Best mystery movie mistakes of 1980

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Friday the 13th picture

Plot hole: When Brenda is thrown out the window, Alice immediately runs outside to see Mrs. Vorhees pull up in the jeep. How can this be if she just threw Brenda in the cabin?

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The Mirror Crack'd picture

Factual error: The first thing on screen after the opening credits is the year the film is set in, 1953. How then, do Kim Novak and Tony Curtis make their arrival in a Cadillac convertible, which is quite obviously of 1959 vintage? (00:19:44)

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The Fog picture

Continuity mistake: When the windows on Nick's truck are smashed, Elizabeth has protective gloves on when she covers her face from the glass, they are then gone when the truck comes to a halt.

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The Long Good Friday picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Harris and the two Irish men have been killed at the end and the car crashes on top of the other the ramp used to make it fly is visible.

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Dressed to Kill picture

Continuity mistake: The amount of blood on Kate's face decreases between the time she is attacked and discovered. The pattern changes from shot to shot as well. (00:34:15)

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Prom Night picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene in which Lou forces himself on Kim in the lunchroom, donning a black ski mask, Kim's brother Alex jumps up to his sister's defense. Just before Alex throws his first punch, Kim screams "Michael," referring to the actor's real name Michael Tough. Kim then correctly screams "Alex," the name of the character he was playing in the film.

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The Changeling picture

Continuity mistake: When John is in his Manhattan apartment reminiscing, we see his daughter throw a ball at him. If you take a close look at the ball, you will see how beat up it is. However, when the ball is falling down the stairs in his rented house for the first time, it has become new and shiny.

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Suggested correction: No. When the ball bounced down the stairs for the first time at the new house, it was just as beat up as when the daughter had first thrown it. It wasn't until it bounced down the stairs the second time-while it was wet from having been thrown into the ocean-that it appeared (obviously) wet and shiny.

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The Private Eyes picture

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, the Butler and Groomsman load a Sarcophagus in the back of their station wagon. The tail gate is left open and both step back as the vehicle pulls out. As they are driving off down the driveway the tail gate is closed.

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Revealing mistake: In this very-low-budget but star-studded flick about UFO contactees and cattle mutilations, Jan Michael Vincent's semi-auto handgun runs out of ammo during a firefight after firing only 3 rounds (the slide locks open, indicating the magazine is empty). Without reloading or racking the slide, Vincent continues firing 5 more rounds; but we see again, in close-up, that the slide is locked open, indicating an empty magazine. (01:00:55)

Charles Austin Miller
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Death Ship picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the survivors of the cruise liner sinking approach the ominous ship, it's supposed to be deserted, but as a window opens, a person's arm holding a stick to open the window is visible.

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