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Seabiscuit picture

Other mistake: When Marcela and Howard are viewing Seabiscuit for the first time (when he's weaving all over the place) it looks like it was done before as Seabiscuit follows a thin ribbon of disturbed ground that is weaving in and out. Its unlikely any other horse would be weaving like that.

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Foolproof picture

Other mistake: Sam asks Leo if she can see his gun, then she points it at him. He laughs and says the clip is removed and that he would never have let her have a loaded gun. She shows him the clip she has stolen from his pocket, loads it into the gun, and cocks it. When she cocks it, a round comes out, meaning that there was already a round in the chamber, so he did give her a loaded gun. She only had one shot, but it was still loaded.


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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen picture

Other mistake: Before Quatermain shoots the fourth attacker long distance he puts on his glasses, cursing his getting old. However, when he aims he looks over the rim. (00:11:05)


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My House In Umbria picture

Other mistake: When Tom is lying on the road closely inspecting the local ant population, the doctor's cinquecento has to brake and almost skids off the dirt road. However, there was no need for such an emergency stop since the doctor was driving quite slowly and Tom was still about 50 meters away from where the car stopped. (00:45:35)


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Secondhand Lions picture

Other mistake: The uncles fire shotguns a lot in the movie, but the guns have no recoil. Shotguns kick very hard which would be easily seen.

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The Haunted Mansion picture

Other mistake: This mistake happens in the scene introducing the four singing heads on the Australian release DVD. They start singing when Jim and the kids turn the corner. According to the subtitles, they sing "When the cryptos creak and the tombstones quake, spooks come out for a swinging wake..." The subtitles are supposed to read 'crypt doors', not the incomprehensible 'cryptos'. (00:47:40)

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My Boss's Daughter picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Tom goes to look for O.J. at the house with the girl who had the accident, he talks to the man in the wheelchair. When her father tells the man in the wheelchair to leave he bumps a table, the table falls and so does a red vase, the vase makes a crashing/breaking noise, but it is never shown as being broken.

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The Hunted picture

Other mistake: When Bonham starts his search for Hallam in the forest we see him crawling along with his face and shirt nice and clean. From one shot to the next his face is covered with movie dirt, and his shirt looks as if he hadn't changed it in at least a year. Fresh dirt looks different. (00:27:25)


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High Tension picture

Other mistake: When "the killer" is pumping gas, if you count the clicks associated with a liter going into the tank, they equal a total of 33 liters of gas, not 27 which is what the pump stops on.

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The Human Stain picture

Other mistake: There have been many strange castings in movie history, but letting a character of African American descent, who is supposed to be light-skinned enough to pass as white, be played by blue-eyed Sir Anthony Hopkins, whose African roots, according to widely accepted ethnological theories, date some 40,000 years back, takes the cake. His young ego, played by Wentworth Miller, looks a lot more believable, but, luckily for him, the odds are close to zero that he will resemble Anthony Hopkins even faintly in 50 years from now.


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The Core picture

Other mistake: When Braz is showing the thing with the mouse in the box, the laser cuts a hole in the concrete, the steel plate and the wall. When the lasers reach the wall, a small plate falls from the wall, revealing another hole with the shape of a bottle. Where does that come from. If he tried the experiment before (explaining the second hole), wouldn't the bottle be vaporized as well? (00:30:05)


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Under the Tuscan Sun picture

Other mistake: When the contractor, Nino, is coming out from the fireplace, he says (in Italian) "I made this thing several years ago", but the real estate agent, Signor Martini, translates, "He says he fixed it himself many years ago."

zilraag 1

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Bringing Down the House picture

Other mistake: When Ashley is at the restaurant with Kate she looks in her mirror and sees Peter dancing with Charlene. This wouldn't be possible as she was on an upper level to the dance floor and she wasn't holding her mirror at a slant. (00:49:45)

cameron davies

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S Club Seeing Double picture

Other mistake: During S Club's short press conference in Barcelona, the name labels on the table are not in the right positions. (00:04:30)

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Paycheck picture

Other mistake: Several times, Jennings sees himself being shot on the catwalk, and each time there is a closeup on the flying bullet as it travels toward his chest. But in the following shots, as he falls to the ground, there is never any indication of a wound where the bullet should have hit. The time viewer is always perfectly accurate and bases its predictions on the determined actions of the present, not theories of what actions could take place in the future. There is no way the time viewer could simply be omitting this detail.


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Prey for Rock & Roll picture

Other mistake: Whenever Jackie uses a tattoo gun, particularly in the scene where she's tattooing Faith, the camera angles make it obvious that the needle isn't moving.

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2 Fast 2 Furious picture

Other mistake: When Brian and Roman are driving to the airfield, Brian thanks Tej for helping them escape from Miami P.D. Brian is talking to Tej with a walkie talkie, but Tej is on a cell phone.

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The Italian Job picture

Other mistake: In the opening boat chase in Venice, the safe is supposedly represented by a metal pipe structure covered by cloth. But it doesn't flap or wave in the wind at all. On the contrary it has completely straight sides. It is quite clear that there must be a box underneath.

Jacob La Cour

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Suggested correction: It may seem like that, in actuality there is a military grade fabric Lycra-Kevline that does not buckle or wave like ordinary fabrics.

This correction seems to have been made without watching the scene and understanding the mistake. Plus I think they meant to say "Kevlar." But, whatever material they're thinking of wouldn't behave like a solid piece of wood by not moving in the wind. And, the material wouldn't magically make rounded corners straight edged.


Agreed. The cloth in the film has perfectly crisp uniform edges. The steel poles are rounded whereas the 'safe' isn't.

Ssiscool Premium member

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Open Range picture

Other mistake: During the shootout scene, Kevin Costner is firing a single revolver while advancing across a street. He fires at least 10 shots from a six shot revolver without reloading. In just the part of the sequence where he fires multiple shots in rapid sequence into a single guy he fires 7 shots.

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