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Formula 407 - S1-E12

Other mistake: At the start, the episode's textbox reads, "Fort Frazier Ordnance Testing Facility" with correct spelling, but in the next shot the base's sign reads, "Fort Frazier Ordinance Testing Facility" when it should actually be "Ordnance."

Super Grover Premium member

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The Scooby Doo Show picture

Vampire Bats and Scaredy Cats - S2-E2

Other mistake: When the Mystery Company find a torn paper in a coffin, it is written exo-6 and something else. They find later that exo is the first part of exotic. The way the paper was torn, you should be able to see the lower part of the missing letters.

Dr Wilson

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Charlie's Angels picture

Consenting Adults - S1-E10

Other mistake: Jill is riding a skateboard and she holds a little black bag in her left hand. In one shot, Jill's hand is empty and the next she is holding it again before throwing it at Kelly. (00:45:00)


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The Bionic Woman picture

Show generally

Other mistake: Due to her bionics, Jamie has the ability to leap up 1 or 2 stories of a building or balcony. However, in the episode with the spacesuit, near the end, the astronaut has launched about 40-50 feet in the air, which is roughly 4-5 stories, but Jamie is somehow able to leap up high enough to grab onto the cable and deactivate his suit. (00:43:00)


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