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Agent Cody Banks picture

Other mistake: When Cody is learning how to talk to girls and the hologram girl is used. She tells him to "Come here." She pulls on his chin to bring him closer. You can see his skin move and his head is pulled. Holograms can not touch or grab things.


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The Last Samurai picture

Other mistake: The Gatling guns used in the final battle scene are indiscriminate weapons. We see the warriors hit multiple times with spectacular entry and exit wounds, as well as rounds impacting with the ground leaving dust clouds. But the horses seem to be spared as if by an invisible shield.

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Bulletproof Monk picture

Other mistake: During the first fight scene on the bridge, you can easily tell the difference between Yun-Fat Chow and the stuntman who does his stunts. The stuntman has a small balding spot on the back of his head and Yun-Fat does not. You can see this throughout the scene whenever the camera angles change from a closeup to a wide view. (00:02:10)


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Tears of the Sun picture

Other mistake: When the Navy SEAL snipers start shooting at the ethnic cleansers, there are two snipers, the sniper that shoots second (he has an M-14) hits a Nigerian soldier in the back, they then go back to the sniper in the tree who tells Dr Kendrick to be quiet by. They then go back to the second sniper and he shoots again they show the same shot of the Nigerian getting hit in the back but from a different angle.

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Love Actually picture

Other mistake: Considering how long the Prime Minister's car is parked outside in front of the only road into the school, where there is to be the school Christmas concert, it's surprising how many cars are still trying to find a parking space. Also, you can see that no cars are driving when Natalie gets out of the Prime Minister's car.


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Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd picture

Other mistake: If Harry was born in 1969 and is 18 when he attends school (based on "8 years later" then "10 years later"), then the year should be 1987, not 1986 as the movie states. (00:01:25 - 00:01:52)

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Suggested correction: This isn't necessarily true. The +8 and +10 years don't have to literally be to the day. Maybe Lloyd hasn't had his 18th birthday yet - it could be days away, making 1987 valid. Lloyd was born in 1969, but I don't think that was indicated for Harry. Harry was "held back 3 years", so may have been born in 1968 in order to be in the same grade as Lloyd, who was held back two years. Otherwise, Lloyd would be a sophomore and Harry a freshman, which questions how they're in classes with jrs/srs?


First off, the mistake isn't focused on anyone's age, just the date. Second, we know Harry was born in 1969 since the film starts with his, so your comments don't make sense. It says 1969 and the 8 years later followed by 10 more years later, which would put it at 1987.


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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World picture

Other mistake: If the scene in which Jack Aubrey gives the order "hard a larboard" [meaning the opposite of starboard] was indeed a rudder order (ie. turn the rudder in the direction commanded, which turns the ship the other way, in this case to starboard) the face of the compass wouldn't have rotated clockwise. The compass shows a southerly course, rotates clockwise, and eases to show an easterly course, which is a 90 degree turn to port.

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Holes picture

Other mistake: When Sam is selling his onions, he asks an old man to take his hat off so he can see if he's bald so he'll know if he needs to sell him some hair growing tonic. The old man is just barely taking off his hat and before Sam can even tell the old man has no hair, Sam says "Mm hm, just as I thought."

Matthew Gem Premium member

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View From The Top picture

Other mistake: The same cockpit interior mock-up used for the propeller plane (Sierra) near the beginning of the movie is seen again as the Airbus jet at the very end.

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Hulk picture

Other mistake: In the scene in the underground base, where the Hulk is destroying the area, when the General orders them to turn out the lights and show him the way out, the keyboard that she grabs to type in the commands is not plugged in. Right as she grabs the keyboard, you can see the plug laying on the floor beside it.

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Bugs picture

Other mistake: Garcia, in a manic moment, dips his right fingers into the bug's acidic saliva, then stripes his left cheek, where the acid eats into the flesh. A couple of minutes later, he dips the same two fingers back into the substance, and proceeds to stripe his right cheek, where the acid immediately starts eating through his skin. Oddly enough, the fingers aren't affected at all, despite being dipped into the goo twice.

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Pokémon: Jirachi - Wish Maker picture

Other mistake: When first showing the Hoenn Pokémon League, the match is about to begin, but the screens for it are off. (00:00:56)


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Guilty by Association picture

Other mistake: Towards the end of the movie when Drama has killed himself, the scene leads to the funeral service at the church. As the camera shows Drama in the casket his hands and fingers are clearly moving.

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Anger Management picture

Other mistake: In the scene after Dave throws a calculator at a colleague there is a very weird 3-second establishing shot of his apartment building. In this short span shadows fall over the building twice, and it changes between fully lit and fully in the dark twice. In the end there is the silhouette of some equipment covering the lower third of the screen. (01:11:30)


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Brother Bear picture

Other mistake: At the end of the film, as Kenai walks up to Koda after he's been transformed back into a bear, Koda leaps on him in joy. If you look closely at Kenai's hind legs, there are a few frames of animation missing. His legs go from a standing to a sitting position instantly. It's barely noticeable (no pun intended).

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Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race picture

Other mistake: During the scene at the beginning of the movie where Taro Kitano and Vert Wheeler are racing around the desert, as Taro slides around the corner, his front wheel clips through his fender. (00:06:59)

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Underworld picture

Other mistake: When Selene's car plunges into the Danube, her car hit the bottom of the river on it's side (the passenger's side). When the camera closes up to the window of the car, you can see water flowing in from the roof of the car (as a result from the holes created by Lucian). It should flow (or at least accumulate) towards Michael's direction because of gravity but it did not. (00:29:45)

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Mimic: Sentinel picture

Other mistake: Marvin survives the explosion by hiding in the refrigerator, though despite the massive blast, there is no singeing, burn marks, or even smoke around the holes that were torn into the front of the door before the explosion.

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Spears is walking down the street and stops at the magazine stand to buy Composure Magazine, she hands the man a bill. The seller gives Spears her change without even looking at the money he was handed. How does he know what the exact change should be?

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Lucky 7 picture

Other mistake: Daniel was number six that she dated and treated as a boyfriend before Peter, so In reality Peter was number seven.

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