Best movie continuity mistakes of 2002

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Hellraiser: Hellseeker picture Hellraiser: Hellseeker mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Bret shoots himself under the chin and a hole is blown in his forehead. Moments later when he's on the ground, for a split second, you can see his forehead completely unblemished. (01:03:00)

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Rabbit-Proof Fence picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Molly and Daisy meet their mother again they run towards each other through a light forest. Then there is a cut against the evening sky where they fall into each others' arms, and it's an open area with no trees nor bushes. (01:18:55)


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Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever picture

Continuity mistake: How does Ecks survive being buried under seemingly TONS of metal pipes without breaking any bones in the process? Also, the first shot of the falling pipes scene buries him completely, but when the henchman is looking for him, Ecks's body is exposed from the waist up.

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The Sweetest Thing picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Christina decides not to be afraid anymore and runs after Peter, she comes out of the house and first shouts while facing in the wrong direction. She knew that he went the other way, because she saw him leave. (Shot at different times, confirmed on DVD commentary.) (01:19:25)

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Dark Blue picture

Continuity mistake: When Kurt and his partner check out the Asian strip club they sit there for a while drinking and watching the girl in the black bikini dance. She proceeds to take her top off, but it reappears and disappears 3 or 4 more times.

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The Good Girl picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Justine's husband needs 'help' at the doctor's office, Justine is wearing a flannel shirt and overalls. Then, when she's back at work, she's suddenly wearing a multicolored sweater briefly for one scene (which is what she wears two days later during the day she talks to Holden's parents), then at the end of the day she's suddenly wearing the same flannel shirt and overalls. (00:57:45)

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Vampire Clan picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie she drives off and arrives at her next destination and you see a Florida license plate on the front of the car. Florida only issues a rear tag, and notice the front and rear tags don't match.

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Barbershop picture

Continuity mistake: When Eddie is eating the fried chicken and giving a speech about having seniority, look at the picture on the mirror behind him, it's on the bottom right corner. When the shot widens the picture moves up towards the middle of the mirror.


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The Quiet American picture

Continuity mistake: When Fowler tells Phuong that Pyle is dead she is leaning back in a chair. First her long hair is hanging down in front, then it moves to the back between shots. (00:06:50)


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Trapped picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when the family drives to the lake to send Dad off on the plane the SUV has no tinted rear windows. When Dad finally flies off and you see the family pulling up to the house, you see that the SUV now has the factory tinted rear windows.

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Secretary picture Secretary mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Lee is burning her leg with the hot kettle in her bedroom, the way in which the pink towel is wrapped around her head completely changes between shots. (00:08:10)

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The Hours picture

Continuity mistake: When Virginia has kissed Vanessa she leans her forehead against Vanessa's forehead. When it cuts their heads are away from each other.


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Collateral Damage picture

Continuity mistake: During the film's climax, in which the Wolf's wife Serena is on the run, CIA agent Peter Brandt tries to ambush her in an elevator. As he runs up to the elevator, we get a wide shot of him, the people waiting for the elevator, and the up/down indicator lights of the elevator. The down indicator is lit. (The shot pans down from the indicator lights as he runs up.) Cut to Elias briefly, then back to the elevator indicators. This time, neither light is on.

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The Hard Word picture

Continuity mistake: On the way to the big robbery, Tarzan shoots a hole in the roof of the car with a shotgun. In the next shot we see the car from above and the roof is intact.

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The Country Bears picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are trying to find the stolen bus, they have that radar thing. In one shot the thing is showing that they should turn right yet they say left and go to the left.

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Hart's War picture

Continuity mistake: When Hart was being introduced to the new barracks, Sgt. Pepper had his chevron and 25th infantry patch on his shoulder, then he didn't, then, he did.

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Boat Trip picture

Continuity mistake: When the coach is grabbing Inga's buttocks, she is seen grabbing them with both hands but when the camera angle changes her right hand is at her side. Happens twice during the scene each time she grabs them. (00:36:50)


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Hey Arnold! The Movie picture

Continuity mistake: When Big Bob throws a model of Arnold's house in the trash it lying on its back but when it shows it again it is standing up straight.

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