Best movie continuity mistakes of 2002

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You Stupid Man picture

Continuity mistake: When Owen goes to meet Chloe after she calls and says she needs to discuss their future, he passes by a flower shop with a woman selecting blooms ... several times. (00:47:20)

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Full Frontal picture

Continuity mistake: Catherine's black notebook and pen suddenly appear on the aeroplane armrest between shots, after her tape player clicks. (00:10:00)

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The Truth About Charlie picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the end where they are finding out who the killer is, Joshua has lots of blood on his face. In next shot, there is less of it and then it disappears in the next shot. Then, there is lots of blood again.

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FearDotCom picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Terry's boss is walking through what appears to be a train yard, he sees the little girl standing on the end of the train. Immediately after, we see him pulling a cigarette out of his mouth. The camera switches back to the train (which is now empty) before switching back to Terry's boss where we see him pull the cigarette out of his mouth a second time.

Shaun Ewing

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My Little Eye picture

Continuity mistake: When the fake sheriff enters the basement we can see he leaves the door open. When it cuts to wide shots we can see in both wide shots that the door is closed. Then it appears open again later. (01:22:00)


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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron picture

Continuity mistake: When Spirit pretends to be dead while pulling locomotive, and they take the chains off him, he has a halter on his head. Yet two seconds later, the halter is gone.

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Repli-Kate picture

Continuity mistake: When Max gave Kate the rose, it was a whiteish-cream color and it had a long stem. When we see the rose inside the house, it is short stemmed and light pink.

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It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie picture

Continuity mistake: When Kermit is in the park looking at his plaque he wipes off all the snow and reads it. In the next shot of him walking to a nearby bench the plaque is covered again but it is not snowing heavily enough to have been covered so fast.


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29 Palms picture

Continuity mistake: When the security guard steals the hitman's bag, he tosses it into his car and takes off. But when the interior shot of the bag being thrown in is shown, it is a leather seat and the floormat has a Thunderbird logo. The security guard was driving a lime green Yugo, not a T-Bird.

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And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen picture

Continuity mistake: When Valentin is arrested at the tea-house, Jane gives him the necklace that the healer gave her. When she gets to the saint's shrine, the next day, she is wearing the necklace again.


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Sniper 2 picture

Continuity mistake: When Petra and the black man (Beckett's partner) are in the firefight with the sniper behind the wall in the deserted city, Beckett and his partner are using over the ear receivers/transmitters. The black man first has the earpiece in, then it's not there, then it's there again.

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The Guru picture The Guru mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Near the start, the man's mother puts a yellow dot on his head (just before he gets in the taxi), right in between his eyebrows. After the older woman has kissed him, it suddenly changes to being white and is suddenly a line which goes further up his forehead. And when she kisses him she doesn't touch it so the change can't be put down to her smudging it.

David Mercier

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Undisputed picture

Continuity mistake: When Mercker are in the boxing ring you see him put his walkie talkie in his belt. Then it cuts to a new shot and he puts it in his belt again. (01:03:50)


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Femme Fatale picture

Continuity mistake: When Rebecca Romijn's counterpart pins her suicide note to a picture, it changes from slanted to the right, to slanted to the left and back to the right again in several shots.

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Swept Away picture

Continuity mistake: When Amber and the man she is with are playing charades, there is a wine bottle on the wall of the cabin. It is visible in every shot of Amber but it disappears in the shots of the man.

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The Pianist picture

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where the Nazis are executing some fighters after destroying their stronghold, and they line them up facing a brick wall. If you look one of them is kneeling down when they get shot, and the bullet line across the wall would not have hit her, especially as she seems to go down before she's even hit.

David Mercier

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Nicholas Nickleby picture

Continuity mistake: At the very end when the Nicklebys are confronting their Uncle Ralph, at one point Ralph slumps down over his desk. He's off screen and you hear the thud of him falling, but the eyelines of the people on-screen don't change a bit; they continue looking slightly upward. You'd think if he was falling over they'd follow him down with their eyes and they'd move at least a little.


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Bloody Sunday picture

Continuity mistake: When the priest is waving the handkerchief, the fabric changes from covered in blood to spotless.

Sacha Premium member

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No Good Deed picture

Continuity mistake: When Jack Friar is with Tyrone and Erin in the traffic jam on the freeway, he puts his red flashing light on top of his car and takes a detour on a dirt path. Shortly after, a motorcycle policeman pulls up beside him and Jack flashes his badge. The next shot is a view of the car from far away and the red light is no longer on the top of the car.

Nicole Sheldon

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Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie picture

Continuity mistake: Pa Grape has gold rings on his moustache. When Jonah and the three pirates have just entered Nineveh and are talking amongst themselves, from shot to shot his rings change from gold to black and back again.

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