to burn the marriage certificate. This is impossible because the device couldn't have possibly been facing or forced to face the stage. The magnifying glass was on the other side of where Klaus climbed up and when he was climbing up he was facing the stage.

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Troy picture

Plot hole: After the battle in front of the gate of Troy, the field is cleaned. This includes every scrap of flesh, every drop of blood,every footprint, and even some grass is replaced as is seen when Achilles rides up on his chariot to challenge Hector.This mistake can not be explained by saying that the Trojans are shown cleaning the battlefield because it would take weeks even months to do that.

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Collateral picture

Plot hole: Near the end Max calls Annie, using the number on the card she gave him, to warning her about Vincent's arrival. But why is there on the card the number of the law library on the 16th floor and not Annie's office number or her cell phone number?

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The Librarian: Quest for the Spear picture

Plot hole: The plot that a piece of the Roman spear that pierced Christ ends up in a hidden Mayan temple in the Amazon (which is nevertheless still full of gold etc.) makes no sense.

Jacob La Cour
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Wicker Park picture

Plot hole: It's hard to believe that no one except Alex has a cell. These are fairly successful people, especially a traveling Matthew. No one having cell phones is highly unlikely.

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Cube Zero picture

Plot hole: When the fat guy throws a boot into the ice-spray room, it freezes and shatters on the ground. You can see the length of the shoelace on the ground as well. The shot cuts to the guy in the shaft, and he pulls up the shoelace to reveal the end encased in ice, while the end is halfway into the ice block. This wouldn't be possible, because the other end of the shoelace had no ice at all, and there's no sign either of it breaking.

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