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Evil Under the Sun picture

Daphne Castle: The whole world knows that you are a man of enormous discretion.

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Trail of the Pink Panther picture

Section Director Alec Drummond: Well, it's about Inspector Clouseau. MI5 called and reported that Libyan agents heard a rumor that there might be an assassination attempt against Clouseau.
Chief Insp. Charles Dreyfus: Really? Who else wants to kill him? I mean, who is behind it?

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The Executioner's Song picture

Gary Mark Gilmore: Go down on me, partner... I need it.
Nicole Baker: Don't call me partner.
Gary Mark Gilmore: No, darlin'... I love it... I love it.
Nicole Baker: Yeah, you and seven other motherfuckers.

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The King of Comedy picture

Secretary: Is Mr. Langford expecting you?
Rupert Pupkin: Yes, I don't think he is.

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Silent Rage picture

Biker Leader: Me and my boys chew up towns like this.
Sheriff Dan Stevens: Is that so?
Biker Leader: Oh yeah.
Sheriff Dan Stevens: Then that tells me something. You've never been through this town before.
Biker Leader: What makes you so damn sure of that?
Sheriff Dan Stevens: Because this little town would ruin those pretty white teeth of yours.

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Deathtrap picture

Myra Bruhl: Well, have you thought about collaboration?
Sidney Bruhl: I don't want any help in killing Clifford Anderson. I want to strike the blow myself.

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Eating Raoul picture

Sex Shop Customer: Have you got the latest issue of Nuns and Nazis?
Sex Shop Salesman: Tuesday.

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48 Hours picture

Jack: Have fun.
Reggie: I'm gonna have sex, Jack.

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