Best action movie deliberate mistakes of 1987

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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace pictureSuperman IV: The Quest for Peace mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: The same front shot of Superman flying is used over and over and over again.

Sacha Premium member
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The Monster Squad picture

Deliberate mistake: When the vortex is summoned to get rid of the monsters, other things get sucked into it. Cars, trees, light poles, other police officers. However other things or people who are more accessible do not get sucked in. For example, Phoebe hiding behind a bench, the bench itself, Phoebe's mother and a few cops hiding behind a cop car, etc.

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Robocop picture

Deliberate mistake: When the board member is shot up in the beginning by ED-209, in one or two shots you can see the bullet impacts happen about 1/2 a second after the shot starts (Criterion DVD version). (00:11:55)

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