Best movie plot holes of 2004

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Blade: Trinity picture

Plot hole: It is said that Drake has been sleeping for 4,000 years. But Drake specifically mentions that he witnessed Christ being crucified, which happened around 2,000 years ago. This harkens back to a plot line where Drake had only been sleeping since the turn of the century, abandoned in favor of the one shown in the movie.

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Wake of Death picture

Plot hole: At the beginning of the movie Ben's wife meets Kim who is 'fresh off the boat' from somewhere in Asia. Whenever she speaks to Kim she speaks in English, Kim never answers. We therefore assume that Kim does not wish to speak to Ben's wife or Kim cannot understand English. After Ben's wife takes Kim home and settles her in a bed. Kim says something in English. Ben's wife answers Kim in Chinese or another Asian language. Why. did Ben's wife not try speaking to Kim in her native language at the outset? Doesn't make any sense to me.

Martin Erskine
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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement picture

Plot hole: When Jo is getting to walk down the aisle with Queen Clarisse, he hands Shades his top hat and then pops his ear piece right off, in a split second, and puts it in the top hat. In the previous scenes, Princess Mia has Lionel's ear piece stretched from the back of his neck, across his jaw and around his chin and then stretched to her ear but it hasn't popped out, while Queen Clarisse jerks Charlotte with her when she goes to listen to Princess Mia.

Sheri Hartman
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After the Sunset picture

Plot hole: Max apparently hacked into the Suburban's 'ON STAR' system to take remote control of the vehicle. Not possible: There is no way to shift into drive, steer, apply brakes, or apply the gas pedal by remote control unless there are previously installed mechanical devices that can operate those controls. The electronic controls in a modern vehicle can only operate mechanical devices, and the ones needed to do this type of thing are NOT installed on any car from the factory. It is also clear that Max did NOT somehow previously install these devices on the vehicle unbeknown to Stan, for Lola( dressed as the street bum) had to retrieve the VIN number in order to access the 'ON STAR' programming, which they would have already had if they had previous access to the vehicle.

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Sideways picture

Plot hole: During the scene when Miles is in the hotel room asleep while Jack is out with Stephanie, Christine calls Jack on his cell phone and then on the hotel phone. First disturbed and awakened by Jack's cell phone ringing, Miles gets up to check it to see who is calling. He sees that it is Christine calling, and then lays back down. The cell phone shows Christine calling and then IMMEDIATELY afterward, it says that there is a voicemail waiting. That certainly was an extremely short amount of time in which to leave a voicemail.

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The Village picture

Plot hole: After Noah stabs Lucius, Ivy is brought to see Noah who is locked up in the "quiet room". As they leave, the lock is being placed on the latch to lock Noah in, and soon after the door is rattling, presumably Noah in an attempt to open it. If you look closely, you can see that the rattling occurs because the door lock is locked and not because of the lock on the latch. Quite strange, as we clearly see the lock placed on the latch right after the door is closed. There could not possibly have been time for the door lock to be locked with a key.

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Vera Drake picture

Plot hole: The time line in this movie doesn't make sense. The abortion took place on November 17th and Vera was arrested within the week - and the arresting detective mentions it took place on "Friday" - so we are to assume the Friday just passed. Pamela Barnes apparently took ill very quickly from massive infection after the abortion and was hospitalized on Saturday. The family is getting together on a Sunday to celebrate Ethel's engagement. Vera goes to court on Monday to face her charges - November 20th. Yet the magistrate sets her trial date for 3 weeks to the day - December 18th, which would be 4 weeks from then. There seems to be a week missing somewhere. If there was a week before Pamela took ill, the events seems to imply otherwise.

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A Cinderella Story picture

Plot hole: When texting Sam at the Friendship Circle, notice that Austin's cell phone is locked. Yet he can still open Sam's text messages.

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I, Robot picture

Plot hole: Sonny hides among the 1000 robots in the big store room. They are all placed in very straight rows. Sonny would not be able to take over another robot's place in the grid (when he starts running we see a large robot-sized gap) without getting another robot to move. And while Will Smith is running around the rows, he would have noticed if the others moved to make room.

Jacob La Cour
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Suggested correction: Will Smith shot one of them, it's possible this hole in the front of the row caused that line of robots to move forward one spot, to complete the row again. As they did Sonny could have slipped in. When he spotted Sonny the first time Sonny was simply standing between 2, as Will Smith only saw them from the front at that point, when he started running it's impossible to notice a simple step forward of 1 row of robots and Sonny slipping in.

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Taking Lives picture

Plot hole: Most of the story depends on Costa coming forward as a witness; however, he would have had no reason to do this. It would only make his goal of assuming others' identities more difficult.

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Shrek 2 picture

Plot hole: It is apparent that Shrek and Donkey have never traveled to the land of Far Far Away, yet Donkey immediately recognizes the "old Keeblers' place" when he should have no idea where it is or what it looks like.

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My Baby's Daddy picture

Plot hole: At the party towards the end of the movie, the 3 babies are crawling around on the floor. There's no way not one person at the party saw them.

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Around the World in 80 Days picture

Plot hole: The hot air balloon carries Fogg and friends quite a distance, but where is the heat source?

Sol Parker
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Fear of Clowns picture

Plot hole: After the police discover the plot to kill Lynn by her ex-husband, they never bother to visit his house to arrest him. If they did, they would have found him dead already and would have KNOWN that the killer was still at large.

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Dawn of the Dead picture

Plot hole: When Ana is driving away from her home, she stops on the road and a guy opens her door, scaring her into turning her car toward the curb, plowing through a guardrail. She couldn't have picked up a lot of speed, and those guardrails are supposed to always be reinforced on highways/interstates. At that angle she would have had to knock out at least 4 reinforcing beams (they use 'I' beams to reinforce them, and are intended to stop vehicles from passing through them, or slow them down immensely).

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SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2 picture

Plot hole: Kahuna seems to be about five or six, yet the formula he took stopped him from aging, even though he was a baby when he took it.

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50 First Dates picture

Plot hole: Lucy has been painting pictures of Henry since she moved into the institute. But she passes him at the zoo and doesn't recognize him.

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Resident Evil: Apocalypse picture

Plot hole: After Dr. Ashford was shot, he stayed down the whole time that Alice fought with Nemesis, they fought with Umbrella, and after they took off. How is that possible? According to all the other times they've been shot, and with the t-virus in their bloodstream, they reanimate almost ten minutes later -- not when the director wants.

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Starsky & Hutch picture

Plot hole: Starsky & Hutch go to apprehend the driver of the car that was shooting at them, the Korean man. They go in and his son starts throwing knives at them. They then ask the man to tell his son to stop throwing knives. The man shouts out to his son to throw ALL the knives. The son throws all the knives, and then Starsky & Hutch dive for cover - after he starts throwing knives again. Yet, when they are interrogating the Korean man, Chow, in the lock-up in the next scene, Hutch reveals that he is able to speak quite a bit of Korean - and proceeds to converse with Chow in Korean quite a bit. Obviously he knew this Korean when they were apprehending the man and he could have told the boy to STOP - or at least understood that the father told him to keep throwing. The way this is presented, and the level of Korean he exhibits in the subsequent scene is completely illogical.

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Garfield: The Movie picture

Plot hole: If Happy Chapman is supposed to be allergic to cats how come he doesn't sneeze whenever he is around Garfield?

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