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Show generally

Factual error: The Raffle: When the Rockmmore's turn the new TV on, the resulting light is impossibly bright. (00:06:20)

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Weird Cousin / Baby Oskar - S4-E11

Factual error: Stephen Viksten is credited twice for voicing Oskar.

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Show generally

Factual error: In the episode entitled 'Paper or Plastic' where Lucy gives birth, she gives birth in the elevator and when the doors open she is standing there holding her daughter. I can excuse the standing minutes after giving birth, but she is still fully clothed. The paramedics would have removed her skirt and underclothes so as not to ruin them (giving birth is messy) and they would not have redressed her. She is then shown laying on the gurney fully clothed, no blanket covering her.

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Everybody Loves Raymond picture

Turkey or Fish - S1-E10

Factual error: It's Thanksgiving and Ray and Frank want to watch football. Ray's mother changes the channel to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But these programs are not on at the same time. The parade always ends at about noon. The first game starts at about 1:00 and the second game starts at about 4:00.

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Power Rangers Zeo picture

Rangers of Two Worlds: Part II - S1-E47

Factual error: The climax of the episode features the Aquitain and Zeo Rangers fighting together, in Angel Grove. However, they are actually fighting outside the Tokyo Dome, in Japan. Further proof:

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Beast Wars: Transformers picture

Season 2 generally

Factual error: Megatron tells Ravage that the Golden Disc was launched aboard the Voyager spacecraft, just as the Great War between Autobots and Decepticons began. Either Megatron is wrong or Cybertonian history is wrong, because Voyager was launched in 1977, and the Great War didn't begin until 1984 (the first season of The Transformers), seven years later. The disc can be read by lasers, but it was in fact an analog recording (as digital recording did not exist until the early 1980s with the compact disc). Just as well, the disc was only twelve inches wide; it looks much bigger in Beast Wars.

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Helping Hands, Iron Fist - S1-E4

Factual error: When Bruce Banner sees the Hollywood sign reflected in the puddle of water, the reflection is backwards.

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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch picture

My Best Shot - S5-E11

Factual error: Hilda says "if they had listened to me instead of that dufus Caesar..." but that would make her over 2,000 years old when she is younger than 700.

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Double Dose - S2-E10

Factual error: Season 2 episode 10 "Double Dose": When Superman snatches Parasite's escape boat and hauls it back to Stryker's, Parasite attempts to blast him with a shotgun found aboard. But somehow the animators appeared unable to decide whether the gun should be a double-barrel or a pump-action type; and building a double-barrel pump gun would be impractical due to additional weight and bulk.

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Spin City picture

Yeah Baby! - S6-E6

Factual error: When Paul demonstrates his Portuguese, the subtitles read "My monkey needs a haircut," when the translation is actually "I feel very sick."

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Martian Successor Nadesico picture

Ruri chan 'K├┤kai nisshi' - S1-E5

Factual error: The altar Yurika is doing a ceremony at contains Cyrillic writing that appears to be gibberish mixed with proper Latin words. (00:09:50)

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Millennium picture

19:19 - S2-E7

Factual error: Broken Bow is in the southeastern corner of Oklahoma. US 60 is shown here, but actually cuts across the northern part of the state. (00:09:30)

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3rd Rock from the Sun picture

Y2dicK - S4-E17

Factual error: Mary gives Dick directions to press Command-Q to close something. As Dick is using a Compaq computer which would be running Windows, he would not have a Command key and would instead have a Control key (which he actually is pressing) as the Command key exists only on Apple Macintosh computers. Ctrl+Q on a Windows machine doesn't do anything. (00:09:10)

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